Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly summary - 119th week - what a busy week and Happy New Year!!!

It has been a busy week. Busy with my MBA assignments and projects with my jobs as well.
However, I am making a discipline to post once every week. I know it is much lesser than most of the blogs as I do not update my hair loss blog every day or several times a week.
My hair loss is almost the same as previous week while my libido is quite consistent. No bad side effects I change from Propecia to Proscar. There is side effects about Kirkland Minoxidil as I said in previous week that the residual of minoxidil that cause me have dandruff. I have over 4 months stock of Kirkland minoxidil. I may look for others option but just too busy to do some research.

Finally, I have to wish you all Happy New Year. I really hope my life in 2010 will be a good and propserous. I hope good things will happen to you all too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly summary - 118th week-- do not spam

For a past few weeks, there are comments that is ads to sell their hair loss products and herbal traditional treatments for hair loss or vitamins/ nutritious products. Whatever it is, I do not like my blog become a platform for their sales and promotions. I prefer just sincere sharing of hair loss and your hair loss problems. Thanks for some readers comments that ask me to delete those comments not relevance of our topics, hair loss and male pattern baldness.
I am now using a combination of Proscar 5mg (split into 4) and Kirkland minoxidil 5% . It is still too early to tell the effectiveness of this regime. However, the side effect that cause by Kirkland minoxidil is dandruff. I have suffered dandruff since using minoxidil. It is serious till all the people surround you will notice and ask why you suddenly have noticeable dandruff. It is embarressed. I have no solution till now. May be you guys who have been in minoxdil for a long time can tell how you tackle this problems or you never encounter dandruff problem.
I have been so busy with work and studies which I have no time to serach for a better pill splitter. It is hard to cut Proscar into four as the heart shape is purposely make it hard for us to cut it. If I have latest news, I will let you all know.
Libido has been the same for a few months. Changing from Propecia 0.5mg to Proscar has been same for me till now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly summary - 117th week

To many of us, Propecia + Minoxidil 5% is a combination that give us the final hope.

This is the combination that will be suggested by most of the dermatologist or professional hair specialist. It has the medical report and study that shown the success rate, though I doubt the success rate may be much lower than MSD and Rogaine claim.

Many has dropped the comments in my blog recommended their herbal or traditional treatment that successfully restore their hair. Some are genuine while some only want to promote their own products. You have to verify yourself as I try to not censor all your comments. My claim is that even those herbal and traditional shampoo or medicine do work, it may be just an isolated case where it may not see any result in other people. In this blog, I always recommend medicine that is medically proven by FDA.

Since I use MInoxidil, I suffered dandruff. I do have dandruff previously but it was not that serious. My hair is snowy due to minoxidil liquid. I now wash my hair with Selsun dandruff shampoo alternate with Bawang and Himalaya. I do notice the frontal hair seems like darker than previously. I will see next month whether I can regain some of my hair.

Splitting the current Proscar 5 mg is still a problem. You need to have skill to split it equally that is hard. The heart shape pill make it hard to split into 4. So, I just roughly split it almost equally into 4. If there is one part that seem larger than another, I will cut it smaller again. It is tedious, but it is the only way to save money.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly summary - 116th week

Kirkland Minoxidil 5 % side effects is produce more dandruff which may embarrassed you in the public. It is no easy to make sure your hair is clean from dandruff after you apply it in the morning. The most common problem that may arise when you apply Minoxidil is the droplets may apply some minoxidil on the hair instead of scalp that will produce “dandruff” after the minoxidil dries.

I still think of better ways to handle this issue. This week, my colleagues have told me that I have much more dandruff than before. I do noticed it and aware of it but I hardly do much in this case. I applied it in the 7am. When I reach office is around 8am. The Minoxidil yet to dry and thus you can not see dandruff. Around 9 to 10 am, I must go to toilet to clean my dabdruff either by hand or comb. The pint is the dandruff may appear on my hair even before I clean it. So, it is very hard not to let people see you have dandruff.

In recent week, I have tried to figure out how to split the Proscar 5mg into 4 pieces. Finally I have find one post regarding how the blogger cut Proscar into 4 to save money. We know the the size of Proscar is uneven. It is a heart shape and you hardly split it evenly. Now, with the photo, I may find it easier to cut Proscar. However, I need to find another typr of pill splitter. The current pill splitter make it easy to cut my pill into half. But if you need to cut the Proscar according to photo, you need to cut it precisely which you need a pill cutter that you can see when you cut.

For several weeks, my condition has been almost the same. My hair loss and libido has not much different. The different is much more dandruff. Libido may a bit lower than Propecia times may be due to I double up my dosage. I still wait for some regrow in my frontal. Hopefully with the combination of Proscar and Minoxidil.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 115th week

It is the second week I have been in Proscar and Kirkland Minoxidil 5%.
I have more dandruff then before due to the Minoxidil. Actually I can not verify my dandruff is a side effects of Minoxidil or it is the Minoxidil itself that result my hair has look like a lot of dandruff.
First, take a drops of Minoxidil and let it dry a paper. You will notice after it dries, some white substance that look like powder. It looks very similar to dandruff, right?
So, the side effects of Minoxidil before we can see the result is, you can see quite some "dandruff" on your hair. Please be careful to apply minoxidil with the dropper on your scalp instead on your hair to avoid the "dandruff" embarrassment.
Cutting Proscar into 4 is another difficulty to me. May be I should learn how to split the uneven shape of Proscar. MSD has purposely made Proscar in such a shape so that we purchase Propecia which is several times more expensive.
I would share with you if I have the idea how to split it expertly. Till now, my libido and hair ondition has been the same with previous week. The result of hair loss and hair growth still maintain as previously. I will monitor closely and revert to you guys.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekly summary - 114th week

This is a week on Propecia (Proscar split into 4) and Kirkland minoxidil 5%. So far nothing special or strange happen. The only cons after using Kirkland minoxidil is my scalp a bit itchy. It also takes some times to dry and it will cause you problem in the morning when you to work, you may need to wait it to dry before you style your hair. Luckily I do not do this due to my simple hairstyle and I rarely comb, as you know I do not have much hair also.
I think the increase of dosage from 0.5mg to 1.25mg do not decrease my libido that much. It may be due to my libido is already low. It can not be go lower.
It is a hard decision to start Propecia and minoxidil for many men. They would like to try Shampoo, then Yun Nam Hair care and Beijing 101 before Minoxidil or Propecia. It is what I go through. I would hope you guys who read this and haven't take action to save your hair, go staright away for Propecia and Minoxidil. It save your time, and better cahnces to save your hair. Spending money in Yun Nam just wasting your time and money. It is a huge sum of money for working class like us. I have been cheated, I do not hope you are the next victim.
Till then, report to you again next week.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 113th week-- started with minoxidil and Proscar

I started my Kirkland minoxidil 5% with Proscar 5mg splits into 4 pieces on Saturday. It is hard to cut Proscar into 4 pieces, it is impossible to cut it into 5 pieces. The shape of Proscar is neither square, rectangular or round. I just tried to cut it half, and then split it a bout the same size again. It is really hard to split. I know that there is a generic Proscar from Taiwan in our local market. The generic Proscar is square in shape and it is 4mg. It allows us to split it into 4 pieces easily. However, it is not easy to find and I still checking where we can buy it. The price is almost the same with current MSD Proscar at RM 192.
Another good news is that I finally received my Kirkland Minoxidil that I bought from There is no problem of Malaysia customs, I certainly will buy form US instead of local seller as the price is much cheaper. The delivery is about 11 days from US to my house.
The things I not so comfortable to apply Kirkland minoxidil is it is a bit oily. After you applied it on your scalp, it actually need 2 to 4 hours to dry. I would said 3 hours average. I will feedback more of my progress.

