Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 99th week

I have just have a hair cut in a hair saloon. This is the first time I go to hair saloon. I asked him to have a simple, easy to manage hairstyle. The others thing is up to him. Of course to cover my bald spots is another main point.
You guess what it come out. It came out just as my old hair style. I do not know this hair saloon suck or I can not have another hair style due to my hair loss that need to cover my M shape forehead. I am quite disappointed.
Perhaps, this is the only hair style I can have.
He also commented my hair loss is quite serious. I knew of course and for a long long time. If there is a way, I would have done it. Even I have tried those Yun Nam "the scam" hair care. I have tried Propecia and until now. No progress. No visible progress. I am upset with it sometimes. But those who has full hair will not understand US. It is not taking a RM50 treatment session when I cut my hair will help. NO. I would rather keep my money. Until those hairstylist also bald, they will know, nothing much you can do. You can use Propecia, but result is not guarantee.
Next week, is the my 100th week posting this weekly report of my hair loss. It has been very fast. I know it is because the readers of this blog that share their experience and hair loss problems togther that make me feel I am not alone. Thanks...

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Mike576 said...

Try Neeta's Herbal.

It worked for me. Its an indian ayurvedic haircare method and is very efficient. They've been around for about 30 uears now.


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