Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly summary - 106th week

Last week I have said that I am preparing to step into stage two in my hair loss battle.
1. I have making a price check at Watson KLCC for Proscar. The price is RM 192. There are readers who leave comments that they can get with a lower price. Who have bought Proscar with a cheaper price in KL or PJ?
2. I am still checking with some local forumers with their purchase of Kirkland minoxidil via oversea seller. As you know, a 6 months supply of Kirkland Minoxidil is merely RM 130++ inclusive delivery charges from US. The same thing will cost you RM 250 if you buy from local seller. The only worried is that items may have problems with Malaysia custom. You can serach form ebay or from amazon. You will witness the price is just too tempting.

I ahve been waiting the result since two year ago. I have been writing thsi blog for over two years and there is no significant result till now. I do have side effects after taking Propecia but no result to show. This is disappointing. I would like to take a more drastic effort.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jason. Kelvin here.

I'm gald that u're planning to take more drastic effort to face your problem. U have my support.

I personally feel that proscar works better that propecia.I have tried both medication before. This is my second year on proscar.

I can get you 1 month of genuine proscar 5 mg( MSD )for RM 150 only using my special staff price.

If u 're interested, u can contact me at 016-3516321

Be strong,there's still hope for all of us :-)


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