Monday, November 9, 2009

One of my favorite song

This is one of my most favorite song. I was surprise Ella Koon sang "Endless Love" so well and she looks so elegance and beautiful.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly summary - 112th week

I am going to split my Proscar into 4 pieces. I have no idea how to split it to 5, it is almost impossible. I read in a local forum that there are Taiwan's Proscar that is about 4mg and is square in shape to let us easier to split it into 4 pieces. The price is around Rm 180 for 30 tablets that can last you for 4 months.
I do not know which pharmacy is selling it. I may considered this Taiwan's Proscar than the original MSD Proscar. If we just need 1mg per day, I do not know what will happen if you consume 1.25mg or 25% more. Of ocurse, some residual is missing while we split the tablet.
My current regime is almost ready except waiting the arrival of my minoxidil 5%. My regime is Proscar, Minoxidil plus organic shampoo. I would like to see improvement after stuck with Propecia for two years and it just slow down my hairline residing and also maintain my hair. I want to regrow my hair eagerly. Even with Minoxidil the hair regrow may just temporally. So Proscar may function t maintain the hair grow due to Minoxidil. One grow your hair, one maintain your hair. By theory, it works, in reality, no one know as the result varies with people.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly summary - 111th week--awaiting my Kirkland

I have decided not to buy Kirkland Minoxidil 5% from local seller. I will buy from US seller which is almost 50% the price of local seller can offered. Of course, I am taking the risk of Malaysia customs. We will see if any obstacles that I will face for the goods shipment.
I have using Bawang shampoo alternate with Himalaya shampoo these days. The feeling is still OK. Nothing spectacular of Bawang of course. they have offered Daily and professional shampoo. I tried professional shampoo sample before and the feeling is not much different with the daily shampoo. Of course, in long term, there may be difference.
My hair loss has been consistent for several months. The progress of regrowth still invisible. I would say Propecia may not help in the hair growth. This is the reason I am trying to use Minoxidil finally. It may increase my monthly expenses on hair care. I have to reduce my expenses in Propecia by replacing with proscar 5mg (split it). As I said before, you may face problems when you purcahse form local pharmacy. Normally you will be asked to show your prescription or at least ask if you have bought it before. Do not tell pahrmacist you buy Proscar 5mg to replace Propecia. If you answer this way, all of us may face problems to buy Proscar without precriptions.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly summary - 110th week--More seller for Kirkland now

Recently, there are more local seller for Kirkland Minoxidil 5%. The price is varies among the seller. The forum seller may charge some premium as the forum system do not allow you to compare the price easily. In the other hand, website like Lelong and Ebay are creating a platform that is transparent and thus the price is more competitive.

As I have mentioned in previous post, local seller charge at least double that a US seller. You can easily see it in Ebay. The only worried for Malaysian that buys from Ebay or Amazon is the customs may impose import tax of the goods. This is not certain as there are so many local sellers. I believe some of the sellers have the opportunity to go US or Canada that allow them to buy at a much cheaper price there and bring in. Most of the sellers do not. They are bought from US seller at a cheaper price and resell to local buyer. The shipment may take a longer time and the risk of customs problem. If it is so high a risk, there will not be more and more sellers. I can assume, the profit margin plus the risk is worth for them to do the business.

One of the reasons Kirkland minoxidil has a high demand is due to the price of course. A generic minoxidil call Regro cost RM 128 in Watson. Kirkland is just a fraction of the price. Even you buy form local seller it is 60% off the price of Regro. If it is Rogaine, it is RM 180. You can imagine.

Even you can save the money to replace Propecia with Proscar. You need to split it to 4 or 5 pieces though.

We may know a lot of information, but do you willing to try is another matter. I have known Proscar will save me a lot of money, but only started to consume Proscar recently. My suggestion is try to look for more information by yourself before decided to use generic products. There may be a risk. I am not sure as well. No body can give you a certain answer. Not even the original makers.

Hair condition has been normal recently. Not much shedding and no regrowth as well. I am using Bawang shampoo now alternate with Himalaya shampoo. SO far is ok to me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 109th week

It is too busy to post yesterday.
Thus, I post it today.
First of all, is the progress of Bawang Shampoo. I have given a trial sample of their professional shampoo series. Honestly, it is not as good as expected. It still shedding as usual. Not even lesser. I do not know about long term as the sample just enough for me to try for 3 days. The herbal smell is very similar with Yun Nam shampoo though.
As I say last week, I have bought Proscar 5mg at Watson with a price of RM 192. It is not easy to get the supply other than Watson. You will be ask or request a doctor's prescription. If you said you want to save money instead of buying Propecia, I can said you will refuse by the pharmist on duty most likely. Currently, only Watson is more lenient is checking with customer prescription. Guardian is really strict on this.
I am still considering of the Kirkland minoxidil which I hope will help me to grow more hairs. Now is looking of the online purchase seller. Reliable seller.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 108th week -- Join my hair loss group in Facebook

I have just bought Bawang shampoo and Proscar 5mg. You may notice that the size of Proscar is just as small just propecia. I think it will be very hard to split it into four. However, it may be good as I need only 1mg per day instead of 1.25mg. Some residual of the tablets may lose and make it close to 1mg. I do not want to consume more that 1mg instead. The price is RM 192 at Watson. I find it most of the pharmacist will ask you who is taking Proscar. If you going to Guardian, you must show your precription.
The Bawang Shampoo is RM 23.90 for 400ml. For you information, This is the shampoo for dandruff. It has the smell of Yun Nam shampoo that cost you RM 60 to RM 100 if you can recall. That is another call profesional shampoo that is design for hair loss. The price is RM 45.80 for 200ml plus a 80 ml conditioner. I will write a review about Bawang.
I have create a hair loss group in Facebook. I hope you guys will join. I know that many of you have problems to share your hair photos here. Now you can upload in the facebook. I have made the setting to allow all of the members uploading your progress. Lets share your progress and support each other.
The link is as below.
However, this blog still need your strong support and comments.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 107th week

It has been a hectic week.
I am busy with all kind of stuffs until I have not much time to research for Proscar and Minoxidil.
Anyway, I have a new hair cut with a abit of different hair styles. The hair stylist designed a hair style that cover my frontal M shape pretty good. I just wonder why the previous stylist can not do it. It just cost RM 16.
Besides, I also realised the power of internet is not that great. You all knows that I am a victims of Yun Nam hair care scam. I wrote some posts in this blog about Yun Nam and many readers have echoed what I said. Yet, today I saw a therad in a local forum to ask about the effectiveness of Yun Nam, and there are people who belive of Yun Nam testimonial in the advertisemnet is real. I am upset of this. All my effort to warn and remind people in the cyberspace about Yun Nam scam just can not stop you all to be cheated. If you read my blog and due this post you think twice before doinf your treatment at Yun Nam, I would said, man, you are lucky. You save RM 5k, and you should give a treat.
My libido still low and shedding is quite normal. I can see any regrowth and that is why I ma planning my 2nd stage of battle.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly summary - 106th week

Last week I have said that I am preparing to step into stage two in my hair loss battle.
1. I have making a price check at Watson KLCC for Proscar. The price is RM 192. There are readers who leave comments that they can get with a lower price. Who have bought Proscar with a cheaper price in KL or PJ?
2. I am still checking with some local forumers with their purchase of Kirkland minoxidil via oversea seller. As you know, a 6 months supply of Kirkland Minoxidil is merely RM 130++ inclusive delivery charges from US. The same thing will cost you RM 250 if you buy from local seller. The only worried is that items may have problems with Malaysia custom. You can serach form ebay or from amazon. You will witness the price is just too tempting.

