Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weekly summary - 171th week

How to apply Kirkland Minoxidil efficiently?
1. fill the droplets with 1 ml.
2. apply from left to right, from frontal to vertex
3. no need to press the droplets, just let the minoxidil come out from the droplet.
4. apply evenly for the scalp.

We know that Kirkland minoxidil is not easy to dry. Thus, you must applied evenly for your scalp and let it dried faster. Of course, you need to apply evenly for Rogaine Foam as well for best result. However, Rogaine can dried 5 to 6 times faster than minoxidil and make it not an issue. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekly summary - 170th week -- wait 5 years and we have cure??

I have been bored with the news of hair loss has a cured very soon. Most if not all the research done by the scientist was using some kind of cell, let the follicle grow and you get back your hair. It has been years and I wait years to years. The same old story was told. Basically we have to think if it will viable to the public to enjoy the technology. It must solve some of the problems before it can market the product or technology
1. Price: It must be affordable enough and not for Royal and rich people only.
2. Quality: hat the the success rate and the quality of the hair grow. It must be as healthy as the normal hair.
3. Practical: The new invention must be ease to use or applied, either by the patient or specialist.

Most of the study just a mere lab experience on mice. I am not so optimistic that we will out of the hell soon.
Anyway, Merry Xmas !!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair Loss Cure 5 Years Away

by William McCusker

Are you losing your hair?  Going a bit thin on top?  We’ll fear not; scientists at the Berlin Technical University in Germany, say they are very near to creating a cure for baldness using stem cells.

Scientists, have used these stem cells to create the world’s first artificial hair follicles and the team from Berlin
feel they will have a
hair loss cure
cure for baldness within about five years

The new hair follicles were created from animal cells but the German scientists said it will be no problem growing human hairs within 12 months

Research leader Dr Roland Lauster told a Germany newspaper that preparations for clinical trials were ‘already in motion.’

When manipulated, stem cells, can be grown into any tissue and even whole organs.  But although stem cell research is seen as exciting by many leading scientists, overall research has been slow.

One thing is for sure, if these scientists can offer a genuine cure for baldness, they will become very rich men.  The hair loss industry is worth millions per year as it is and the current treatments for hair loss are not perfected and have their disadvantages.

Current treatments for baldness include hair transplants.  A hair transplant is when hair follicles from the side of the head are transplanted to the top of the head to cover the bald spots.  Drugs Propecia and Avodart have been shown to regrow hair in some 80% of patients.  Other remedies include Rogaine.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 169th week -- Beijing 101 better than Yun Nam??

I found this interesting blog by a young lady who is quite a famous blogger, chewak. Sorry, I really do not notice she is one of the famous local blogger.
Anyway, she wrote a post of Yun Nam vs Beijing 101. She wrote of her friend experience after fail to get any result despite spending RM 40000 at Yun Nam. However, the guy (I suppose) get the result within 6 months in Beijing 101. We all know Yun Nam con people and I was a victim too. However, I know that Beijing 101 was just another Yun Nam. Lets see what she wrote.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yun Nam Hair Care vs 101 Hair Care

I have seen so many dissatisfied customers coming out from Yun Nam after 6 months or 3 years of hooking up with them. For all you know I find it so commercialize that their current hair products are so diluted with water compared to the initial years when they’ve just started! Nonetheless, their pricing increase every year until it feels like you are basically paying for an installment for a luxury car!

I have seen one person (let’s call this person Hairy) in my life going through really bad hair problem and signing up with Yun Nam with the promise of a cure. After almost 4 years, the only thing that they can truly do for Hairy is to manage to make the hair grow within 2 inches before it started to fall like mad & massively , thus it make Hairy always have to have a 1 inch short sparse hair style throughout the years, it didn’t heal. What happened to the promise of curing it? The worst part is that in the recent years, their products are so diluted that it didn’t truly work much anymore on Hairy’s scalp!

When Hairy approached them about the situation and result, Hairy is advised to take more products and additional pills (which wasn’t included in the beginning) by the reason that whatever that Hairy scalp problem, needs a stronger dose of treatment. Hairy is slowly coerce to sign up another package by attacking their most fearsome spot, telling them if you don’t add the additional recommended stuff or continues the package, you might lose everything that you’ve invested in as well as bald in future. How ironic! So what happened? Of course anyone who hears so will sign it up!!!! Wtf! Who would want to have their 4 years investment to return nothing! Imagine paying MYR10,00 yearly for this excluding the products or pills, fake hair (that you suppose to wear with herbs inside).

