Wayne Rooney (Pic: Twitter/ Yfrog)
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Wayne Rooney showed his new hairline on Twitter
When Wayne Rooney was caught coming out of a Harley Street hair-loss clinic, his head covered in a cap and hood, he had two options.
Go the Jason Gardiner route and refuse to comment – or take off your hat – for a year. Or just ’fess up to the fact you’ve had a hair transplant.
Unsurprisingly, the Man United star went with the simpler choice: admit it and get it over with.
But it seems Wayne has now become addicted to keeping the public up to date with exactly what’s happening on his head.
Yesterday he showed this gruesome photo to his 738,000 Twitter followers, writing: “Hi all, there’s my head. It will take a few months to grow. Still a bit bloody too but that’s all normal.”
Wayne underwent an eight-hour ­procedure, which is called follicular unit ­extraction, estimated to cost £12,000.
Hairs are removed from the back of the head and inserted into tiny incisions on the scalp, one by one – like planting seeds, but with blood and gore. Team-mate Rio Ferdinand told him: “You’ll be doing Head & Shoulders adverts soon!”
So, you heard it here first – Wayne must be planning radical facial reconstruction surgery too.