I ahve been waiting the result since two year ago. I have been writing thsi blog for over two years and there is no significant result till now. I do have side effects after taking Propecia but no result to show. This is disappointing. I would like to take a more drastic effort.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 105th week -- plan for stage 2

I am now planning stage 2 of my hair loss battle. Stage one which is what I currently do has not given me the result of I really hope for.
There are several addition treatments that I plan for. However, it is still a plan.
1. propecia to proscar

I think many of you also know that the different of two is Proscar is 5mg and Propecia is 1mg. So Proscar if cut into four, inclusive of some loss after we split it, it is almost the same dosage with Propecia. The price is RM 180 according to one readers that left comments in my blog. Obviously, it cost you RM 45 per month. The problem is whether you can get the supply form Pharmacy like Guardian and Watson. Proscar is a treatment for prostate.

2. Minoxidil

I may combine the treatment of Propecia with minoxidil since I hardly notice any hair regrowth till now. Minoxidil is said to have effect until 48 weeks. After that period, you may not enjoy any hair regrowth or results. My interpretation of this statement is after 48 weeks with minoxidil, the best you have is to maintain what you got. You will not get better. The combination if let minoxidil to grow your hair and let propecia to maintain it. By theory it sound logical, but practical?
I am still considering to buy form ebay cia local or oversea seller. I am worrying I need to pay import taxes for Kirkland brand 5% minoxidil. local seller is twice more expensive than US seller.

3. Bawang Shampoo(霸王)

This is the latest hair loss shampoo from China. The spokesperson is famous kung fu actor Jackie Chan. The shampoo is available in Watson, Caring and Tesco. The price is similar with Audace extra. 200ml of shampoo is about RM 23.90. Not cheap, but still acceptable. I may try it out soon and write a review in my blog.

This is the second stage of my plan. Please let me know if you are actually going through the same regime.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly summary - 104th week

Regarding the Minoxidil, I have recommended several links that you can buy in within Malaysia. Some of the sellers sell below RM 50 for a bottle of Kirkland minoxidil 5% locally. Thanks to a readers who told me that it is even cheaper if you buy form ebay oversea seller. Yes, it is just the half price what you can buy from local seller after inclusive of shipment cost. This is how those local seller earn. But one thing to bear in mind is local seller will bear the risk if shipment stuck at custom and they have to pay for import duties. Correct me if I am wrong.
I may order from oversea seller if there is import duties impose on the minoxidil shipped from US. I am lazy to go to customs to pay the import duties. I would rather paid higher price in this case. If there is no import duties impose, I think it worth a try for the readers. But one thing to bear in mind, oversea seller normally accept only PayPal which one thing that Malaysia really suck. PayPal is not widely use here as you can only put in money to your PayPal account but you can not withdraw it directly. You can withdraw through your Visa Credit card or debit card but with expensive charges.
Minoxidil is not so effective to retain the frontal hairline and so as to regrow the frontal. Propecia has the same problem as many in the hair loss help forum comment the same thing. I can said, frontal is the hardest part to regrow your hair.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 103th week

Do you remembered the Bawang shampoo that I mentioned in previous week?
I have checked the price out in Watson yesterday.
For 200ml shampoo, the price is RM23.90
A smaller package is RM 14.90 but I forgot to check out the shampoo volume.
There is another full package that included a 200ml shampoo plus a 80ml conditioner that cost RM 45.90.
Honestly, the price isn't that cheap and is much higher than Himalaya shampoo. I do not know how the effectiveness of Bawang shampoo but it do cheaper than Caryn Hairpro which is over RM100 a set.
Of course, these shampoo is just help but not the root cause that can halt the hair loss nor grow your hair back.
Propecia and Minoxidil is still the way out. I will not said there will be a sure success but it at least a better chances than Yun Nam and just shampoo treatment alone.
I am now considering purchase Kirkland Minoxidil online. The link is in the previous week report.I just worried those minoxidil is not the genuine product that is just a waste of money. I will let you all know if I buy the minoxidil via Low yat forumers or via ebay local seller. The price is just around RM 50 per month. The pharmacy is selling RM 120 above for a month supply of minoxidil. We just need to know is the online seller is selling genuine products.

Friday, September 4, 2009

a bad news, a good news, total up, a sad day!!

This is not regarding hair loss. Since this is my blog, and sometimes I just need to speak out something and really hard or not appropriate to tell people around me.
During lunch time, I knew that a colleague that I admire long time will married on December. Damn it, how on earth I do not even know she has a boy friend and in fact planned to married in early of this year. I have tried to date her several times. It just can not find a good chance to tell her my feeling. I am planning to date her to a Italian restaurant tomorrow. Before I do so, I get this sudden news from another colleague that very close to her. I was shocked, but pretend calm in front of her. I know I am disappointed as I know she knows I like her. Why she not gives me any hint that she is not available. I will have give up earlier. How can you avoid to answer you have fiancee when old friend ask you. I am really depressed.
Then, around 4pm, I get a good news that I am offered a job that I am looking forward to. I want to change field for long. I have tried years to looking what I want to work. The offer in terms of money is low. I can said after deduct the bonus, it is even lower. I still in dilemma. Prospect or money? Good prospect is guarantee? Or current situation may change?
But since she want to married, I have less reason to stay.
I have regrets? I am not sure if she has the period that the status is available. She never answer directly whether she is available. I tried even she was in Japan for 6 months. If she know the guy while she was in Japan or the guy is her secondary school mate or is the friend that work voluntary job together, I would have to fate, it is fate!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly summary - 102th week

This week I want to share where we can get the cheapest price Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil or Rogaine. My price may not be the cheapest and I hope we all can set up a sharing platform and let all the man who face the Male pattern hair loss easier to look for reasonable price Minoxidil and Propecia. I hope readers that comment here really sincerely to share and not for advertising. The price I mentioned below is for 1 month supply.

I got mine from Watson, Guardian or Carling. Their price is RM 158 to RM 160 depends on which supplier they purchased. I actually asked the pharmacist once why the price increased from RM 158 to RM 160. She told me they get from different supplier.
There are people who use Proscar and split it into four. I need to remind you Proscar is 5mg and Propecia is 1mg. When Proscar splits into 4 pieces it is 1.25mg and you actually consume 25% more that is prescribed. You must prepare to take the risk. The price may be slightly higher and I doubt the pharmacist will ask for precription before they sell Proscar to you.

