Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly summarry - 162th week

This is a week without minoxidil. I am in a holiday and did not bring minoxidil along.
I thought that international flight do not allow any liquid items but it actually allow less than 100 ml of liquids.
Minoxidil is just 60ml and it should be permitted. Anyway, I just let myself a week without minoxidil and see what it happen to my hair.
The hair loss of these several days are normal. I guess in long term of stop using minoxidil will see a difference, but short term will be not much effect.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly summary -161th week

Good progress of my hair? It is the feedbacks of my hair photos that I posted last week.
Personally I do not satisfy with the progress as the hair is still uneven. The crown and frontal was obviously less hair than the side. Thus, people can still easily recognised me suffering hair loss. Furthermore I covered my frontal with the longer hair behind and my hairstyle has remain the same for
Yupe, I am still positive with my hair regwoth progress. My current regime, Proscar/ Propecia + Minoxidil 5%. Shampoo contribution is negligeble as long as the shampoo suitable for you.
I hope for those who want to get my result (if you think my result is positive to you), I encourage you to give it a try. It is not so costly compare with Yun Nam anyway.
I am thinking to bring minoxidil to a trip but found out liquid is not allowed for flight. So, now, I am considering to buy a Rogaine Foam.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 160th week -- Hair photos

It has been a long time I never shows my hair photos. Now here it is....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly summary - 159th week -- YunNam scam in facebook page

I have been one of the loudest sound in the cyber world to tell that Yun Nam haircare is a total scam that will not help your to treat your hair by spending a lots of money. Yet, a lot of people who belive with Yun Nam stong promotion in TV shows and Newspaper think it works.
If I am the only who tell you Yun Nam sucks, you may not believe it. There are over 100 of comments of my post a few years back, " Yun Nam Haircare---cheat my money", but now there are a better way to let more people knew of it. I just hope less victims that being cheated. It is their hard earn money. It is hurt hen e suffered hair loss, I guess you all can feel that how you feel if you put a lots of hope to recover your hair loss by spending RM 10k and yet you get nothing. How disappointed, frustrated and irritated!!!!
So, my dear readers, just support my effort by clinking like in the facebook link below. Lets your friends know of it. I believe you also do not want your friend to become the next victim.


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