Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly summary - 123th week

123th week of blogging of my hair loss. It is a long long period of fighting my hair loss honestly.
We all hoping to get a satisfactory result and we are here to support each other. You guys has support me as I am not alone in this hair loss fighting. Meanwhile, I hope I help my readers a bit in hair loss.
Previously, we only share our view in this blog, I hope you all can share your success or hair loss problem in my Facebook group. I created it several months back but it is quite bad in response. Never mind, I just hope you guys can share your hair photos as well in my Facebook group call Fighting hair loss. You can click it here to join.
I hope to see your hair photos so that others can know your progress as I do. May be I have not post my hair photos often enough.
I am currently using Bawang Shampoo, Propecia and Kirkland minoxidil 5%. Pretty good till now except the dandruff problem that I mention before. For those who never took Propecia before, let me warn you that there is a side effects that you may face, a lower libido.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 122th week

This is the photo of my hair. It is a bit of miniature hair which is longer and stronger than before. I do not know how long the miniature hair or baby hair will be grown. It may be just another false impression that current regime, Kirkland minoxidil 5% + Propecia (Proscar) combine are working well. I can said, minoxidil is effective in frontal as well. Of course to recover all your hair is impossible.
It is a photos after two months with minoxidil and Proscar 1.25mg.
If minoxidil is effective, I may be regretted to use it only after so long. I think we guys should be more courage to take action like taking Propecia and Minoxidil rather than put our hope in Yun Nam, I am one of the victim and I hope there no people will be cheated by them (which is impossible as they published a lot of ads in TV and nespaper). Give it a try as it may effective to you and it does not cost you RM 5k to 10k.
However, some readers ask about woman hairloss. My suggestion is go for topical minoxidil for female. I do not know the effctiveness but give it a try insetad of those haircare center. Good luck!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly summary - 121th week

What a busy week again.
It is damn tired of working long hours and also busy with my MBA exam.
The bad thing of applying Minoxidil is you need several hours to get your scalp dry.
So If I came back late, I normally will skip it.
I won't miss any of Proscar/ Propecia as it is the root for Male Pattern Baldness.
If there is a choice which one to miss out of left out, minoxidil is more likely to effect less.
I have experience to miss out one dosage of Propecia and the result was more hairloss in the sevral days after that.
As I have mentioned last week. I do notice some hair growth in the frontal although it is not too obvious. Still, it is a positive result.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly summary - 120th week

Really having a busy week!! While people are busy celebrating New Year, I am busy with workload and assignments.
Back to hair loss topic. Well, it is almost one and a half month I am with Kirkland Minoxidil 5%. Besides, more dandruff that I mentioned in previous week, I do 'suspect' my frontal hair do become slightly thicker. it is a good news, right? But I am not too excited as it may be my illusion or just temporary. I believe some of you know that minoxidil stated in their product that it will see the effect for 9 months. After 9 months??No one knows.
Another is Proscar 5mg. I have to make it clear Proscar you have to split it into 4 pieces so to have a same concentration with the original Propecia. The biggest problem is split it evenly to 4. You are almost impossible to split it into 5. I just a bit worried the different consumption everyday (not split it evenly) will cause some problem in the later stage. If you have money, please go for Propecia.


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