Minoxidil or Rogaine
Rogaine is the original brand that cost you RM 170 to 230 in local pharmacy. Yupe, WHat I mean is Rogaine 5 %. Minoxidil is the generic brand. There is brand call Regro and also Kirkland. I want to tell that they are people in the that sell Kirkland minoxidil 5% at RM 50 to 68. I will post their link in below. I am not tehir friend nor promoting for them. I get nothing from them as I am not yet using Monoxidil. You may ask whether the originality of their goods. I can not tell you that. You may contact them. Mind you, even a generic Regro cost you RM 130 a month in local pharmacy. The price offer by the two forumer in Lowyat is quite tempting.
Wait!!!You can find a seller in call cutecute00 offer RM 140 for 3 months supply of Kirkland and RM 270 of 6 months supply. It is about RM 45 a month for Minoxidil. I suggest you search Minoxidil in Lelong to know more.
But...the chepeast is from E bay. No, it is search minoxidil. 6 months supply of Kirkland is cost about RM 180. It is local supplier.
One thing to remind you, if you buy from minoxidil from oversea, you may have trouble to get pass the malaysia custom.

If you know where to get cheaper products or you have been cheated by the above seller, please give your comments here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly summary - 101th week

It is 101th week in Propecia. It is 101th week with you and writing this blog. I have been writing this blog every week even I am very busy. I tried to make it a habit to report my condition and remind myself my hair condition after hectic day in works. When time passed, sometimes the motivation will go away. I do not want my motivation to save my hair go away.
Thanks for my readers who leave the comments in my 100th post. Thanks for your information. The technology of stem cell in fighting hair loss I have heard of it before. However, we do not know how much the hairs are still with me in 2015. So, still with Propecia to maintain my hair as much as I can.
I have stop splitting my propecia in to half and consume it everyday. I have taking 1mg every alternate day. When I consume on Monday, I will just stop on Tuesday and taking again on Wednesday. Till now, my body seems like OK with it. Libido never worse than when I consume 0.5mg everyday.
For those who want to post their hair photos in my blog, you can upload to Image shark and post the link here. I wish to see your hair loss progress after you all taking Propecia or minoxidil.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly summary - 100th week -- My 100 weeks with Propecia

I will never think I can write over 100 posts in this blog. Honestly not. I think I will quit in the middle. This is because people who share the same problems and yet look at the information of hair loss in the internet and luckily link you and me via this blog is a small amount. One of a million? May be.
This is a memorable posts in this blog. So I have several things to share.
1. I have change my daily medication from 0.5mg to 1mg every alternate day. Oh, you may not notice I am using 0.5mg. But I may use 1 mg daily if my body is OK with the higher dosage.
2.There is not significant of hair growth, and only reduce hair loss up to some extent. The hairline seems still reside especially frontal. vertex is still OK but is not in good condition as well.
3. Libido. I have long lost the very horny feeling. The desire, the strong desire has long gone. I have tell you that even my erection is not as hard as before I take Propecia.
4. Any other solution that I will look into? Yes of course. I may check out the hair loss shampoo Bawang that Jackie Chan become the spoke person. It is sold in Tesco and Guardian. I will check it out when I have time. Minoxidil. Probably. Honestly, I do not wnat to burn a hole in my wallet for my hair loss. Minoxidil effect is not as good as Propecia. It may help but it is not the main reason if you have halt hair loss. It is due to Propecia more likely. Hair transplant is too costly to me till now. Not an good option. I would rather wait a better technology come for man's baldness.

It is a long journey to fight hair loss. It not not guarantee you a success and yet may spend a lot of money in long term. We must spend it on something that will give proven result. Definitely no to hair care center and you know I mean Yun Nam and co.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 99th week

I have just have a hair cut in a hair saloon. This is the first time I go to hair saloon. I asked him to have a simple, easy to manage hairstyle. The others thing is up to him. Of course to cover my bald spots is another main point.
You guess what it come out. It came out just as my old hair style. I do not know this hair saloon suck or I can not have another hair style due to my hair loss that need to cover my M shape forehead. I am quite disappointed.
Perhaps, this is the only hair style I can have.
He also commented my hair loss is quite serious. I knew of course and for a long long time. If there is a way, I would have done it. Even I have tried those Yun Nam "the scam" hair care. I have tried Propecia and until now. No progress. No visible progress. I am upset with it sometimes. But those who has full hair will not understand US. It is not taking a RM50 treatment session when I cut my hair will help. NO. I would rather keep my money. Until those hairstylist also bald, they will know, nothing much you can do. You can use Propecia, but result is not guarantee.
Next week, is the my 100th week posting this weekly report of my hair loss. It has been very fast. I know it is because the readers of this blog that share their experience and hair loss problems togther that make me feel I am not alone. Thanks...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly summary - 98th week

I am quite glad to read the comments that leave on my blog last week. It is about the hair transplant. Honestly, my knowledge in hair transplant is swallow. I know that hair transplant may have a better result but you may still need to consume Propecia to maintain your hair. Basically, if you do not want to take Propecia, hair transplant is not for you as well. hair transplant is for those who use Propecia and want a better result at a higher cost. However, the comments by several readers certainly enlighten me and some of the readers. If you like, click here.
Another discovery is when you serach for Yun Nam hair care, you will find that Yun Nam official website is just above my blog. You can see Yun Nam hair care cheat my money very clearly. Haha. No kidding, I am doing a negative promotion to Yun Nam and tell the world how they cheat their customer hard earn money. They are many victims here and around. The other hair care center like Svenson and Beijing 101 are also another Yun Nam. No results while keep one pushing their useless package.

Two more weeks I will be 100th weeks on Propecia. An achievement of this hair loss blog but no visible result with my hair. I promised I will post my hair photos on 100th week. Lets see ....Before and After

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 97th week

Having hair loss is painful. Sometimes I still mind people know that I suffer from the Male pattern hair loss. I still try to hide it through the hair style. But my current hair style also can not let me hide form people notice. Furthermore it is not so good looking and professional. SO I am thinking to go to hair stylist to see if they have any style that look good and still hardly notice my hair loss.
The idea is when I went to Low Yat plaza on Saturday and I saw APT is just charging RM15 for a senior hair stylist cut. It is just the same with the Qcut. Qcut(Avenue K) and Procutz(one Utama) cost around the same price but does not provide any hair style design.
I have no idea since the Propecia has not grow my hair as expected before I took it. My bald spot of M shape is quite obvious. I have run out of idea to hide it. I know shave it is one of the way, but then there is no point to take Propecia if I do it.
The condition of hair loss has been stable at about 100 strands per day. Libido still maintain below the the prior Propecia medication.
May be I will post my photos if my new hair style is good to cover my baldness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly summary - 96th week

How often you comb your hair?
Bald people like us, or call ourselves who face hair loss, you comb your hair often?
What we commonly heard:
1. comb your hair 100 times morning and nights.
2. massage your head morning and night each for 10 minutes.
3. sleep at least 8 hours per day.

