Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly summary - 132th week

Obviously, hair is women second life.
This is the reason spend a lot of time and money in their hair care.
Of course, men judge a woman look, hair is one of the most important criteria.
No surprise, Yun Nam and Beijing 101 has many female customers who are doing hair treatments, paying thousands and thousands and see no results.
female baldness or hair loss is different of male pattern baldness. Female baldness is complicated by mainly is hair thinning in a whole instead of losing hair is certain area.
You can refer the Ludwig female pattern baldness here

The only proven way for female baldness is very limited and only female minoxidil is available.
Even this is depends on individual. I can only said, female pattern of baldness is even more unfortunate compare with male pattern baldness.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 131th week

One of the worst thing of thinning hair is you are active in sports.
Your hair that use to cover up your bald spot may not doing the work when you doing the run. So, people can easily see your bald spot.
If you sweat a lot when you doing work out, your scalp will wet an oily, and sweat till your hair is a bit wet, people easily spot your baldness as well.
Of course, you hardly swim if you afraid to let people see your thinning hair. You feel more embarrassed if your hair falls inside swimming pool and someone notice it is your hair.
I feel a lot of people will see bald man differently (unless he is bald too). Rarely, people with full of hair will understand how our feeling.
Although, I see much improve result after my regime Proscar and minoxidil, some outdoor activity still haunting me, for example swimming.
I think there is still a long long way to go before my frontal is thicker and make the M shape less obvious to notice.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 130th week

The super duper busy month with lots of works and activities.
Just last week, I had a hair cut just of my friend wedding yesterday. He and she ( I knew the couple for years) are in Penang. I went there all the ways from KL to attend their wedding lunch. Yupe, the colleagues of my friend are quite attractive. Unfortunately, they are not unavailable. Anyway, it did shows that Penang girl are attractive and friendly. I can said they are much more friendly than KL girls.
One thing that I did notice is many of my friend do suffered some extent of hair loss in the wedding lunch. Long time never meet, their face just changed a lot. Some gain lots of eight but hair loss should be the reason I hardly recognized some of my old friends.When we talk about it, they all said it is common for male to have less hair in the 30s as we are all getting older. No one realized that they are Propecia or minoxidil that can reduce hair loss or even regrow their hair. They just let it be.
The only thing I can do to educate them is ask them to visit dermatologist to have some advice and not to visit Yun Nam hair care. Of course, I won't tell that I am using Propecia and minoxidil for treatment. This is my top secret. Haha!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly summary - 129th week -- Demodex Mite and hair loss

Beijing 101 published in a local daily that Demodex mite is the reason behind hair loss. YOU MUST BE joking. For your information, Demodex mite is name "Kutu" in malay. Mostly teenagers are the one who suffered from "Kutu". Ask yourself, how often you see a boy in 15 or 16 suffered from hair loss? It is just a way this hair care center want to scam people who suffered hair loss. While Demodex Mite may also cause hair loss, it will not be a serious one.
Unless government is going to put a law to control the false advertising in the beauty industry, there will be no ending of people being cheated. This is sad. For more information of Demodex mite, please refer to

We will see ho Yun Nam and Svenson will come out in their advertisement soon. All sort of new technology in hair loss treatment which is a joke if you know the truth. Paying RM 10k hard earn money and get no result. You will even more regretful after spending the money and get no result, emotionally affected.

Prudent way, Propecia and Minoxidil. Be patient, and if this also not working for you and me, you are almost no chance to get back your hair.


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