Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly summary - 100th week -- My 100 weeks with Propecia

I will never think I can write over 100 posts in this blog. Honestly not. I think I will quit in the middle. This is because people who share the same problems and yet look at the information of hair loss in the internet and luckily link you and me via this blog is a small amount. One of a million? May be.
This is a memorable posts in this blog. So I have several things to share.
1. I have change my daily medication from 0.5mg to 1mg every alternate day. Oh, you may not notice I am using 0.5mg. But I may use 1 mg daily if my body is OK with the higher dosage.
2.There is not significant of hair growth, and only reduce hair loss up to some extent. The hairline seems still reside especially frontal. vertex is still OK but is not in good condition as well.
3. Libido. I have long lost the very horny feeling. The desire, the strong desire has long gone. I have tell you that even my erection is not as hard as before I take Propecia.
4. Any other solution that I will look into? Yes of course. I may check out the hair loss shampoo Bawang that Jackie Chan become the spoke person. It is sold in Tesco and Guardian. I will check it out when I have time. Minoxidil. Probably. Honestly, I do not wnat to burn a hole in my wallet for my hair loss. Minoxidil effect is not as good as Propecia. It may help but it is not the main reason if you have halt hair loss. It is due to Propecia more likely. Hair transplant is too costly to me till now. Not an good option. I would rather wait a better technology come for man's baldness.

It is a long journey to fight hair loss. It not not guarantee you a success and yet may spend a lot of money in long term. We must spend it on something that will give proven result. Definitely no to hair care center and you know I mean Yun Nam and co.


Anonymous said...

have been taking proscar (split into 4) for 2 weeks. Libido is low, erection is not hard.. it's fine for me, as gf didnt complaint about it. anyway, i highly recommend u to apply minoxidil as well. it's cheap to buy from ebay. It costs around rm2x or rm3x for one month usage.. well worth the investment. I personally tried Bawang few years ago (bought it during my trip to china) dont think its really worth.. if u can read chinese, research it in

whatcanido said...

do u think it's worth to sacrifice ur sexual life or whatever their call in the future for a hair ?perhaps u will lose both..
btw,i'm one of u guys and i know what it feel..suck rite?but life must go on.see all around u,bald men are everywhere..just want to let u know that u're not alone..chill alrite
i know how is the jealousy..take cre.

Anonymous said...

which one did you use for bawang? I used bawang for a few month and i shed less hair, but of coz no regrowth even i used the renewal liquid from the bawang package. I think it's better than most shampoo for less shed but it doesn't clear your hair well. So I would suggest used 3times bawang and 3 times a week Nixion/Niozral in the days you don't use bawang.

Katt said...

Have you tried Neeta's Herbal at Bangsar or not? It fastracked the growth of my hair. Price-wise, better than the Chinese hairgrowth centres like Yun Nam, Hairloss 101, TrichoKare, Huayi Hairgrowth. Those places per treatment is minimum RM250.

Neeta's Herbal is an Indian shop but I think I finally decided on it because (1) Local Malaysian company (2) Founder also go hairloss problem at a young age (3) Using herbs (instead of steroids which can affect fertility) (4) They've been around long enough.

Two weeks ago I decided to visit and parted with RM 1898 for their 12-treatment package and 7 products. One of it called Tam Ointment is dam smelly like shit the first whiff but I got used to the 'smell' after awhile.

The treatment consists of putting some electronic wave machine on the scalp to clean the bacteria and sort of like 'jolt' the 'dead area', followed by scalp/head massage, put on hair oil and then steam the scalp. Treatment was completed 15 minutes later. I had to walk with oily hair because I wasnt suppose to wash it until after 4 hours later. For the first week (until now) I followed the regiment thoroughly as outlined in the schedule sheet.

When I went for my second treatment (I have to go weekly for 12 times), the lady was very surprised when she saw the bald areas.

She asked the number of times I've had the treatment. I told her, just once which was last week and that particular day was my second. She was like "Wow! What did you do? You've got plenty of baby hair already and they're quite long"

She then lightly tugged the new growth to 'prove' it worked. But being the disbeliever that I am, I didnt really quite believe her as I thought 'This is probably another encouragement trick to let me buy more treatments in case it doesnt work'. And so I happily did my second treatment (that was last week).

Today, I happened to check the problem areas just to see if Neeta's Herbal treatments were working. That's when I saw those baby hair, damn black and long already :D

I am so happy that I am sharing this with you because you're one of the blogs that I've come across looking for info on Alopecia some time in May this year (when I found out).

Maybe you could try that and post your experience too.

Katt said...