The first one should be very familiar of Beijing 101 customers. They have a special comb and will put tonic in side the comb. Comb your hair will stimulate hair growth as the blood circulation is improved.
The second one is by notorious Yun Nam strategy. While there are others who claimed this is an ancient Chinese medical way to improve blood circulation, Yun Nam will ask you to massage with their special tonic that cost you RM 21 per week.

In the end, most or 100% of the customer can not see any result.
Then it back to Propecia and Minoxidil. Is it the way to go? I would said yes but I can not guarantee you any result as well. It has a higher success rate and as least it is much cheaper. You went Yun Nam by losing your money and time. I would said you can keep it.
I can not see much result. In fact, my libido reduce. But this is the effort I can do for my hair until better solution coming.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly summary - 95th week - FACT

Life is always a lot of challenge and obstacles. In normal days, we may have suffered and bared enough of stress to compete in this city. Although, many said, stress is one of the reason of baldness, I do not really agree my baldness has nothing to do with stress. It is a pure hormone that make me have male pattern baldness.
I do angry a lot. The same thing apply. I do not agree my anger will cause my hair loss. We can listen many people saying different things.They have their own source or believe. We can not change or influence them much. But, we must always remembered that there is only a fact for one thing. For male pattern hair loss, it is cause by DHT is our body that cause it. It is scientifically proven. Nothing else. Dandruff, oily scalp, stress, non healthy diet, smoking, alcoholic and etc is not the root cause we have MPB. Google it you will know and check DHT in Wikipedia if you willing to know more.
Many people try to pretend they know a lot. Try to be so call expert. They said a lot of things that seem sound logic and right. But, you can not be sure it is fact. There is only one fact for one thing. Even the person that tell you is your boss, your best friend and even your own parents, we must need to verify it is true.
It is really hard to trust someone, or even a thing. May be we are in the world that no cheating, betraying is impossible. It is a world in utopia. For those who is like me, honest and loyal, we are dinosaur.Cheers!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 94th week - A bit out of topic

It is going to be a centurion weekly post (exclude the other information post and also the rue story of the notorious Yun Nam). I do not even think I can continue to write this blog for so long. In fact, It will be two years very soon.

This blog is really for those who face the hair loss problem like me. I hope to get support and on the way support my readers too. Although, I put ads in my blog, it mainly is an incentive to encourage me continues writing. Even just a little money, it stills a support.

Although I am really busy sometimes but I still try post on time every Monday. If it is late, it will be on Tuesday. Sometimes, I do post on Sunday if I am free. Life is more hectic after I take an MBA recently. Also, I also spend time to tackle chics. Sorry, think how to tackle a girl to be correct.

My hair loss seems like stable as I said in previous posts. Libido still below prior I took Propecia and never recover the same level again. However, hairs regrow still a dream far of my reach. My best hope may be just to maintain current hairline or slow it down.

As you see in my hair photos, you may discover I have lots of acne scars. I have try many products to reduce the scars but never seems to get any results. I quit to scar treatment for almost 4 to 5 years. Now, I finally bought Creame de La Mer. This moisturizer which they call as a miracle cream of 30ml cost RM 505. I broke my wallet to have a try and real final effort to my oily skin full of acne scars. Just like Propecia, this La Mer cream is my last effort to my appearance. I am going to 30, may be it is the time to accept something won’t be change no matter how much effort I put in.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 93th week

Dear fellow readers,
How are you and your hair or your effort to fight your hair loss?
I hope it is not a lone battle.
I hope beside me, there are people here that can psychologically help or boast your fighting spirit. We all give up sometimes when we did not see results. So, do leave your disappointment, your positive result to encourage others or anything about hair loss here. Besides me, there are other readers that will give you morale least.

There are a lot of way to save our hair. Even the proven Propecia and Rogaine (minoxidil) will not always give a good result to all. It varies to everybody. There are thousands of way out there which is not medically proven. I can't said, it is not working. It may works for some people. But is mostly not working (at least I think so). DO not go to YUN NAM haircare and others haircare centers. I can 99.999% guarantee you waste your money and get nothing except disappointment.

Stay positive and hopes. Propecia is my hope now. Just sometimes, I have to be realistic as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly summary - 92th week

While I am disappointed with my hair loss battle progress, I am not ready to give up. In fact, giving up is just like totally lose of hope. Ya, you can said I am not ready to accept the fact I am going to bald one day, but who want to? I am not going to stop taking Propecia or finasteride as in the minimum circumstances; it has slowed down my hair loss.
Propecia effectiveness may vary for different people. I am not surprise that one of the reader said he have see the results in four months. I am almost two years with propecia and hardly see any progress. I think he may be like those majority who enjoy improvement up to some extent. I predict his result is likely less hair loss compare previously. You can grow your hair in four months as those follicles of bald area (vertex for example) still in the rest stage or just in the initial stage to grow miniature hair. Even the miniature hair was born, will it grow into mature stage is a question mark. In my case, the miniature hardly grows into mature hair. As a result, my M shape head is just the same as previously. I just pray my middle M shape not to become bigger M shape.
My hair loss is quite normal and consistent. What I mean normal is about 100 strands of hair loss per day which is in the acceptable range (below 150 strands of hairs). However, this will not guarantee you will recover your hair. It is divided to hair loss and hair re grow. You may loss only a strand of hair per day but you gain zero hair, you 365 strands of hair less that last year. Get it? I am actually in that situation.
Libido has gain back a little recently. May be after I train my PC muscle during urinate, haha..However, quiet a lot has face the lower libido side effects after in Propecia medication. I do not think it is a co-incidence and doubt the figure given by Merck. You can refer the poll at your right. It is definitely not a 2% or anything close to it. My previous poll shows at least half of them suffer certain of side effects. If you want to take Propecia, I suggest you have to psychologically prepared the worst case.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly summary - 91th week- my hair photo

Yupe. Long time never post my hair photos. So I took 3 photos of my temple and vertex.
Any improvement?
Well, I can not answer even myself. I can said it is not obvious. I can only said Propecia is maintaining my hair.
If you want to see my previous photos, just click the labels hair photos.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly summary - 90th week

We all know Propecia may have reduce the libido of some people. In fact, if you do not believe the statistic by Merck that only 2% of male who taking Propecia suffer side effect, you may be just 50% of those who suffered side effects such as lower libido and softer erection.
Recently I found in the internet that training the PC muscle can enhance the hardness of male erection.If you want to know about PC muscle, click here to see details in wikipedia.
How can we train our PC muscle?
The easiest way is when you pee. While you have the flow when peeing, stop it for 5 seconds. Repeat this step for two or three times.
There is another way. Please refer to this blog for more details. I may also follow this steps. Haha.I hope this may help.
My hair loss is quite consistent. No shedding. No visible hair growth. Propecia just retain my hair but not growing, at least until now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly summary - 89th week

I think I take Propecia which will bring side effect to my body, I should not be a risk averse person. That means I should be a risk tolerance person.
In fact, I have miss a glorious chance to invest in stock market in recent month when it hit a low point. I wait it to went down, but the "bull" in the bear market seems like never stop since that. Yes, no courage to pump money in, I miss a glorious chance.
The Dow Jones is from 7000 to 8600 points. Bursa Malaysia climb from 900 to 1060. What a miss!!
Thinking too much, sometimes will cause you a golden chance. I delay to take Propecia instead I went to Yun Nam. It cause me the best chance to retain my hair.
I think a lot before I confessed and make a move, she has turn to another one.
This is the moral that I should learn and never forget.
Guys, if you taking Propecia now, how was the drug help you? Have you getting your hair back?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly summary - 88th week

While I am pity woman that suffer hair loss, I do not agree they should have a try in Yun Nam Haircare, the biggest scam in Malaysia and Singapore in beauty line.

