Friday, February 25, 2011

Yun Nam hair care paid RM 14,986 after losing the tribunal case!

Yum Nam Hair Care ordered to refund RM14,986

February 23, 2011
PUTRAJAYA, Feb 23 — The Consumer Claims Tribunal (CCT) today ordered Yum Nam Hair Care Sdn Bhd to refund a couple RM14,986 within 14 days.
CCT president Datuk Abu Bakar Awang ordered the company to make the refund to former Universiti Malaysia Terengganu vice chancellor Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Sulaiman Md Yassin and his wife Datin Noor Rohani Mohd Noor after finding it had breached business ethics.
Sulaiman had complained to the tribunal that he and his wife had signed up for a hair treatment package with the company costing RM15,600 (RM 7,800 each) payable by monthly instalments of RM650, apart from RM2,776 for hair treatment products, in May last year.
However, after four treatment sessions, the company asked the couple to take up another package costing RM15,000 with payment to be made up front, he said, adding that dissatisfied, he asked the company to discontinue both his treatment and that of his wife, and stop drawing payments from his credit card account.
When the company ignored two letters written by him to that effect, Sulaiman brought up the case to the tribunal. — Bernama

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly summary - 179th week

I started to take 1.25mg of Proscar for four days and stop for a day. I tried to take only 1mg average per day instead of 1.25mg . So far so good, nothing bad happen such as hair falls on the day I do not consume Proscar. I think it is workable and not consume more than it is prescript although nothing bad happen to me yet.
I am using Rogaine in the morning which is easier to dry. Kirkland Minoxidil is used at night only. I feel both are as effective. The only difference is that Rogaine dries much faster than Kirkland minoxidil 5%. 
Any shampoo that is acceptable as long as it is suitable with you. I am using Bawang shampoo now. My suggestion is Himalaya is a good choice as it contain less chemical substance and ingredients. Of course, the manufacturer claims it is free from chemical substance, I do not believe it.
 I know many of us worried the risk of taking Propecia, but I doubt of Rogaine alone will help to stop your hair loss. Please share your success with me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekly summary - 178th week -- lawsuit in US

Rogaine -- Use for hair regrowth but not stop your hair falling
Propecia -- Stop your hair falling but not helping your hair growing

This is the short conclusion why we combine both of Rogaine and propecia for male pattern hairloss. I used to try only Propecia but did not give me a satisfied result.
However, as I posted previously, has started a lawsuit against Merck of the permanent side effects for Propecia in Canada. Now, they are planning the same lawsuit in US. If this successful, it will be a wave of lawsuit in other developed countries I guess.
Different people has different perception of this drug. I just want to let those who want to try Propecia aware of the side effects and possible side effects. We can not do much until a better medicine to cure our baldness.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly summary - 177th week -- Stop or continue Propecia

I have posted about the lawsuit against Merck as Propecia/ Proscar were claimed to be have cause permanent erectile dysfunction. This is the lawsuit in Canada and is cooperate by
If you do not know, it is an organization for the male who suffer side effects after taking and stop taking Propecia.
Anyway, his may be just a very small portion of the people who take the medication.
Thus, I go to search a post in
 There is some forumers that also in the dilemma after reading the posts in hope it will help you guys to decide to continue or to stop taking Propecia. I believe Rogaine alone not enough to regain our hair, what do you think?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly summary - 176th week -- Happy CNY and Gong Xi Fatt Choy

I wish all of you Happy Chinese New year and Gong Xi Fatt Choy. We hope for a better year in the rabbit year.
As you all notice that I post a news of Propecia lawsuit. This lawsuit is assosiate with a website call
This make the lawsuit less convincing. One of the reason is in fact is one of the forums that advocate the side effects of Propecia and the fake facts of the sides that claims by Merck.
I believe there must be more people that suffer side effects such as the loss of libido or lose the libido or no erection etc.However, there are also people ho claims they have not suffer any side effect. You can see form
So, it is hard to judge if you have taken Propecia now whether to discontinue. I would like yopu guys to feedback in this issue.


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