Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 158th week -- Finpecia as a alternative to Proecia?

My expenses on hair loss treatment is about RM 80 per month. It is included RM 50 for Proscar (split in to four) as a substitute to Propecia and RM 30 for Kirkland minoxidil 5% as a alternative to Rogaine. Well, with RM 80, it is not enough for you to have a treatment in Yun Nam haircare per week. Lets not question whether Yun Nam's treatment is effective. If the RM 80 regime is getting result, no one will want to spend money in Yun Nam for obvious reason.
I guess the major cost is from Propecia as it is actually RM 160 per 28 tablets. If you purchase Proscar 5 mg and split into 4 pieces, it is a tedious job and you consume more than 1mg. So, if the patent for Propecia is expired, we can get a generic propecia at a much cheaper price!!! 
Tell you, Propecia is in fact expired 4 years ago, on 19 June 2006 according to sources from internet. Minoxidil has a patent expeired in 1996 as thus we can buy Kirkland at a faction of price of Rogaine. Will you get the generic propecia. Yes, but online. One of the famous generic propecia is finpecia manufactured by Cipla from India. The price is a fraction of Propecia.
However, I am still not dare to try it. If you have use any generic propecia, please share here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 157th week -- Answer and a short summary after 3 year in this blog

How much a junior stylist( location in Sg wang, Mid Valley or 1 Utama) can earn a month?
Answer reveal:
RM 5000 ~6000. Surprise? This is an income for many young graduates that hardly think of? How much a fresh grads earn today? RM 2500? An auditor may need to work 4 years to achieve RM 5k. Engineer, depends on which field you are in, except Oil and Gas, you count yourself lucky if you can get RM 5k in 4 years. Some even hardly earn RM 5k after 10 years. Then you have to think how long others professionals need to achieved a salary of RM 5 to 6 k a month.
It is a big problems to most of the Malaysian who is underpaid. We were taught you need to study hard to be an professional or get a degree so that you ill have a comfortable life. But you unable to have a comfortable life since the problem of Malaysia economic structure. Expenses has been increase due to inflation but the paid stay flat thanks to Malaysia manipulated the CPI. So your boss give you an increment that in same with CPI, 3% a year but actually the real inflation is 10%.
So who is earning the big money? As a junior stylist who give her service, they earn  a lot. I can said a professional stylist easily earn 5 figures a month. Plumber? You do not surprise they earn more than 5 figures also. It is jobs that no body want to do. Also, agriculture? It is a good business as well. Be a farmer although is not glamorous, it is a good paid job. Just ask the owner of the farm at Cameron Highlands. It is our stereotype that makes all people involve jobs like accountant, IT, engineer and etc...that we think previously that let us have comfortable life. I believe, new generation parents should encourage their children to choose what they want to do instead of encourage them to involve in professionals.

A readers ask me to summarize my hair conditions. Yupe. This is 3 years since I started this blog, so it is time we look back.
1. I started to use Propecia 0.5mg on Sept 2007. On Nov 2009, I want to reduce my cost by using Proscar (5mg splits into 4). 
2. I started to use Kirkland minoxidil 5% since Nov 2009.
3. There is sides effect of low libido after using Propecia/Proscar
4. Sides effect of using Minoxidil is dandruff.
5. Hair condition is better since Nov 2009. Some hair regrowth at frontal but M shape still visible. Overall, a better condition with Propecia alone.
My suggestion if you ill get better result by combining Propecia and Minoxidil. I read that Rogaine did not cause itchiness and dandruff. The orders from amazon also shows more readers orders Rogaine than Kirkland. I believe, many has think it worth the money. The price you get from amazon is much lower especially of the weakening US dollar now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 156th week -- Guess salary

Guess salary!!!Yes...Please guess a salary of a junior stylist.
Let you have a better clue, how much you guess a junior stylist who works in a saloon at Sg wang, 1 Utama or the Curve earn?
The answer will be out soon.....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly summary - 155th week -- learning

This week will be a bit out of the usual topic. I would like to recommend you all a free learning website call Khan Academy. This is a ebsite with over a thousand self learning courses in video. It is free and for continuous learning, it is never been better. Although there is no free MBA course and there are many courses that related to finance, history, physics, maths and etc. I am sure you will find something that you interested in.
It also provides GMAT and SAT preparation. I think it is important to develop ourselves. I guess most the my readers are working adults that hardly to allocate times to take up a course. I know many of us want to develop him or herself. I guess this Khan Academy may help. There are many topics that related to science and maths. If you have kids, it is good for them as an extra learning materials though the syllabus is different with our malaysia education syllabus.
While currently I am busying with my MBA, I also figuring out a way to reduce the purchasing minoxidil with a cheaper price. I will check up whether how it can work. I will let you all know if it is workable.


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