Currently, Yun Nam seems like have shifted their target to women market. Although female that face hair loss are far lesser than men, female market in hair treatment is just as big as men. In fact, during my treatment in Yun Nam years back, I saw at least half of the customers are women. Pity for women, hair is almost women second life. That is the reason why even a little of hair problem they will wiling to spend a lot of money in their hair. SO I am not surprise, Yun Nam using these psychology tactics to lure women customers. You will know what I mean if you look at the advertisement on NTV7 and 8TV recently.
There is no medicine for female hair loss. At least, Propecia is a hope for men hair loss although the result varies for different people. Some women using minoxidil which is specially for women hair loss. I saw this in the net once. SO I am not too sure of it. May be you need to google it.
While we think we men loss the hair is a fact that hard to face, think a bout women hair loss. It must be many times harder to stomach the truth if I am a women. No solution. While other women dye their hair, you can't. Howver, Yun Nma definately not the solution. It just burn a hole in your pocket. No matter how desperate we want to gain out hair back, Yun Nam will not give you hopes, they just destroy your hope and you too!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly summary - 87th week

I just massaged my forehead to release some pains before I writing this weekly summary.
Too much of thinking recently.
Old folks always advice that do not think too much, too hard as your hair will turn Grey or hair loss. While I have no white hair (may be several strands as I do not notice), I do suffer hair loss now although it is due to hormones.
I always think a lot. Besides my job required to, I think too much of my current condition that make the situation of my hair loss worse sometimes. I think when and how to have a better life. I think how to change a career. I think is it the right time to invest as the market has move up a bit. I think should I give up a girl that I like but she will not accept me and etc etc.
It has become my character. Think too much but not really action.
Yupe, my hair loss in recent weeks i quite constant and normal. No shedding. Libido is low as usual. May be I should think how to increase my libido.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Now we know why Yun Nam is so expensive!

Big discovered while I am searching for opportunities in Jobstreet.
I saw that Yun Nam is offered their Retail General Manager for RM 9k to RM 18k.
It is a huge amount consider their revenue and even a general manager in an MNC may not get that kind of salary.
Check it here.
What did their GM do? Conned people like you and me?
Please notice that they have a turnover of RM 230 million alone in Malaysia.
If they have 10 outlets in Malaysia, each outlets can generate a revenue of RM23 million. Better a Mc Donald outlet. Also, it is almost RM 2 million a month, RM 500k per week and RM 70k per day in an outlet. If each outlet have 12 "consultants", each of them can generate RM6k of revenue. One day they can at least serve 12 customers. Each customers pay an average RM 300, and RM 100 in products selling. WE are almost getting the figure.
You see, how luxury this Hair care industry is. How this Yun Nam cheated us without any result. Please share with your friend regarding this.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly summary - 86th week

I just bought Propecia from Guardian at KLCC.
The pharmacist there, well, really look stunning. May be I should go the KLCC's Guardian every month. The drawback, she knows I am going to bald, haha.
I must said, I do not put too much attention on my hair recently. I do take Propecia everyday, I just not monitoring so closely of my hair.
I have been looking another job for a long time. Recently, I really seriously thinking of have a career switch. Previously, I am looking a higher paid job or a more Chinese base environment. Mind you, I have no girl friend till now. It really piss me off sometimes. Now, I realized that it is not that I am not good looking, not nice, too nice or whatever reasons, it may just meant not to be. So I shall do something that I think is meaningful, even I can not do it now, I will not give up.
This is why I will soon enter a MBA course in local university in weekend. I do not know what will this MBA help me, I just go ahead, finally.
Time is running out to me, I will be in my thirties this year. Although I am sad that Propecia not bringing the result that I hope for and also side effect, I may just have to accept it.
P/S: please vote in the poll at your left side.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 85th week

Yun Nam is back.
London Weight Management is back again.
They are aggressively advertise in radio channel.
"You will see the result in 3 weeks time"
Liar. You will not see the result even you spend 3 decades and 3 millions in Yun Nam Haircare.
I have a friend that used to work in the manufacturing factory in Yun Nam, in Johor told me that the ginseng smell shampoo that is sold at RM 154, the cost is less that RM5 to manufacture. I can not verify the truth whether the Ginseng shampoo is in fact just a mere RM 5 shamppo, but I know, their treatment and products did not improve my hair loss condition. No!Not at all!
Guys, my advice is it is so unlucky if you have suffered Male pattern hair loss in your 20s or 30s. The next best thing you can do is to start Propecia medication. No other way until now. For better result, you can use Minoxidil, a topical product for hair loss besides the oral Propecia.
We are going to bald anyway. We need to accept it even it is cruel. Girls do not like bald man. Just like guys think fat woman never is their first choice.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 84th week

Caryn Hairpro hair treatment product is one of the most expensive in the pharmacies. In Guardian, the price is around RM 150. In Watson, you may found it slightly below RM150 with discount.

Surprising when I watch TV commercials recently, Caryn Hairpro is once again promoting strongly in the golden time slot around 8.30pm to 10.30pm on 8TV. The biggest surprise is you will now buy one get two!!

Phew! You must think it is a good deal if you using their products. What I think is this Caryn Hairpro company has an excess profit margin previously that allow them to have the current buy one free two promotion. This is really unfair to the consumer but as consumer we are powerless unless you are prepared to boycott their product.

The same thing applies to Propecia that has been over 10 years in the market. Merck is charging us highly for this medicine. The price is about RM 160 (USD 45) in the pharmacies. Some pharmacies charge until RM 198 (USD 57). Of course, Merck has spent a huge sum in the research of Propecia, but a lot of us do experience what is claimed by Merck is not as good as it is. The people who takes Propecia and suffer from side effects is believe much higher than 2% that is claimed by Merck. The people who actually enjoy hair regrow is very rare form the reasders response in my blog and also in hair loss help forum. So are we going to get the generic Propecia soon? Just like Panadol and Paracetamol? I don’t know. I do hope we have generic of Propecia that we can buy from Pharmacies. With the cheaper price, but same result.

If Merck really want to help the baldy like us, they should research a new medicine that really help and less side effects. Else, the best way to save our money is purchase generic Propecia online, if you dare to take the risk or Proscar (cut it by four).

At last, everything is normal and unchanged last week.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 83rd week

I am glad to know that someone (since he left the comment as anonymous) has a positive effect after taking Propecia. He said he has high confident of Propecia as his friend had successfully gain back his hair and hardly notice he had any hair loss.

I have to agree the result of Propecia is depending on individual and could vastly different from one to another. However, mostly that leave comment on my blog has not seen significant result. What is the significant result that I mean here? Of course to regain or regrow your hair. I would say, 70% to 80% of the condition before your hair loss is considered a success. However, currently my condition is slow down the hair loss. The hair line still reside in my opinion.

