Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly summary - 91th week- my hair photo

Yupe. Long time never post my hair photos. So I took 3 photos of my temple and vertex.
Any improvement?
Well, I can not answer even myself. I can said it is not obvious. I can only said Propecia is maintaining my hair.
If you want to see my previous photos, just click the labels hair photos.


Anonymous said...

Check out Scalpure. A new hope but could be fake though. Need more reviews on it. Cheers! I'm in my late 20's, struggling with hairloss battle. Sux big time!

agakuin said...

Hey man hair is growing..

Thanks for the tips....

Unfortunately I see yours aren't making any progress at all..

Hmm...personally it took me more than 4 months of continuous usage to finally see any progress. Try to avoid eating foods with preservatives. It might help.

Anyhow if the scalp isn't healthy there's no point of using Propecia.
Start from the root. I had my head shaved to the core (totally bald) before applying the solution.

I found out that some girls even had a fetish over totally bald guys. Then again it maybe me being overly too conscious.


Jason said...

It is so sad to know I have not made any progress.
But you are right....

Anonymous said...

its true that ur hair din change much. it's actually a good thing tho, show u that finasteride (procars&propecia) is indeed working for u. Finasteride is mean for maintaining hair anyway. Had u try minoxidil?

reach me at
if you hv the time.
Im 21 now and had suffer from hairlosss 4 years ago.

btw, kudos to u for helping uncover these hair treatment scam.
If u r reading tis, den listen to me, yun nam, svenson or whatever WOULD NOT work.
Get ur propecia n fight it, consult ur doctor den u will know wat isay is true.

agakuin said...

Hi there...

I actually applied minoxidil...
everyday morning and night. 4 months straight.

Before even starting out. I got advice from a doctor friend whether minoxidil or propecia had any side effects if I were to apply it or eat it. He said is not the best solution but would rather opt for minoxidil.

I chose minoxidil.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i would like to ask does thickening shampoo works? I know it doesn't regrow hair ,but does it make your hair look thicker? If so, can anyone please recommend it to me? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Of course your hair looks thin but you can beautify them optimally taking the help of different haircare resources.I suggestest you to check this Hairstyles 2010 Pictures . But you should take the help of haircare experts to make your hair more stronger and healthy.


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