Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly summary - 188th week

I comb my hair and I found that there are quite a lot of hair falls. Is the shedding is coming back again? I hope not. I did not manage to count exactly how many hairs fall today. I guess it shall be roughly 100 strands that I can visible.
I think I may not gaining any more of my hair. The best bet is not losing any or slowing down my baldness. I just feel there is not much hair regrowth since two months ago. It seems like the best period to grow my hair has gone. In fact, the best time for a person who use Minoxidil 5% to regrow their hair is the first 9 months. I have past the period . In fact this is my 16 months with Minoxidil 5%. Now, it seems like the growth of my hair like miniature hair of my frontal remain the same a few months ago. Yupe, it is frustrating, after a lot of effort. However, I am going to continue with my current regime as it is the only way to save my hair.
I will change my shampoo to Himalaya again. I will stop using Bawang for a while after some complaints in China last time.

Monday, April 25, 2011


i am testing to use handphone to post in my blog

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's come together and create the largest FB invite card so we can be acknowledged as the FB capital of the world! #DiGiFBforall

Let's come together and create the largest FB invite card so we can be acknowledged as the FB capital of the world! #DiGiFBforall

Weekly summary - 187th week - Man's life is tough

Nowadays, the men are concern their image more than our parents generation. Your father may think bald is a normal process of aging and nothing that can do about that. Your mother may think men with no hair are cool too and may comfort your father that those men with no hair , 9 out of 10 are rich.
Now, 90% of the chics want a handsome men who are rich. You better have the look of Brad Pitt and the wealth of Richard Lee. Even if you are bald, you are better have a look of Bruce Willis. In the end, women are looking a balance of look and wealth for their ideal man.
I feel that the guys are not so particular of women now. We may still go for their look, body figure as our father did. However, you seldom find that man still want their girl to cook, to do the washing for them. even that, most house works will be share between wife and husband after married. However, even the wife earn more than the husband, most likely the husband will paid most of the bill and support the family. this has shown when they started the relationship that 90% of the expenses are footed by the guy. You rarely to see a girl who willing to share the expenses. If she did so, she is either very kind (suggest you married her as soon as possible) or she is leaving you very soon.
Women are more choosy now.Men are now need to catch up n many areas, either from financial to your own image. It is sad that many of us suffered male pattern hair loss which is no cure till now. Propecia and Rogaine is our answer till now. We are trying to hide our bald spot so that our pride will not hurt. hair to women is life, to men is a pride. You agree?? Share a song by Andy with you guys, represent my feeling now.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly summary - 186th week - Purchase Proscar

I just purchase Proscar at Watson last week. The cost is RM 192 which is less than RM 200. The price is considered acceptable if we considered we split it into 4 and consume 4 days continuously and stop for one day. It cost you less than RM 40 for a month consumption. This is quite affordable for most people.
The only concern of taking Proscar or Propecia if you lazy to split it, is the side effect of reducing your libido. This is the mian reason why a lot of people has no courage to take Proscar or stop taking after they suffer side effect mainly reduce in libido. Some people do not have any side effect. MSD claims only a fraction of people suffer side effect. My poll in this blog shows 50% of people consume Propecia / Proscar suffer side effect.
Anyway, this is your choice. Proscar is a better than Rogaine as they stop your hair from falling. Rogaine n the other hand, stimulate your scalp to grow hair. Combine both will give you the best result.
I am using Proscar, Rogaine (morning) Kirkland minoxidil (night) and Bawang shampoo with Selsun Blue. I may change back to Himalayan shampoo though.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly summary - 185th week

Normally, I will use Rogaine in the morning as it dries up much faster than the Kirkland minoxidil 5%. It normally dries within 15 minutes or less as it is in foam base. Another advantage of Rogaine over Kirkland to me is that it does not incur "fake" dandruff
However, the superior may only happen to me. Some of the readers has suffer dandruff by using Rogaine as well. It is due to the scalp dries after applying Rogaine. Well, it may happen by using Kirkland as well. My view is still Rogaine has the same effect with Kirkland minoxidil as the ingredient is just the same. The diffrent is the liquid base of Kirkland minoxidil is not easy to apply evenly on the scalp by using droplets. When the liquid dries on the scalp eventually it will result the fake dandruff that may embarrassed you in front of people (If you care of your image very much). I think Rogaine still worth the money but I will only use it very I need to such as in the morning before I go to work or need to attend a function at night.
There are many people try to shun away to take Propecia and Proscar due to side effect lawsuit in Canada and US. If this is the case, Rogaine may be the only proven solution for men hairloss. Else, you are trying to buy a hope in Yun Nma or Svenson? I advise you to forget it and keep your money instead.


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