Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 109th week

It is too busy to post yesterday.
Thus, I post it today.
First of all, is the progress of Bawang Shampoo. I have given a trial sample of their professional shampoo series. Honestly, it is not as good as expected. It still shedding as usual. Not even lesser. I do not know about long term as the sample just enough for me to try for 3 days. The herbal smell is very similar with Yun Nam shampoo though.
As I say last week, I have bought Proscar 5mg at Watson with a price of RM 192. It is not easy to get the supply other than Watson. You will be ask or request a doctor's prescription. If you said you want to save money instead of buying Propecia, I can said you will refuse by the pharmist on duty most likely. Currently, only Watson is more lenient is checking with customer prescription. Guardian is really strict on this.
I am still considering of the Kirkland minoxidil which I hope will help me to grow more hairs. Now is looking of the online purchase seller. Reliable seller.

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried fresh garlic? Rub whole head with cut garlic before bed, and wash it the next morning.

Off course, this is known for treating dandruff and fungus which is one of the factors for hair loss.

A guy used this way for his hair loss and hair re-grow after few months.


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