Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly summary - 96th week

How often you comb your hair?
Bald people like us, or call ourselves who face hair loss, you comb your hair often?
What we commonly heard:
1. comb your hair 100 times morning and nights.
2. massage your head morning and night each for 10 minutes.
3. sleep at least 8 hours per day.

The first one should be very familiar of Beijing 101 customers. They have a special comb and will put tonic in side the comb. Comb your hair will stimulate hair growth as the blood circulation is improved.
The second one is by notorious Yun Nam strategy. While there are others who claimed this is an ancient Chinese medical way to improve blood circulation, Yun Nam will ask you to massage with their special tonic that cost you RM 21 per week.

In the end, most or 100% of the customer can not see any result.
Then it back to Propecia and Minoxidil. Is it the way to go? I would said yes but I can not guarantee you any result as well. It has a higher success rate and as least it is much cheaper. You went Yun Nam by losing your money and time. I would said you can keep it.
I can not see much result. In fact, my libido reduce. But this is the effort I can do for my hair until better solution coming.


Anonymous said...

what shampoo did u use?

Anonymous said...

I would rather bald than consume propecia.

The most common side effects of finasteride propecia / proscar 5 mg tablets include:

•Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence -- in up to 18.5 percent of people
•Decreased libido (sex drive) -- up to 10 percent
•Abnormal ejaculation, including decreased ejaculate amount -- up to 7.2 percent
•Breast enlargement -- up to 2.2 percent.

Herbal Shampoo said...

I am 28 years old I have been shedding hair like crazy over the past two year...... I am not sure why this is happening. I got my blood tests. i just want to know I have started searching in internet for hair regrowth products than I found on the is herbal hair shampoo(IHT9) I have seen many good comments for this product, and when I use the herbal hair shampoo now my hair is very good thanks to herbal shampoo..

Anonymous said...

where to buy iht9?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm a pharmacist working in a local pharmacy shop.

I can get 1 month of genuine proscar 5 mg( MSD )for RM 160 only using my special staff price.For your information, most pharmacy shops are selling between price range RM200-230.

For those who are interested, please contact kelvin 016-3516321

price is negotiable.

Jason said...

why not getting Propecia and sell to us with ur staff price?

I am using Himalaya shampoo and I will use Selsun Blue once a week.

Anonymous said...

Himalaya shampoo and audace,which one do u think is better?

bkcollection said...

Himalaya is more mild and is said to be organic. I will prefer this than Audace. But it all depends on different people. You can try both as the cost is just below RM 20 or about that.


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