Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want to find out if you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Take a profile test to a journey of self-discovery and improvement. #NestleProfiler

Want to find out if you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Take a profile test to a journey of self-discovery and improvement. #NestleProfiler

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly summary - 184th week -- Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo works?

I found that the most search keywords that lead my new readers to this blog beside Yun Nam haircare (anything about Yun Nam price, complaints etc) is Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo. I have introduced this shampoo previously in one of my post. I never tried it but seem that many people are interested.
I am in fact does not believe shampoo that can promotes hair growth. I believe those who serach about Alpecin Caffeine are mostly westerner. We seldom heard of it in Malaysia and we can only buy it from Amazon. The price is not cheap but not that expensive as well.
Anyone use the product and has a positive feedback? Or you tried but failed to give you any result?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly summary - 183th week -- Minoxidil lost its effect?

Anyone here has use Rogaine or Minoxidil for over a year?
I found that there is no hair regrowth after quite a successful first year of using Minoxidil 5%. I doubt if other also face the same situation. I make a search in hair loss help forum and found that some people claimed that Rogaine will gradually lose the effect after 48 weeks.
5% minoxidil peak at 16 weeks and give us the best result and gradually lose the effect afterward. I think the best result after 48 weeks is maintain the hair you gain during that period. Lets see how about Finasteride or Propecia will lose the effect gradually?
After year 3, the hair lost seems stated again although compare with placebo, Propecia still yield a much better result. It seems like the hair you gain via Propecia will started to lose again after year 3 but drop at a much slower pace compare you not taking Propecia.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekly summary - 182th week -- Yun Nam stupid ads

This is the stupid advertisement from Yun Nam Haircare. What a con job. They are promoting in Youtube 2 years ago and not many have notice it.
Have a laugh.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly summary - 181th week

Although Svenson advertisement alays appeared on my blog, it really doesn't mean I promote their services. If you follow my blog, you will know I do not think any of the haircare center (Beijing 101, Yun Nam or Svenson) able to cure the man baldness.
Please save your hard earn money for better purpose instead of cheating by those sales consultant and of course their boss behind. You can definitely know the luxury of profit margin of these haircare center to allow them doing promotion in newspaper, internet and in TV. You have charging RM 5 to 7k so can you can support the salary of the consultant, center rental and of course the boss laughing to take your money. No promise, no result and you can not request to get the money back until you file a case in the tribunal and WIN the case.
My experience tell me Rogaine + Propecia is the way, the prudent way.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekly summary - 180th week

You can read the previous post and finally, the press has the courage to post the name Yun Nam haircare of a negative news. Stars, Sin Chew and other main stream media has always shun from publish a negative new of Yun Nam or Beijing 101 or London weight management, New york sin and etc because these companies spend a lot of  money every year in advertisement. Thus, there are many people still being cheated very year until they read my blog. It is sad, I wrote this because I do not want what happened to me (being cheated by Yun Nam), it  happens to others.
Yes, Propecia is bringing side effects and it is what people worried. I suggest you to try Rogaine at least and please do not waste your money and time in Yun Nam haircare. Especially, Yun Nam charges has been much higher than previously. They charge 30 times treatment for Rm 5k. Another 20 times for Rm 3k. This is excluded the tonic and shampoo that I bought. Nowadays, they charge RM 5k for 20 times treatment to RM8k from some of the feedbacks.
Please tell your friends or family about Yun Nam, it is better be bald or 'botak' than cheated by Yun Nam.


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