I will not deny the effectiveness of Propecia as I believe my hair loss will be much more serious compare with without taking Propecia. At least I still put on some hope to save my hair and self esteem. I wish I can held my head high just like my teenagers time. Unfortunately I did not make use of the chance,

It is another normal week. Hair loss and libido is just like previous week. Hope hair loss will reduce more and miniature hair will grow healthier.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly summary - 82nd week

As the time passed, you may lose the best chance to save your hair, either by Propecia (Finasteride) or Minoxidil (Rogaine). This is what the doctor or pharmacist has told us not to using unrecognized treatment that is not proven by the FDA or medical records. It may be right, but to some people, even Propecia and Minoxidil won’t work. They are destined to be bald, I think.

I have lost my best chance. I went for Yun Nam ‘ the scam’ haircare as you all knew. After spending 5 figures, getting lesser hair than before, listening of a lot of broken promise from those hair consultant, especially Janet Lau, whose is a manager in one of the branch (form Damansara Utama to Sg Wang). It is indeed a painful experience to me and many others out there.

Fine, I am now in Propecia. However, it is not so convincing either. Yes, I no need to spray a lot of ‘herbal’ tonic on my hairs that smell so awkwardly. Propecia may just slow down my hair loss.

I would hope to regain my hair. No doubt. I want to look good as I use to. I want to be more confident. I want to be appealing in front of opposite sex. I want to dye my hair as I never do it before. It all seems like never to be realized. I have accepted, my hair will not go back to the previous, even an 80% of the previous is a dream now.

I have no confident I can retain the hair that I have currently. After over one and a half year, I am not convince hair will grow on my frontal and temple. Besides, my vertex also never seems to grow thicker.

Besides, I am suffering and still suffering a certain extent of libido loss. What is claim by Merck only 2% of the people who takes Propecia will suffer the side effect is unreliable at least to my poll in this blog shows otherwise. I would bet my poll result that shows 50% of people suffer some side effect is more accurate.

I do not what I can expect after 5 years. May be only 50% of my hair still there. I bet is I have to accept the fact that I can not beat God.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 81st week

There is another blog who writing of hair loss. I have recommended his post regarding Beijing 101 that waste him the time and money previously.
What I notice his treatment taht he use currently is surprisingly without Propecia. He is using Minoxidil ,Nizoral shampoo plus several Vitamins and supplements. Read more here.
However, he still has more hair than I do . So He should not worry too much.
ANother good post that I found in his blog in the hair loss region map that usually people mention. Which part is temple, vertex, or crown, frontal.

I am headache with the no progress of hair growth. My miniature hair does not grow to mature state. It is the biggest problem that I face now.
Another problem is, please vote in my poll if you are taking Propecia. I want to know how much it affects your libido.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 80th week

It is depressing that I have been in my 80th week on Propecia or Finasteride. Losing hair and losing my libido. What can be worse than this?
Lately, I have saw some advertisement on newspapers about laser comb to be a solution for hair loss. I not really keen about this. I still do not understand the theory how the laser comb can help you grow back your hair. By stimulate the hair follicle? I doubt that. However, I am not going to discuss it before I dig into it.
However, I would like to share with you the funny video that I found while searching laser comb.

It has been a tough time for me and may be a lot of people out there. We are going through hard time in this kind of economy. Hanging on pal!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly summary - 79th week

Oh...M shape frontal. It is the pain that hardly feel by those who has full hair. Even sometimes your friend joking of your going to bald hair. You have to laugh together wit them. Pretend like I am not care of it much. However, I really care. I really feel hurt because of my hair loss. Less of self esteem. Lesser hair, lesser self esteem.
Lesser hair, lesser attraction to girls. Else, you need to have big money.
Taking the risk to have Propecia medication do not help much. I used to have high expectation to regain my hair. Now, I just wish to retain what I have now. Even lower expectation, it seems like Propecia only slow down my hair reside.
There are too many things in my mind now. I am in the crossroad of career. I am getting old now. I really wish to have romance. It is not due to more and more of my friend going to tie their knot. I just want to have a partner that can share the bitter and sour, happiness together. Sometimes, I do fall in love with some girls. Sadly, no response. Sometimes, I am lucky as we are still friends. Soemtimes, she just avoiding you as she knows my intention. So, you can not be friends again.
Ok stop complaining as my life will not get better in this way. However, please vote in the poll at your right side. Your vote is really important.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 78th week

When I talk about libido, it is included the desire as well as the erection that I will get.

Getting a good erection is a common problem that face by most of the man’s that taking Propecia.

Yupe, there are a lot that claims that Propecia did not affect their libido. Some even claim their libido become better after taking Propecia as you can read in forum.

How true it is?

Previously, I have conducted a survey regarding the sides effects of Propecia that shown over half who taking Propecia are suffered form sides effect.

So, I will create another poll to the readers about how you feel your erection after taking Propecia. It is divided to 4 grades of erection hardness which grade 4 is the desirable erection that everyone hope for. Click here for the details of erection hardness.

This week, my hair loss is normal. However, less hair drops everyday is not meant by more hairs. In fact, it just means my hair loss is slow down. Hair regain is almost a dream looking at the condition now. The target is to retain as many hairs as I can.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly summary - 77th week

It is another week.
My hair loss is quite stable. No excess hair loss this week. Libido is about the same with previous week.
I have read the comments in my blog in previous week.
There are readers that said of the side effects of taking Propecia.
It is the same with me.
I can feel my libido is a lot lower than before I star taking Propecia.
Even the erection is just not as hard as before.
If the hardness of penis erection that divide to 4 stages, which 4 is the hardest and your partner satisfaction, I will class my self in to 2.
May be it is what I have to tolerate?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly summary - 76th week- More people will be cheated

I read in a Chinese dailies advertisement about Yun Nam ‘s new TV programs in Astro. So as London weight Management and New York Skin are together in the TV programs. It is a sad thing that a paid TV channel will do whatever because of money.

I criticized 8Tv , NTV7 and TV3 for doing such TV promotional programs for Yun Nam and co without verified the bad reputation of their customers. Indeed, they projected Yun Nam is the saviour for hair loss which is not the fact just because they will receive a large sum of advertisements. Now, we know why Yun Nam and co is so bloody expensive??

Now, it is the Astro turns. I really think this paid TV channel should aware of this notorious Yun Nam has conned so many of their customers money without any result. I believe there will be a lot of people who watch the programs in Astro that end up sign up a hair treatment, or skin treatment with Yun nam and New York Skin. You see, they paid Astro every month, then Astro produce a programs and let them being conned by Yun Nam, New York Skin or London Weight Management. Does Astro have the responsibilities on this? Do Media Prima who owns 8TV, TV3, Tv9 and NTV7 has the responsibility? How about the media who reluctantly to report the victim’s complaints that they did not see any result after paying RM 10k to do treatment in Yun Nam? NO!!! So you can only believe what you can see in the internet. Just google Yun Nam, or Yun Nam scam, or Yun Nam cheat money, you will surprise you can see thousands of complaints.

