Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly summary - 225 th week -- Propecia poll result

 I have been doing a poll about the Propecia and Proscar side effect. Although nt much people are vote for this poll, but I guess it at least answer some of the questions. Most people are lucky and has no effect on their sexual life. That's is good, isn't it? But at least 20% of people are suffering reducing of sexual desire.

How severe Propecia/Proscar reduce your sex drive?

Total lost sex drive                                                                                                                  1(4%)
Reduce sex drive, penis still hard enough for sex
  5 (20%)
reduce sex drive and penis not hard enough to have sex
  2 (8%)
No effect, sexual life as uasual
  10 (41%)
No sexual life
  6 (25%)

Votes so far: 24
Poll closed

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly summary - 224 th week -- Yun Nam haircare products

This are the Yun Nam scam of the products that I used 5 years ago. I believe some of the products are even more costly of my 6 months supply of Kirkland Minoxidil 5%.
The products from left is nutrition lotion. It cost almost RM 100 or more. It uses together with the hair tonic which is the second from the left. It also costs about RM21 per bottle and last only a week.
Those people that used to be Yun Nam Hair care customer will know the smell of their products. It fulls of the Chinese herbal smell that is unbearable unless you are the one who use it. People beside will tell you how bad you smell unless they are not honest. Thus, Yun Nam came out a better smell tonic which cost double the price of the normal tonic. Of course the 3rd from the left from the photos and bigger size, I recall it costs me RM 80++ which was more expensive than a bottle of Kirkland Minoxidil and it only last for 2 weeks.
The small bottle third from the right is a revitalizing tonic. It used when I am not free to attend the treatment. Needless to said, this is the most expensive one even with a small bottle. It costs me more than RM100.
For those who attend to the Yun Nam trial treatment before, most likely you saw the Hair care kit before. It was given out free and is use when you are away for a trip.
Well, all this expensive tonic, lotion and hair kit just did nothing to improve my hair condition at that moment. That is why I am with Propecia and then later with Rogaine and minoxidil. It was a waste of money and also the precious time. Now, since the Chinese New Year is coming, I have to free up some space and decided to throw these all away. So, share with you all guys especially some who want to join Yun Nam for their hair treatment. See the truth yourself before you join this type of treatment that the main purpose is to cheat your hard earn money.
Happy Chinese New year to all!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly summary - 223 th week -- female hair loss problem

I know this blog is mainly for male pattern baldness (MPB). I always pity ourselves, bald man...Why we are so pity without hair or thinning hair compare with other guys who have full of hair, dye their hair and gel up their hair with different hair style?
Nonetheless, we are not the poorest people i the hair loss dilemma. Don't forget about women suffer hair loss too. Although, and perhaps the ratio of man who suffer hairloss compare with woman that suffer hairloss is about 10 to one. However, woman treat their hair as second life and I believe most of the guy see women hair as one of the opposite sex attraction beside body shape and pretty face. Lets be honest, who of the guy want to date a bald woman (unless she suffer cancer or under treatment of some chronic decease)? So, we can understand how frustrated and panic when female notice their hair is thinning, right?
I do not know much of the female hair loss as it is even more complicated of the male hair loss and seems like there is no cure beside the female Rogaine or minoxidil which has a lower 2% concentration compare with male minoxidil at 5%. Women suffer hair loss mostly after they give birth which may lead to the change of the body hormone. Most women have some extent of the hair loss after they give birth but only for a very short period and after that the body will adjust the level of hormone. Some of the unlucky one continue to suffer hair loss and lead to a nightmare that most women hard to face.
More and more younger women at the early 20s also suffer hair loss. This may due to their unhealthy life style such as smoking, sleep at late night, consume medicine or drug, pressure, dye their hair too often and etc. This is the advice taht the doctor or so call specialist will give to the women before they suffer hair loss. Besides, genetic (most likely affected male), a women just can suffer hair loss with everything right, I mean, no smoking, bad habitsetc and yet to give birth. So, I do not know what the girl can do. The only way is to try women minoxidil. This is if they see my post here.
Most women will just go and visit Yun Nam , Beijing 101, Hair expert or Svenson. They may have try all the supplements or tonic that end up just disappointments. Thus, they pay a visit to those hair care centers with a hope but still end up losing money, time and no results.
Men is OK even we are bald. Women are not. I really hope I can provide more information or tips to those women who suffer hair loss out there, but they reality is, there is really not much proven treatment for them except women Rogaine or minoxidil.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weekly summary - 222 th week -- Come and vote for the poll

I guess most of you not landing to my latest post when you visit this blog. I am cool with it since most of you visit this blog though Google and most likely you are googling something about hair loss, Yun Nam, shampoo or Propecia or minoxidil in Malaysia. However, I would like to urge that all of my blog readers who is taking Propecia or Proscar to join the poll in my blog. It is important piece of info that all guys that suffer hair loss to know whether you are taking, used to take or plan to take Propecia. I would like the real info in making known here so that more people know the risk and this is very likely affected their decision to choose Prpecia as one of their regime in hair loss treatment.
I recognized that some people think minoxidil contribute hair growth more that Propecia and is less risky. Honestly, even I took Propecia first and then only started with minoxidil, I can't tell you which one is better. I think both play their part. So, that is the reason I still continue with my Propecia or Proscar medication. I do notice this control medicine in Malaysia is hardly to purchase than before where Guardian requires a prescription and now Watson also starts to follow. Thus, very likely, I have to buy from a smaller pharmacy.
Besides me, there are more success story of a men restore his hair in Low Yat forum. There is a thread where he posted his hair photos after minoxidil and it is pretty obvious he had gain a lot of hair. Good luck!!!


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