Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly summary - 201th week -- Thank you the Star!!!!

If you have visited my Facebook group recently, you will find that a reporter from the Star who want to do a report of the Men's hair loss. Well, she left the message in June but I missed it until just before the article was published on last Saturday. I would have given her more insights and tell her the Yun Nam scam (perhaps no mainstream newspapers willing to publish any negative news to one of their major advertiser) but she did not response.
Anyway, if you are interested, just click the link below.
Although it is a good publicity to my blog, the author misspells my blog name. She write the name as ' Bald Men United' instead of 'Bald Man United'. I do not know if she purposely make the mistake or a careless mistake, but the real issue here is she quote some of my posts and represent me as a person that maybe some readers and I can not agree of.
I am described as a man who suffers hair loss, blame hair loss has cost me the chance to hook a girl. Yupe, it is true that I rant about it sometimes ago but the most important thing to save my hair is about my own self esteem is affected. Well, maybe now I can cope with it if I lost my hair that I gain in the future. Anyway, thanks for the author manage to spot one of my less popular post beside the Yun Nam scam.
She also mentioned of my frustration after the treatment in Yun Nam hair care failed miserably.
"weekly treatments at a renowned hair-loss clinic – but one is able to sense that his optimism is receding as quickly as his hairline.".
No, I am frustrated because I lost the best chance and time to treat my hair. I also wasted a huge sum of money in Yun Nam that provides no results. This can be testified by thousands of readers that read my post of Yun Nam scam and over 200 messages left in my posts. However, I understood why she can not mention the name of Yun Nam, else, she will get disciplinary letter from her editor.
The most funny part is I am describe as a poor chap to monitor Wayne Rooney hair transplant. Hello…this is not funny…just ask Rooney. This is a serious matter for guys. I just shows Rooney photos after hair transplant and ask every of my reader to acknowledge of it. Then we will know how good hair transplant is as we can see Rooney week in week out. If hair transplant is affordable and yet can solve our problem for long term, will you consider it? Of course yes, right? Where is her logical thinking??
Louisa Lim, are you watching this?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly summary - 200th week -- my hair photos

This is the 200th week I have write for this blog. I know there are lesser people who actually follow my post weekly. There are more new reader who bump to my blog due to some serching in Google like the fampus Yun Nam hair care of alpacine or any shampoo that I have recommend in this blog. I do hope this blog actually help you a little bit in your way to fight hair loss. Yupe, we have the same do not give up.
Here is my hair photos after 200 week. My before photos is below of the blog.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly summary - 199th week

It has been some "headache" weeks to me.
When you have better offer, I think most of you will choose the higher salary job especially there is a change in your current job organisation which make you very unhappy. My dilemma is that the current job allow me to easily apply annual leave if there is an interview. I am not sure about the new place where the annual leave is 50% less than the current company (I have been the same company after I graduated).
The most important part is I have completed my MBA. Yupe. You guys are right, MBA just may get you a little bit of upper hand sometimes. The main reason is I want to be involved more to business rather in the technical field. The new job is still a technical job and over 100 applications of non technical jobs, well, no response. I just went to an interview for a job which is 50% technical and 50% business. The interview is not that smooth as the question arise why I want to switch to a different field? How do you think you can learn up the technical quickly since you are from different field? The killer question is, will you accept the job if you can not provide a higher salary or even take a pay cut? This interview was done by a young lady and the manager was using a vice conference for interview. I have make an appointment for interview and yet the manager take leave and just wake up for the interview. The HR also missing even though the receptionist call her for 15 minutes or more. I direct call her but she is somewhere else. Mine you, it is one of the big telco in Malaysia. What a mess.
Dilemma, headcahe...I think I have more hair loss now and my hair will turn Grey soon if I can not get my desire job that can thrill me all the way.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly summary - 198th week-- Nielson Malaysia misleading us on Yun Nam scam??

I think the push factors that many people still thinking Yun Nam and Beijing 101 still an option to ‘cure’ their hair loss is the side effect of Propecia and Rogaine. Maybe Rogaine has not much side effects but Propecia scare many men due to the reduction of libido.
Thus, some people still give those hair care center a tried even though they have a notorious reputation. They provide you with some fictitious success rates form Nielson survey. Mine you, if you ask a different survey question you will get a different answer. It means someone can play around the question to get the result that is favorable to them. For example, I still recalled that Yun Nam hair Care claimed that they have a success rate of 90.9% from the customer that received their treatment. The source of the data is from AC Nielson, which is now the Neilson. How was the result come from? If you ask, “Do you think visit Yun Nam Hair care will be better than do not do anything with your hair loss?” I believe majority will answer, yes. This will give you a favorable answer. If you ask, “After getting treatment at Yun Nam Hair care, do you think your hair condition improved?”. Well, what is the standard to judge that your hair condition improved? If you are based on more hairs grow that before treatment, which is the prudent way, I strongly believe that 99.99% will answer NO!!!! But if they play around the definition, like a healthier scalp (after washing your hair of curse you will have cleaner scalp), I think the result will be 90% YES!
I believe Nielson has help set up the survey question that favor their customer. So who to blame of? Unless Nielson has come up with evidence that Yun Nam has manipulated the survey data, I believe both parties are in fault. They both cheated the consumers. Thus, how trustable of the Nielson’s survey result? Just ask the English dailies The Sun who has according to Nielson survey, has a readership that is lower than its daily 300,000 copies of circulation. The survey of the Malaysia local newspaper‘s readership always favor The Star. The fact is how true is the ‘fact’?
Now, Yun Nam, New York Skin and London Weight management has make use of the group buying or collective purchase to promote their services. Yun Nam gives the first services at RM 10 to attract the potential customer in Groupego. I would suggest you guys to beware of this. I think you can buy Spa services, permanent hair removal pancakes for female, but not something that you need to see the result like hair treatment or losing weight which need a long duration and depends on a lot of factors.


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