Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 84th week

Caryn Hairpro hair treatment product is one of the most expensive in the pharmacies. In Guardian, the price is around RM 150. In Watson, you may found it slightly below RM150 with discount.

Surprising when I watch TV commercials recently, Caryn Hairpro is once again promoting strongly in the golden time slot around 8.30pm to 10.30pm on 8TV. The biggest surprise is you will now buy one get two!!

Phew! You must think it is a good deal if you using their products. What I think is this Caryn Hairpro company has an excess profit margin previously that allow them to have the current buy one free two promotion. This is really unfair to the consumer but as consumer we are powerless unless you are prepared to boycott their product.

The same thing applies to Propecia that has been over 10 years in the market. Merck is charging us highly for this medicine. The price is about RM 160 (USD 45) in the pharmacies. Some pharmacies charge until RM 198 (USD 57). Of course, Merck has spent a huge sum in the research of Propecia, but a lot of us do experience what is claimed by Merck is not as good as it is. The people who takes Propecia and suffer from side effects is believe much higher than 2% that is claimed by Merck. The people who actually enjoy hair regrow is very rare form the reasders response in my blog and also in hair loss help forum. So are we going to get the generic Propecia soon? Just like Panadol and Paracetamol? I don’t know. I do hope we have generic of Propecia that we can buy from Pharmacies. With the cheaper price, but same result.

If Merck really want to help the baldy like us, they should research a new medicine that really help and less side effects. Else, the best way to save our money is purchase generic Propecia online, if you dare to take the risk or Proscar (cut it by four).

At last, everything is normal and unchanged last week.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Caryn Hairpro is quite expensive, and I think it only suitable for those who hairfall is at early stage, for me I dont think so.. I used it and i dont see any difference..

I wonder how Samy Vellu regain his hair back, Its really bold isn it?


Jason said...

he wears a wig..haha


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