Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly summary - 110th week--More seller for Kirkland now

Recently, there are more local seller for Kirkland Minoxidil 5%. The price is varies among the seller. The forum seller may charge some premium as the forum system do not allow you to compare the price easily. In the other hand, website like Lelong and Ebay are creating a platform that is transparent and thus the price is more competitive.

As I have mentioned in previous post, local seller charge at least double that a US seller. You can easily see it in Ebay. The only worried for Malaysian that buys from Ebay or Amazon is the customs may impose import tax of the goods. This is not certain as there are so many local sellers. I believe some of the sellers have the opportunity to go US or Canada that allow them to buy at a much cheaper price there and bring in. Most of the sellers do not. They are bought from US seller at a cheaper price and resell to local buyer. The shipment may take a longer time and the risk of customs problem. If it is so high a risk, there will not be more and more sellers. I can assume, the profit margin plus the risk is worth for them to do the business.

One of the reasons Kirkland minoxidil has a high demand is due to the price of course. A generic minoxidil call Regro cost RM 128 in Watson. Kirkland is just a fraction of the price. Even you buy form local seller it is 60% off the price of Regro. If it is Rogaine, it is RM 180. You can imagine.

Even you can save the money to replace Propecia with Proscar. You need to split it to 4 or 5 pieces though.

We may know a lot of information, but do you willing to try is another matter. I have known Proscar will save me a lot of money, but only started to consume Proscar recently. My suggestion is try to look for more information by yourself before decided to use generic products. There may be a risk. I am not sure as well. No body can give you a certain answer. Not even the original makers.

Hair condition has been normal recently. Not much shedding and no regrowth as well. I am using Bawang shampoo now alternate with Himalaya shampoo. SO far is ok to me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 109th week

It is too busy to post yesterday.
Thus, I post it today.
First of all, is the progress of Bawang Shampoo. I have given a trial sample of their professional shampoo series. Honestly, it is not as good as expected. It still shedding as usual. Not even lesser. I do not know about long term as the sample just enough for me to try for 3 days. The herbal smell is very similar with Yun Nam shampoo though.
As I say last week, I have bought Proscar 5mg at Watson with a price of RM 192. It is not easy to get the supply other than Watson. You will be ask or request a doctor's prescription. If you said you want to save money instead of buying Propecia, I can said you will refuse by the pharmist on duty most likely. Currently, only Watson is more lenient is checking with customer prescription. Guardian is really strict on this.
I am still considering of the Kirkland minoxidil which I hope will help me to grow more hairs. Now is looking of the online purchase seller. Reliable seller.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 108th week -- Join my hair loss group in Facebook

I have just bought Bawang shampoo and Proscar 5mg. You may notice that the size of Proscar is just as small just propecia. I think it will be very hard to split it into four. However, it may be good as I need only 1mg per day instead of 1.25mg. Some residual of the tablets may lose and make it close to 1mg. I do not want to consume more that 1mg instead. The price is RM 192 at Watson. I find it most of the pharmacist will ask you who is taking Proscar. If you going to Guardian, you must show your precription.
The Bawang Shampoo is RM 23.90 for 400ml. For you information, This is the shampoo for dandruff. It has the smell of Yun Nam shampoo that cost you RM 60 to RM 100 if you can recall. That is another call profesional shampoo that is design for hair loss. The price is RM 45.80 for 200ml plus a 80 ml conditioner. I will write a review about Bawang.
I have create a hair loss group in Facebook. I hope you guys will join. I know that many of you have problems to share your hair photos here. Now you can upload in the facebook. I have made the setting to allow all of the members uploading your progress. Lets share your progress and support each other.
The link is as below.
However, this blog still need your strong support and comments.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 107th week

It has been a hectic week.
I am busy with all kind of stuffs until I have not much time to research for Proscar and Minoxidil.
Anyway, I have a new hair cut with a abit of different hair styles. The hair stylist designed a hair style that cover my frontal M shape pretty good. I just wonder why the previous stylist can not do it. It just cost RM 16.
Besides, I also realised the power of internet is not that great. You all knows that I am a victims of Yun Nam hair care scam. I wrote some posts in this blog about Yun Nam and many readers have echoed what I said. Yet, today I saw a therad in a local forum to ask about the effectiveness of Yun Nam, and there are people who belive of Yun Nam testimonial in the advertisemnet is real. I am upset of this. All my effort to warn and remind people in the cyberspace about Yun Nam scam just can not stop you all to be cheated. If you read my blog and due this post you think twice before doinf your treatment at Yun Nam, I would said, man, you are lucky. You save RM 5k, and you should give a treat.
My libido still low and shedding is quite normal. I can see any regrowth and that is why I ma planning my 2nd stage of battle.


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