Oh ya, when it comes to Neeta's Herbal, this is what Neeta personally told me (she was there at the time). Dont wait till the bald area becomes very smooth and shiny because when that happens - highly difficult to treat, need more treatments. Better if still like this (Refer picture link below)

Mine was like the picture above before my treatment. Will post photos soon after my 5th treatment.

Katt said...

Lastly, simple health tip:-

Take Less SALT intake.
Help your liver/kidney - drink water.
Take Less MSG/Ajinomoto.
Dont eat instant noodles too much too often.
If you like sour-ish stuff, less of that too.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with those treatment. Probably wouldn't work for most people, but you're a lucky one if it's true that it works, Katt.

EeE said...

i have taken propecia abt four months. no improvement at all!! Today is my last day! i have decided to stop taking it today. I want my life back!

i have some more propecias with me. who wanna buy from me? willing to let it go with cheaper price :(

total about 49 tablets

email me

Eclipse said...

Nice blog you got here...

I also having hair loss...


dun know what to do with it...gotta search for more info in here...


Anonymous said...

wait several years for stem cell tech become marketable product, that will solve many baldness issues.

it works by cloning healthy follicle in your scalp then transplant the newly cloned follicle to bald area.

but expect it to cost you an atomic bomb!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that would come out in several years, I would say at least 2015. The company that did have hope was ICX ( ) But now, they're not doing too well especially on funding the research projects. They once predicted the prodcut (stem cell, just need a couple of hair or something on the back of you head then they "culture" it on lab for few months to get more of the good DHT immue cells, then just inject it on your head) would come out in 2010 but they took it off from their website. They had passed the phase I and II trial for FDA approval. Now they stop on phase III(last phase damn it) because of funds or technology trouble, idk. I read a blog about this, is that one of the biggest problem is that they don't know if the cells is gonna turn into cancer. And one more thing, they have really bad marketing and managment skills, if they did have good ones maybe they would really be able to have those research done on 2010. But of coz that's the stories of many companies now, economic is bad. If their prodcut/service is really out, it's not going to be expensive as Hair transplant, it's just not as complicated as HT, take off a skin from your head? And another thing is that it might be expensive in the first few years when it came out, but then the price would drop, simple microeconomic, HT was the same thing. I believe it's gonna be cheaper than HT. And I personally think we would have to wait at least until 2020 for this service to come out..

Another hope is "", Although it's not stem cell, it's a topical product. But I would say their pictures that shown on the last ISRH meeting was promising and looking good. They have only passed the phase I for the FDA approval I think. And their predicted date to sell is 2015-2018 in the USA (have to be FDA proven), but they want to sell it earlier in other countries if they're able to. Somehow, I personally think that this prodcut would be quite effective, at least more effective than minix. But I am pretty sure it would have to take with propecia to be effective since they haven't test if the hair that grows out from this product would be immune to DHT. We would see about thsi product, I have 'faith' in this company lol yea faith, no evident yet...

The truth is that no new effective products coming in several years(of coz not too far), but don't lose hope, it's coming later or sooner. I would say the technology is really working, it just takes time and FUNDS, and investors don't really have that much faith on stem cell cloning products yet since no company had really offer stem cell technology as a product to a large amount of customers, so it can be hard for the companies to get funds for these kind of projects.

IF propecia keeps your hair, maybe you can wait, but the problem with this blogger is that he might be like 40+ years or 37/8 when the effective products come out. But hey, people always say when you're 40+, it's when a boy really becomes a man... then maybe you wouldn't need hair anyway.

Sorry for the bad spellings and grammar, i type this in a hurry.

Good luck to us balding/bald people. lol If the technology comes out and is effective, this bald men united blog is gonna be gone? I have alot of fun reading your blog man, although I am only 20 and not receding as bad as you, but it always good to read someone in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Or hair transplant... *gulp*

Anonymous said...

if HT is effective as stem cell technology i would consider it... but it might leave scar and once you done it, it will be there forever. Or he can find a very very good doctor for a HT, but then it would be very costly. Cheap ones often result in very bad result.

Anonymous said...

HT = Good things no cheap. Cheap things no good. So why risk it?

Anonymous said...

HT may be a good option.

Elton John was bald when he was younger. He now has full hair after HT.

amanda15 said...

Oh yes.
Neeta's Herbal has proven to be very effective. They said by 6th session I'll see results. For me it worked within 4 sessions, and my thinning at the top has been covered and all my dandruff has now disappeared. Super happy.

Neeta’s Herbal said...

Thanks for sharing the good of Neeta’s Herbal. At Neeta’s Herbal, a client’s hair problems are assessed. Please feel free read another of our review at:

Aryan said...

Hey, does neeta's herbal work effectively on treating man pattern baldness as this problem occurs because of excessive level of testosterone which are being converted to DHT and causes hair loss..thx in advance


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