Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly summary - 32th week

I really envy those who have full of hair. Why I am not the one?Why I am the one who suffer this Male Pattern Baldness?
I have suffered shedding in recent weeks and I did not stop this week either.
I also said in previous week my frontal has grown miniature or baby hair. It is. But I also noticed my frontal become more M shape. Contradict?No. The spot that used to have more hair (inner) has lesser hair now. The spot that have almost not hair (frontal) has a bit more hair now.
Some people has recommend minoxidial (Rogaine). The feedback for those who has used it for quite some time actually not so convincing. You should know this drug is not created for hairloss initially.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alpecin- Caffeine Shampoo

I write this because one reader has post in my blog and ask regarding this shampoo call Alpecin-Caffeine Shampoo. According to the websites, this shampoo can actually increasing hair and ensuing baldness. How much you believe it?
Many products that said to be stop baldness actually didn't work out. Male pattern baldness is due to DHT , I can not see any topical treatment including minoxidial actually works.
Here are some details I get from Alpecin official website. Although it claims to have no sides effect like Propecia, but the effects is under doubt.

What to do against hair loss?

First of all: hereditary hair loss is a genetic predisposition, not a disease. As such, it cannot be permanently cured but must be continuously treated. This is where Alpecin has proved valuable. The caffeine contained in Alpecin prevents the hair roots from following their hereditary propensity for increased hair loss and ensuing baldness.

Alpecin prevents hair loss – without any undesirable side effects.

When applied, it causes a fresh tingling on the scalp, its active ingredients travel along the hair sheath and form a depot sufficient for up to 24 hours.

Every morning, it will take just a small effort to ensure that the caffeine-based ingredient combination protects you from hair loss.

“Hair loss treatment must be performed early, regularly and over a longer time period, if it is to be successful.“

Dr. A. Klenk
Head of Dr. Kurt Wolff-Research

Active ingredients

Alpecin with a highly effective caffeine complex

With its caffeine-based ingredient combination, Alpecin keeps the hair roots active and helps extend their growth phase longer than genetically predisposed:

  • Counteracts premature hair loss;
  • Increases hair root productivity;
  • Enhances the speed of hair growth.

The active ingredients are applied directly where they are needed. This way, Alpecin allows a high dosage without stressful impacts on the organism.

Alpecin is available at drugstores, pharmacies and hair salons.

However, please try to play their baldness calculator. It test how old you will be bald. Apparently, I will be bald at 38 according to the test.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly summary - 31th week

I really worry of my hair loss recently. I noticed it is serious condition consider I have been on Propecia for over 6 months.
I have shedding after over one month but then it stop around second month. I have chat in hairloss help forum and they indicate this situation as normal.
I am not sure this time round. Not many people suffer shedding after the initial stage.
The hair I loss is about 80% mature hair and 20% miniature hair. I found that my mature hair around crown has falls quite a lot and is the most 'dangerous area'. I can said it is almost a Red alert condition now.
If you have the same symptoms with me, please share with me.
As my libido still low as before, I think I may need Viagra to increase my desire.
Hope for a better next week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekly summary - 30th week

I have cut my hair shorter. The good thing is I am more convincing I have more miniature hair or baby hair than last time. I really hope I can post some photos soon as I have no digital camera after I broke mine.
However, I do found that I have more hair falls during this week. I don't know why. I could be I couldn't slept well recently. I hope this will not continue for next week. If it continue, it is not a good sign. Shedding in the initially stage is understood, but I don't think in my stage taht is after 6 months I took Propecia.
My libido still low. Recently I saw in hairlosshelp forum, tehre are people tat using 0.25mg and yet get a good result. I hope I can get positive result with 0.5mg dosage of Porpecia and get my libido back.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekly summary - 29th week

I observe that my baby hair or miniature hair falls in this several days. It is what I am worried about last week that my miniature hair will not last long enough so that the miniature hair will grow until mature. The only thing I can hope now is majority of my miniature hair will grow unitl mature. I am just 50% confident it will by now.
I am not going to increase my dosage of Propecia as you may notice I am taking 0.5mg Propecia or finasteride now. I will evaluate after 1 year.
My libido still low now. No any sign my libido will return to the normal as before I took Propecia.
Hair loss seems control but hair growth, still a long long way.


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