Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly summary - 167th week -- I just involve in an accident

It is really a bad month for me. No goods news and only bad news. One follow by another one.
I was queuing in front of the toll, I was busying looking for coins and notes to pay. Doom!! I knocked the car in front of mine. It as a Toyota Vios. The driver who is a Chinese male at least in a good temper as I immediately apologized and parked beside the road to checked the condition after the toll. My old Iswara is totally OK. The Toyota Vios was initially only some scratch of the car paint. He agreed to settle with RM 50 although he was asking RM 100 initially. For the little paint that torn, it should not be so expensive.
However, he found that the bumper was a bit out of position. We both did not know how much was the price, so we decided, he ill go to a car service center to check the price and bill me later. I do not know the price, thus I took photos and ask a car center near my area. They said, it depends on the driver. If he ant a new bumper, it will be around RM 300 with painting. If he agree to fix the bumper back, it will be a cheap one.
In March, a young lady hit my car while she wanted to brake the car in a heavy rain and resulted my car bulb spoils. I have settled with her amiably although she seems like not very keen to pay me after the repaired. We know accident is unwanted and there is no point to angry the party in fault. The best solution is settle it peacefully and swiftly.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 166th week

I have just finished my Rogaine that my friend gave me. Now I will ordered Rogaine through However, to keep the cost low for the hair loss treatment, I will only use Rogaine in the working day morning or whenever I need to attend some dates or important functions. It is more expensive than Kirkland minoxidil but I love Rogaine for drying in a few minutes and does not cause my hair snowy or "dandruff" look. Of course, I love Kirkland too as it is much cheaper and also the way it applies via droplets. However, the drawback is it is oily and it takes at least 2 hours to dry. Thus, I ill only use it during night time when I can take times to let it dry before I sleep.
After I tried Rogaine, I am not surprise more people ordered Rogaine than Kirkland as I guess people are more concern of the side effects of Kirkland that may cause some people like me of getting dandruff. I can said I find a solution for dandruff cause by Kirkland by using Rogaine. However, it works for me doesn't me it works for everyone. You must tried first before you make a decision to purchase. I am just sharing ith you guys here.
I guess many of you are using Rogaine or minoxidil. I would like to listen your experiences here....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 165th week

It has been a long time that I feel that the lady luck is in my side.
No career change, not met any girls in a year, not getting any fortune in share market and even application of the Petronas Chemical IPO failed. In fact, I never have the luck to get any IPO for the heavyweight share. Previously, Maxis IPO was a 50% success rate and I still unsuccessful. I think, what is the problem of my fate?
Yesterday, a  friend has commented that I should not keep the same hair style;e for over 6 years. "Don't you bored?", he said. Of course I am, friend. You think I wish to have the same hair style?
My hair is not thick enough to have stylish hairstyle. I can not gel the hair like some guy. I can not have long hair as people who suffer hair loss can not grow their hair evenly. I have let different hairstylist to design my hair but turn up to me almost the same everytime. Do you know what does it mean? It mean for the hair stylist, they can not think of any other hairstyle that suit me. My hair has to cover my M shape forehead. Thus, I need the hair near my crown to grow loner to cover the front.
I have noticed my hair style has dampen my image for a long time. Girls nowadays like handsome guy as well. So, when can I change my hairstyle successfully without exposed my bald spot?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 164th week -- Rogaine Foam vs Kirkland Minoxidil

For the followers of my blog, I supposed you knew I am using Proscar and Kirkland minoxidil for my hairloss treatment. It is quite effective till now and I have encourage a lot of people to take up Kirkland minoxidil if they have no courage to take Proscar/ Propecia due to the side effect.Search for kirkland minoxidil
I have tried Rogaine Foam for over a week now. It is bring by my friend and he gave me for a tried. He also using Rogaine foam but I actually do not notice he had any hair loss until he told me. I guess Rogaine sell in US is cheaper than Malaysia but yet online is still offered the cheapest price.
I felt the Rogaine foam dry very fast compare with Kirkland which is liquid. More important is it does not result any 'dandruff' after it dries like Kirkland. Basically it solve my problems. I do not know is Rogaine foam is more effective to be absorbing to our scalp as I need longer time to evaluate it.
Basically Rogaine foam is similar with Kirkland with the only difference is one is in foam and another in liquid. They are the same in ingredients. I read in hairloss help forum that Rogaine foam is more effective and Kirkland cause itchiness to some people. However with a price almost double for Rogaine foam, many still choose to use Kirkland.
I think it will be good to use Rogaine foam in the morning and Kirkland Minoxidil at night. It reduce the cost and yet enjoy some benefits of Rogaine foam.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekly summary - 163th week

I am going to do a review of Rogaine foam very soon.
I get a bottle from my friend who back from a business trip in US recently. The price is cheap but actually he bought online and not from the drug store.
Is it a better result than Kirkland minoxidil or it is just like minoxidil like most people said?
I will give you all the review very soon.
Bear in mind, the review may not very accurate as I will only try for one bottle which is equal to one month. The most important thing is ill I get less dandruff by applying Rogaine.


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