Currently law in Malaysia has no protection to this kind of cosmetics industry. This is why these kinds of companies dare to give empty promises. Of course, you can put your cases in the tribunal court but you have only 50-50 wining chances. I am an victim of Yun Nam too and there are many others victims that left their stories in my blog. Just click Yun Nam in the labels columns.

What I want to said to those who suffer male pattern baldness (MPB), you can forget going to hair care center as it will not save your hair. It wasted your money and most importantly your time to at least maintain the hair you have. If I use Propecia 6 years ago, I would have much more hair than what I have now. Most important thing is, it is cheaper than going to Yun Nam or Beijing 101. The earlier you start, the better the chance to maintain or regain your hair.

The drawback of using Propecia (as it is oral) is you may suffer side effects that may reduce your libido. Although not everyone suffer this sides effect, I am the unlucky one and I believe most people will suffer the loss of libido up to some extent. However, this is still the only solution (plus minoxidil) for men’s hair loss till now. Yun Nam will only bring you no where.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 75th week- late post

I late to post this week due to my computer has fail to switch on. Most likely the motherboard already burn. Now I have bought a new PC, which is much more advance than my 5 years old PC.
Just a short report that my hair condition has been normal. However, my libido is low.
I have check that some of your comment regarding your hair condition after taking Propecia. None of you has mention about the effect of your libido. Currently, there are readers who notices a slightly improvement, no improvement and improvement. I hope more readers share with us of your hair condition and also the side effects that may haunt you.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 74th week- Cut my hair short

I just cut my hair short. It is the shortest for many years indeed.
Sometimes, short hair just let people believes you actually have more hairs. Haha. Just an illusion.
In fact, the weather is so hot now in Malaysia, it is wise the cut shorter hair too. The only problem is there is so hard to cover my frontal. In the other hand, when the hair is longer, the hair at the side is always thicker than the vertex.Thus, people are easy to detect your baldness as well.
I am still put hopes in Propecia. I have been with Propecia for 74th weeks now. Besides, less hair falls most of the time, the regrowth of hair is unnoticeable.
I do not know the others readers who using Propecia as well. Do you see any positive results??Please feedback me. I am looking to know of you guys condition.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly summary - 73th week- shedding

This is really a bad week!
My hair start shedding again.
Most probably is due to shrimps and crabs that I ate in some reunion and gathering during the Chinese New Year.
I notice at least 10 strands of hairs stick on my oily forehead while I washed my face in the morning after woke up from sleep. It has continue for 3 days. It do reduce a bit this morning. Yet, several strands of hair falls even without touching my hair.
The hairs that drops also increase marginally while I washed my hair with Himalaya Shampoo. I did not count the hair loss though. I just notice it is more than last week.
Libido also reduce recently. However, I do not want to blame it to Propecia as I believe it may due to my anxiety of the economic now that will affect my current job.
Hope tomorrow will be better.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The last lecture, achieving your childhood dream

It is a very meaningful talk by Dr randy Pausch that passed away on July 2008. This is his last lecture in Carnegie Mellon university on Sept 2007. It is over one hour but please try to watch it to the end, you may get something from it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly summary - 72th week- a centurian post of this blog

This is my 100th post in this hair loss blog. It is you all that make me continue to write and share of our problem, male pattern hair loss.
I attended a schoolmate gathering yesterday. The guys turn 30s this year. I can said most of them although gain some weights, they still maintain almost full hairs. Out of 20 guys, only 3 (include me) that suffer from hair loss.
One of them shave his hair. I use to have a lot of hairs, and after over 5 years not met up, they do find my hair significantly less then previous. I feel embarrassed initially but I admit in front of them I am taking medicine for MPB.
I really think hair loss has affects many people social life. It is because you have to bare the way people look at you. For male, young guys suffer a huge self esteem blow in front of girl and even affects your working performance. To female, it is almost fatal for a woman or young girl who suffer of hair loss. I really pity them as they can not use Propecia and till now no treatment is for female hairloss.
I hope my miniature hair will grow to mature stage. It is my wish!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly summary - 71th week

First of all I wish all the readers Happy Chinese New Year. I hope the year of Ox will be a smooth one to you. Personally I hope there will be changes in my life. Good changes and I prepare to face turbulence this year.

I found a link that leave in the comment of one of my post of Yun Nam scam. It was a scam by another famous so call hair care center “Beijing 101". No doubt, the blogger is cheated like me as well. Luckily he was not trying his luck in Yun Nam after his treatment fail in Beijing 101 as he read my post of Yun Nam.
You cab read in his blog.
However, I found that his blog has no specific link for each post that I can not give you the specific link of Beijing 101. You guys have to search it yourself.
This week, there are still several strands of frontal hair loss. It includes mature and miniature hair. However, overall, it was OK. Libido maintain a bit lower just like last week.

P/S: If you are lucky, you will see FIFA online2 (try refresh several times as the ads are rotating) advertisement below this post. I have downloaded this game one month ago. But my computer is too "old" for this game. It is different from FIFA 09 in DVD. Any readers play the game, can share here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly summary - 70th week and Happy Chinese New Year

Another landmark for this hair loss blog. This is 70th week I am in Propecia medication.
However, I have been loss more hair in frontal than ordinary for a few days. Mature hair and some miniature hair. I notice it when I washed my face in the morning. There are some hair on my forehead because of my oily skin.
So, my forehead frontal is definitely in danger now.
I have started to massage my scalp when I wash my hair with shampoo. I also massage my scalp at night for several minutes. I hope it will help a little bit.
Besides, my libido has not been not so good since last week. Not really know what happen again.
Hair loss and libido both has been worse than previous week.
Chinese new year is coming. I wish all of my Chinese follower of this blog Gong Xi Fa Choy. Stay strong in fighting economic crisis and also hair loss.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 69th week

A lazy week for me after a long holiday and need to start working back.
I start to feel organic shampoo effect. I feel Himalaya shampoo quite good until now. My hair is softer, not so dry. May be the scalp also more healthy without those chemical ingredients inside.
However, this all just a surplus as we all know Male Pattern Baldness can not be treated by shampoo or tonic. We know the root cause is DHT. Only Propecia or Finasteride is proven effective to stop it.
But not everyone that take Propecia will find their hair regrow. There are still some that do know have significant result or improvement. I am one of those. Perhaps, it just slow down my hair loss or hairline reside slower.
But I am not going to stop taking Propecia now. I still want to see what will happen then.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 68th week

68th week. 68 is a good number for Chinese. I like it.
It has been a long time for over 1 year. Spend quite a amount of money for hair loss until now. Result wise, yupe...slow down hair loss, but not really to regain my hair.
Especially frontal and crown, you hardly notice any improvement through photos that I posted in my blog. Sometimes, still have some miniature hair falls, but it has reduced a lot without Propecia. Some miniature hair born, but same time hair line still seem a bit reside. Really hope I have myopic.
I am now using Himalaya Shampoo (greasy hair). It is 200ml and cost RM 11.90. It is said to be an organic shampoo. I will write my review later.

P/S: For a reader that ask about brain fog. It happen to me, but not for everyone if u take Propecia. If it happen to you, do not panic. It may just gone away in few weeks time. But if it continue, consult your doctor.


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