Then, last year 101 Hair Care opened nearby Hairy’s place and Hairy went in to check it out. Hairy was given all the packages to ponder upon as well as good consultation on what Hairy should do. In fact, after the consultant interviewed Hairy, she was surprised to know the length of commitment between Hairy and Yun Nam. She couldn’t help but to blurt out to Hairy saying, “OMG, you should be having a lot of hair now”.

So, as the Yun Nam contract ends, Hairy started with 101 Hair Care. Within 6 months, there is not only improvement but Hairy’s hair has gone more than 1 inches and it doesn’t drop massively anymore! Now, Hairy is waiting for it to grow longer. *finger crossing*

So seriously, if you are considering Yun Nam Hair Care, by all means go start or change to 101 Hair Care. It’s not only cheaper but their products are not diluted with water, as well as their consultants are more genuine, kind and friendlier!

RM40000 spent over Yun Nam still not able to achieve what 101 Hair Care did within 6 months! Can you imagine that!???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 168th week -- I like this number

168 or "Yat Lou Fatt"!!
It has been 168th week I am writing this blog.
It has been more than 3 years I am writing this blog, amazing. I never thought I ill keep on writing weekly for such as long time. I never thought I am so persistent. Haha!!So did my persistent of my hair loss treatment, I never give up although the progress is rather slow.
While I am thinking the recent improvemnt of my hair loss especially I am so eager to change to a hairstyle that allow me to style or comb my hair without cover too much of my frontal.
Now, I am learning what type of product to style my hair.
This article is a good one. I think glaze is more suitable for me who do not have a thick hair.

Learn how to use the right styling gel for your hair. Learn how to apply it and look great.
Styling gel in hair
Photo Credit: Dennis Steininger
So, you're not too sure on how to use styling gel? Confused on what type of gel to buy? Well you've come to the right place. In this "How To" you will not only learn what the right styling gel is for you hair, you will learn how to apply it so you and your hair will look and feel great! Let's get started!
The first step in the use of styling gels is to "get to know" your hair. Meaning, feel your hair, feel it's texture, know if it's thick or thin. Is it curly, wavy or straight? What type of hair do you have? Is it normal, dry or oily? Is your hair short, medium or long? Is your hair chemically treated? The reasoning behind all of these questions is simply that all styling gels are for different types of hair. You need to be sure you are using the right one in order to achieve the fullest benefit for your hair and the look you want.
After you have established your hair type etc. the next step is to know what type of style you are looking to achieve. Do you want a lot of fullness? Do you like the control a styling product gives your hair? Are you looking for a light hold? A strong hold? Any look can be achieved by following these basic steps. Just take the time to answer all of these questions and you will be well on your way!
Now that you have decided what type of look you want, let's talk about what type of styling gel is the right one for you.
When purchasing your styling gel don't feel that you have to purchase an expensive one to get the look you want. There are so many inexpensive brands to choose from. It really depends on your budget and what you want to spend. Let's go over some different types of gels for your hair and get you started with that great hairstyle!
1. Glaze: A light holding lotion that is good for fine hair. Glaze is also great for curly hair that needs control. It is low in alcohol level so it won't dry your hair out. Using a dime to quarter size drop, apply glaze to the roots of your hair before blow-drying. You can also apply glaze to wet hair all over and let it "air dry". It won't be stiff. Glaze has a lot of versatility.
2. Gel: A strong holding thick product for those who have thicker hair or limp, hard to manage hair. Using a nickel to quarter size drop apply gel to the root of your hair. Make sure if you want a lot of volume you don't get the gel on the ends of your hair. This will only weigh the hair down. You can use gel after the hair is dry to mold and shape the hair for wet or separated looks. Again, applying gel to wet hair and allowing it to "air dry" can give curly hair a separated look.
3. Mousse: This product can vary from a light hold to a strong hold. Make sure you look at the bottle before purchasing. Mousse does contain a lot of alcohol because of how it is released from the bottle so "BE CAREFUL". You don't want to dry your hair out! Apply a golf ball size to the roots of your hair and blow-dry. You can also use mousse the same way as glaze and gel by applying it and letting your hair "air dry".
Finding the right gel for your hair is not really that difficult. Applying it can be easy as well. You just have to "know" your hair and what style you are looking for. Also remembering that "expensive" does not mean better. Getting the basics down can make your whole styling experience a very happy one.


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