Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly summary - 102th week

This week I want to share where we can get the cheapest price Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil or Rogaine. My price may not be the cheapest and I hope we all can set up a sharing platform and let all the man who face the Male pattern hair loss easier to look for reasonable price Minoxidil and Propecia. I hope readers that comment here really sincerely to share and not for advertising. The price I mentioned below is for 1 month supply.

I got mine from Watson, Guardian or Carling. Their price is RM 158 to RM 160 depends on which supplier they purchased. I actually asked the pharmacist once why the price increased from RM 158 to RM 160. She told me they get from different supplier.
There are people who use Proscar and split it into four. I need to remind you Proscar is 5mg and Propecia is 1mg. When Proscar splits into 4 pieces it is 1.25mg and you actually consume 25% more that is prescribed. You must prepare to take the risk. The price may be slightly higher and I doubt the pharmacist will ask for precription before they sell Proscar to you.

Minoxidil or Rogaine
Rogaine is the original brand that cost you RM 170 to 230 in local pharmacy. Yupe, WHat I mean is Rogaine 5 %. Minoxidil is the generic brand. There is brand call Regro and also Kirkland. I want to tell that they are people in the that sell Kirkland minoxidil 5% at RM 50 to 68. I will post their link in below. I am not tehir friend nor promoting for them. I get nothing from them as I am not yet using Monoxidil. You may ask whether the originality of their goods. I can not tell you that. You may contact them. Mind you, even a generic Regro cost you RM 130 a month in local pharmacy. The price offer by the two forumer in Lowyat is quite tempting.
Wait!!!You can find a seller in call cutecute00 offer RM 140 for 3 months supply of Kirkland and RM 270 of 6 months supply. It is about RM 45 a month for Minoxidil. I suggest you search Minoxidil in Lelong to know more.
But...the chepeast is from E bay. No, it is search minoxidil. 6 months supply of Kirkland is cost about RM 180. It is local supplier.
One thing to remind you, if you buy from minoxidil from oversea, you may have trouble to get pass the malaysia custom.

If you know where to get cheaper products or you have been cheated by the above seller, please give your comments here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly summary - 101th week

It is 101th week in Propecia. It is 101th week with you and writing this blog. I have been writing this blog every week even I am very busy. I tried to make it a habit to report my condition and remind myself my hair condition after hectic day in works. When time passed, sometimes the motivation will go away. I do not want my motivation to save my hair go away.
Thanks for my readers who leave the comments in my 100th post. Thanks for your information. The technology of stem cell in fighting hair loss I have heard of it before. However, we do not know how much the hairs are still with me in 2015. So, still with Propecia to maintain my hair as much as I can.
I have stop splitting my propecia in to half and consume it everyday. I have taking 1mg every alternate day. When I consume on Monday, I will just stop on Tuesday and taking again on Wednesday. Till now, my body seems like OK with it. Libido never worse than when I consume 0.5mg everyday.
For those who want to post their hair photos in my blog, you can upload to Image shark and post the link here. I wish to see your hair loss progress after you all taking Propecia or minoxidil.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly summary - 100th week -- My 100 weeks with Propecia

I will never think I can write over 100 posts in this blog. Honestly not. I think I will quit in the middle. This is because people who share the same problems and yet look at the information of hair loss in the internet and luckily link you and me via this blog is a small amount. One of a million? May be.
This is a memorable posts in this blog. So I have several things to share.
1. I have change my daily medication from 0.5mg to 1mg every alternate day. Oh, you may not notice I am using 0.5mg. But I may use 1 mg daily if my body is OK with the higher dosage.
2.There is not significant of hair growth, and only reduce hair loss up to some extent. The hairline seems still reside especially frontal. vertex is still OK but is not in good condition as well.
3. Libido. I have long lost the very horny feeling. The desire, the strong desire has long gone. I have tell you that even my erection is not as hard as before I take Propecia.
4. Any other solution that I will look into? Yes of course. I may check out the hair loss shampoo Bawang that Jackie Chan become the spoke person. It is sold in Tesco and Guardian. I will check it out when I have time. Minoxidil. Probably. Honestly, I do not wnat to burn a hole in my wallet for my hair loss. Minoxidil effect is not as good as Propecia. It may help but it is not the main reason if you have halt hair loss. It is due to Propecia more likely. Hair transplant is too costly to me till now. Not an good option. I would rather wait a better technology come for man's baldness.

It is a long journey to fight hair loss. It not not guarantee you a success and yet may spend a lot of money in long term. We must spend it on something that will give proven result. Definitely no to hair care center and you know I mean Yun Nam and co.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 99th week

I have just have a hair cut in a hair saloon. This is the first time I go to hair saloon. I asked him to have a simple, easy to manage hairstyle. The others thing is up to him. Of course to cover my bald spots is another main point.
You guess what it come out. It came out just as my old hair style. I do not know this hair saloon suck or I can not have another hair style due to my hair loss that need to cover my M shape forehead. I am quite disappointed.
Perhaps, this is the only hair style I can have.
He also commented my hair loss is quite serious. I knew of course and for a long long time. If there is a way, I would have done it. Even I have tried those Yun Nam "the scam" hair care. I have tried Propecia and until now. No progress. No visible progress. I am upset with it sometimes. But those who has full hair will not understand US. It is not taking a RM50 treatment session when I cut my hair will help. NO. I would rather keep my money. Until those hairstylist also bald, they will know, nothing much you can do. You can use Propecia, but result is not guarantee.
Next week, is the my 100th week posting this weekly report of my hair loss. It has been very fast. I know it is because the readers of this blog that share their experience and hair loss problems togther that make me feel I am not alone. Thanks...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly summary - 98th week

I am quite glad to read the comments that leave on my blog last week. It is about the hair transplant. Honestly, my knowledge in hair transplant is swallow. I know that hair transplant may have a better result but you may still need to consume Propecia to maintain your hair. Basically, if you do not want to take Propecia, hair transplant is not for you as well. hair transplant is for those who use Propecia and want a better result at a higher cost. However, the comments by several readers certainly enlighten me and some of the readers. If you like, click here.
Another discovery is when you serach for Yun Nam hair care, you will find that Yun Nam official website is just above my blog. You can see Yun Nam hair care cheat my money very clearly. Haha. No kidding, I am doing a negative promotion to Yun Nam and tell the world how they cheat their customer hard earn money. They are many victims here and around. The other hair care center like Svenson and Beijing 101 are also another Yun Nam. No results while keep one pushing their useless package.

Two more weeks I will be 100th weeks on Propecia. An achievement of this hair loss blog but no visible result with my hair. I promised I will post my hair photos on 100th week. Lets see ....Before and After


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