Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 83rd week

I am glad to know that someone (since he left the comment as anonymous) has a positive effect after taking Propecia. He said he has high confident of Propecia as his friend had successfully gain back his hair and hardly notice he had any hair loss.

I have to agree the result of Propecia is depending on individual and could vastly different from one to another. However, mostly that leave comment on my blog has not seen significant result. What is the significant result that I mean here? Of course to regain or regrow your hair. I would say, 70% to 80% of the condition before your hair loss is considered a success. However, currently my condition is slow down the hair loss. The hair line still reside in my opinion.

I will not deny the effectiveness of Propecia as I believe my hair loss will be much more serious compare with without taking Propecia. At least I still put on some hope to save my hair and self esteem. I wish I can held my head high just like my teenagers time. Unfortunately I did not make use of the chance,

It is another normal week. Hair loss and libido is just like previous week. Hope hair loss will reduce more and miniature hair will grow healthier.

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