Friday, September 4, 2009

a bad news, a good news, total up, a sad day!!

This is not regarding hair loss. Since this is my blog, and sometimes I just need to speak out something and really hard or not appropriate to tell people around me.
During lunch time, I knew that a colleague that I admire long time will married on December. Damn it, how on earth I do not even know she has a boy friend and in fact planned to married in early of this year. I have tried to date her several times. It just can not find a good chance to tell her my feeling. I am planning to date her to a Italian restaurant tomorrow. Before I do so, I get this sudden news from another colleague that very close to her. I was shocked, but pretend calm in front of her. I know I am disappointed as I know she knows I like her. Why she not gives me any hint that she is not available. I will have give up earlier. How can you avoid to answer you have fiancee when old friend ask you. I am really depressed.
Then, around 4pm, I get a good news that I am offered a job that I am looking forward to. I want to change field for long. I have tried years to looking what I want to work. The offer in terms of money is low. I can said after deduct the bonus, it is even lower. I still in dilemma. Prospect or money? Good prospect is guarantee? Or current situation may change?
But since she want to married, I have less reason to stay.
I have regrets? I am not sure if she has the period that the status is available. She never answer directly whether she is available. I tried even she was in Japan for 6 months. If she know the guy while she was in Japan or the guy is her secondary school mate or is the friend that work voluntary job together, I would have to fate, it is fate!


Anonymous said...

You have to ask urself whether her marriage will affect your working.
Since u have written "But since she want to married, I have less reason to stay ". You better think properly.

Jason said...

U r right..she does affect me as I hardly face her in the office.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know you personally, but from reading your blog, I think you should be more aggressive in your life.

Baba Ji said...

Accept all with grace what life offers you. Some times some thing good is in store for you (in future).

Anonymous said...

dun be sad lah..bro...i owez support u...

James said...

Anonymous is correct in that you have to be more aggressive in life. I'm 32, have been dealing with the same thing you have the last few years. This is the first time I've seen your blog and I think you did well in writing a weekly post. I don't have that kind of discipline to blog. Reading your entire blog in about an hour, I noticed you focus so much on the negative.

This Yun Nam bashing is overdone. We know they ripped you off. Get over it. Move on. The negative talk only brings your subconscious mind back to the state of regret and being cheated, which are negative emotions.

And thinking of staying at the same work place so that you can have a chance at a girl that clearly doesn't have any interest. When did men start wearing skirts?? I mean, did you think that after years of not showing interest, she would suddenly want to date you. You could improve a lot by learning some pick-up. Here's a link. Start reading.

Final comment:
You don't want to be bald AND a grouch. Life has other things to offer other than worrying about your appearance, go and grab that opportunity.


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