Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 80th week

It is depressing that I have been in my 80th week on Propecia or Finasteride. Losing hair and losing my libido. What can be worse than this?
Lately, I have saw some advertisement on newspapers about laser comb to be a solution for hair loss. I not really keen about this. I still do not understand the theory how the laser comb can help you grow back your hair. By stimulate the hair follicle? I doubt that. However, I am not going to discuss it before I dig into it.
However, I would like to share with you the funny video that I found while searching laser comb.

It has been a tough time for me and may be a lot of people out there. We are going through hard time in this kind of economy. Hanging on pal!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly summary - 79th week

Oh...M shape frontal. It is the pain that hardly feel by those who has full hair. Even sometimes your friend joking of your going to bald hair. You have to laugh together wit them. Pretend like I am not care of it much. However, I really care. I really feel hurt because of my hair loss. Less of self esteem. Lesser hair, lesser self esteem.
Lesser hair, lesser attraction to girls. Else, you need to have big money.
Taking the risk to have Propecia medication do not help much. I used to have high expectation to regain my hair. Now, I just wish to retain what I have now. Even lower expectation, it seems like Propecia only slow down my hair reside.
There are too many things in my mind now. I am in the crossroad of career. I am getting old now. I really wish to have romance. It is not due to more and more of my friend going to tie their knot. I just want to have a partner that can share the bitter and sour, happiness together. Sometimes, I do fall in love with some girls. Sadly, no response. Sometimes, I am lucky as we are still friends. Soemtimes, she just avoiding you as she knows my intention. So, you can not be friends again.
Ok stop complaining as my life will not get better in this way. However, please vote in the poll at your right side. Your vote is really important.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 78th week

When I talk about libido, it is included the desire as well as the erection that I will get.

Getting a good erection is a common problem that face by most of the man’s that taking Propecia.

Yupe, there are a lot that claims that Propecia did not affect their libido. Some even claim their libido become better after taking Propecia as you can read in forum.

How true it is?

Previously, I have conducted a survey regarding the sides effects of Propecia that shown over half who taking Propecia are suffered form sides effect.

So, I will create another poll to the readers about how you feel your erection after taking Propecia. It is divided to 4 grades of erection hardness which grade 4 is the desirable erection that everyone hope for. Click here for the details of erection hardness.

This week, my hair loss is normal. However, less hair drops everyday is not meant by more hairs. In fact, it just means my hair loss is slow down. Hair regain is almost a dream looking at the condition now. The target is to retain as many hairs as I can.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly summary - 77th week

It is another week.
My hair loss is quite stable. No excess hair loss this week. Libido is about the same with previous week.
I have read the comments in my blog in previous week.
There are readers that said of the side effects of taking Propecia.
It is the same with me.
I can feel my libido is a lot lower than before I star taking Propecia.
Even the erection is just not as hard as before.
If the hardness of penis erection that divide to 4 stages, which 4 is the hardest and your partner satisfaction, I will class my self in to 2.
May be it is what I have to tolerate?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly summary - 76th week- More people will be cheated

I read in a Chinese dailies advertisement about Yun Nam ‘s new TV programs in Astro. So as London weight Management and New York Skin are together in the TV programs. It is a sad thing that a paid TV channel will do whatever because of money.

I criticized 8Tv , NTV7 and TV3 for doing such TV promotional programs for Yun Nam and co without verified the bad reputation of their customers. Indeed, they projected Yun Nam is the saviour for hair loss which is not the fact just because they will receive a large sum of advertisements. Now, we know why Yun Nam and co is so bloody expensive??

Now, it is the Astro turns. I really think this paid TV channel should aware of this notorious Yun Nam has conned so many of their customers money without any result. I believe there will be a lot of people who watch the programs in Astro that end up sign up a hair treatment, or skin treatment with Yun nam and New York Skin. You see, they paid Astro every month, then Astro produce a programs and let them being conned by Yun Nam, New York Skin or London Weight Management. Does Astro have the responsibilities on this? Do Media Prima who owns 8TV, TV3, Tv9 and NTV7 has the responsibility? How about the media who reluctantly to report the victim’s complaints that they did not see any result after paying RM 10k to do treatment in Yun Nam? NO!!! So you can only believe what you can see in the internet. Just google Yun Nam, or Yun Nam scam, or Yun Nam cheat money, you will surprise you can see thousands of complaints.

Currently law in Malaysia has no protection to this kind of cosmetics industry. This is why these kinds of companies dare to give empty promises. Of course, you can put your cases in the tribunal court but you have only 50-50 wining chances. I am an victim of Yun Nam too and there are many others victims that left their stories in my blog. Just click Yun Nam in the labels columns.

What I want to said to those who suffer male pattern baldness (MPB), you can forget going to hair care center as it will not save your hair. It wasted your money and most importantly your time to at least maintain the hair you have. If I use Propecia 6 years ago, I would have much more hair than what I have now. Most important thing is, it is cheaper than going to Yun Nam or Beijing 101. The earlier you start, the better the chance to maintain or regain your hair.

The drawback of using Propecia (as it is oral) is you may suffer side effects that may reduce your libido. Although not everyone suffer this sides effect, I am the unlucky one and I believe most people will suffer the loss of libido up to some extent. However, this is still the only solution (plus minoxidil) for men’s hair loss till now. Yun Nam will only bring you no where.


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