Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly summary - 119th week - what a busy week and Happy New Year!!!

It has been a busy week. Busy with my MBA assignments and projects with my jobs as well.
However, I am making a discipline to post once every week. I know it is much lesser than most of the blogs as I do not update my hair loss blog every day or several times a week.
My hair loss is almost the same as previous week while my libido is quite consistent. No bad side effects I change from Propecia to Proscar. There is side effects about Kirkland Minoxidil as I said in previous week that the residual of minoxidil that cause me have dandruff. I have over 4 months stock of Kirkland minoxidil. I may look for others option but just too busy to do some research.

Finally, I have to wish you all Happy New Year. I really hope my life in 2010 will be a good and propserous. I hope good things will happen to you all too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly summary - 118th week-- do not spam

For a past few weeks, there are comments that is ads to sell their hair loss products and herbal traditional treatments for hair loss or vitamins/ nutritious products. Whatever it is, I do not like my blog become a platform for their sales and promotions. I prefer just sincere sharing of hair loss and your hair loss problems. Thanks for some readers comments that ask me to delete those comments not relevance of our topics, hair loss and male pattern baldness.
I am now using a combination of Proscar 5mg (split into 4) and Kirkland minoxidil 5% . It is still too early to tell the effectiveness of this regime. However, the side effect that cause by Kirkland minoxidil is dandruff. I have suffered dandruff since using minoxidil. It is serious till all the people surround you will notice and ask why you suddenly have noticeable dandruff. It is embarressed. I have no solution till now. May be you guys who have been in minoxdil for a long time can tell how you tackle this problems or you never encounter dandruff problem.
I have been so busy with work and studies which I have no time to serach for a better pill splitter. It is hard to cut Proscar into four as the heart shape is purposely make it hard for us to cut it. If I have latest news, I will let you all know.
Libido has been the same for a few months. Changing from Propecia 0.5mg to Proscar has been same for me till now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly summary - 117th week

To many of us, Propecia + Minoxidil 5% is a combination that give us the final hope.

This is the combination that will be suggested by most of the dermatologist or professional hair specialist. It has the medical report and study that shown the success rate, though I doubt the success rate may be much lower than MSD and Rogaine claim.

Many has dropped the comments in my blog recommended their herbal or traditional treatment that successfully restore their hair. Some are genuine while some only want to promote their own products. You have to verify yourself as I try to not censor all your comments. My claim is that even those herbal and traditional shampoo or medicine do work, it may be just an isolated case where it may not see any result in other people. In this blog, I always recommend medicine that is medically proven by FDA.

Since I use MInoxidil, I suffered dandruff. I do have dandruff previously but it was not that serious. My hair is snowy due to minoxidil liquid. I now wash my hair with Selsun dandruff shampoo alternate with Bawang and Himalaya. I do notice the frontal hair seems like darker than previously. I will see next month whether I can regain some of my hair.

Splitting the current Proscar 5 mg is still a problem. You need to have skill to split it equally that is hard. The heart shape pill make it hard to split into 4. So, I just roughly split it almost equally into 4. If there is one part that seem larger than another, I will cut it smaller again. It is tedious, but it is the only way to save money.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly summary - 116th week

Kirkland Minoxidil 5 % side effects is produce more dandruff which may embarrassed you in the public. It is no easy to make sure your hair is clean from dandruff after you apply it in the morning. The most common problem that may arise when you apply Minoxidil is the droplets may apply some minoxidil on the hair instead of scalp that will produce “dandruff” after the minoxidil dries.

I still think of better ways to handle this issue. This week, my colleagues have told me that I have much more dandruff than before. I do noticed it and aware of it but I hardly do much in this case. I applied it in the 7am. When I reach office is around 8am. The Minoxidil yet to dry and thus you can not see dandruff. Around 9 to 10 am, I must go to toilet to clean my dabdruff either by hand or comb. The pint is the dandruff may appear on my hair even before I clean it. So, it is very hard not to let people see you have dandruff.

In recent week, I have tried to figure out how to split the Proscar 5mg into 4 pieces. Finally I have find one post regarding how the blogger cut Proscar into 4 to save money. We know the the size of Proscar is uneven. It is a heart shape and you hardly split it evenly. Now, with the photo, I may find it easier to cut Proscar. However, I need to find another typr of pill splitter. The current pill splitter make it easy to cut my pill into half. But if you need to cut the Proscar according to photo, you need to cut it precisely which you need a pill cutter that you can see when you cut.

For several weeks, my condition has been almost the same. My hair loss and libido has not much different. The different is much more dandruff. Libido may a bit lower than Propecia times may be due to I double up my dosage. I still wait for some regrow in my frontal. Hopefully with the combination of Proscar and Minoxidil.


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