Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekly summary - 23th week

On Thursday, I miss a dosage of Porpecia. It was the second time I missed the dosage. While I washed my hair that day, I did find that the hair loss is slightly more than usual.
I did find that miniature ahir still falls when I washed my hair. This is what I always said, less hair falls after taking Propecia never mean you will gain back your hair. I ma in this condition. Yes, hair falls reduce but hair seem never regrowth.
My libido still low. I can said really lost the desire and pretty girl seems not attact me as it used to. I am worried of it. I think that even longer time of taking Propecia, this sides effect will not go away .

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekly summary - 22th week

Another week that I think is quite plain.
Over one week I have used Audace PH performance shampoo and I feel my oily scalp have improved, but not perfect.
My hair loss is about same like last week. As I said, normal hair loss doesn't mean that there is a positive sign of hair regrowth yet. My target is hair regrowth and honestly, there is no obvious sign miniature hair has grown heathier and much more amount.
Libido is still low. OK see you next wek and leave any comment you want.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Audace PH performance Shampoo review

I have the oily scalp problem quite a long time. I have dandruff as well. Anyway, to fight the dandruff, I have used Selsun Blue . Normally, I will use it once or twice a week. Excessive used may damage your hair or scalp.
In normal days, I used "Clear" for dandruff. However, my scalp has become very oily in the afternoon while I am in the office.
I have used Audace PH performance shampoo for over 10 days by now. There are 4 types of Audace PH performance shampoo but I choose the one for oily scalp (green color). For a bottle of 200ml is RM 14.40 (USD 4.40) at Watson pharmacy.
At the first 3 days, my hair and scalp still a bit oily although it is improving than before. My scalp is noticeable far more better condition after 5 days and above. Now the hair is less oily although it is still a bit oily in the late afternoon, but it is much improve.
I think for those who have oily scalp, audace PH shampoo may help. These series of shampoo may also help those with dry or sensitive scalp since they have other series as well.
I like this Germany product as it is quite gentle. For dandruff I will continue with Selsun Blue. I also continue my 0.5mg Propecia.
I think a bottle of 250ml Audace shampoo and can last over 2 months. There are other series of shampoo and tonic from Audace but I am not convincing. You can try it as it is not so expensive.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekly summary - 21th week

This is my 21th week on 0.5mg Propecia. I would like to do a short summary.
  1. Hair loss: Reduce. Hair loss during washing my hair and combing my hair has reduced. I would say it is normal hair loss about 100 strands per day.
  2. Hair regrowth: Frontal seems has some small hair grow. But in previous post ihave mentioned that the small hair grow and drops. Crown is about the same. Honestly I don't feel like any hair grow on my crown and I feel has less hair at that area.
  3. Libido : This sides effects seem never reduce for me. In the first 2-3 weeks, my libido even increase. Unfortunately after that, my libido decrease quite significantly. My erection is not as good as before. Moreover, even one day after ejaculation, I feel hard to get erection again. Sound pretty scary for those who think to take Propecia? Mind you I have only half dosage (0.5mg). However, it is far more better than throwing your money to Yun Nam Hair care (check my post labels Yun Nam in this blog). I think Merck can cooperate with Pfizer to sell Propecia with Viagra.
  4. Oily scalp: My sclap become a bit oily after 10th weeks. I used to think it is because the change of Shampoo. But I have get to know I am not the only one who taken Porpecia face this problem. I have bought Audace PH Shampoo for oily sclap 4 days ago and I will write a review in next post.
  5. Acne: Happened recently and it is happened to other who took Porpecia. I hope it will not too serious and under control. May be I need to buy La Mer products to heal the scar from acne.
More update next time.

How you know you have Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)

The first question you need to confirm (a male), is which type of hair loss you are facing. The most common hair loss that happen to a male is Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Besides you can give doctor a visit to confirm, you can also determine yourself. But for treatment, you should visit a doctor for advice.

Norwood-Hamilton Classification

In the 1950's, Hamilton classified the patterns of baldness based on frontal and frontotemporal recession and vertex thinning. In the 1970's, Norwood improved on Hamilton's system and produced the seven category system. In addition to developing this classification system, Norwood also showed that young men in early stages of baldness will progress steadily in degree of hair loss as they grow older.

Type I

The Type I category is characterized by no recession or by very minimal recession along the anterior border of the hairline in the frontotemporal region.

Type II

Type II is characterized by triangular areas of recession along the anterior border of the frontotemporal region. These tend to be symmetrical and extend no further than 2 cm back from the natural hairline. Hair is also lost to a lesser extent along the midfrontal border of the scalp.

Type III

The Type III classification is the minimal extent of hair loss sufficient to define baldness. Deep, usually symmetrical, frontotemporal recessions are bare or very sparsely covered with hair.

The Type III vertex classification involves little frontal loss, with hair loss mainly in the vertex area.

Type IV

The Type IV classification involves a frontal and frontotemporal recession, which is more severe than Type III. A sparseness or absence of hair in the vertex area is evident, and areas of recession are separated from each other by a band of moderately dense hair that extends across the top of the scalp.

Type V

The Type V classification is basically the same as Type IV, but each area of baldness is larger. The band of hair across the crown is narrower and sparser.

Type VI

In the Type VI classification, the band of hair across the crown is gone, and the entire area of hair loss has increased laterally and posteriorly.

Type VII

Type VII is the most severe form of male pattern hair loss. All that remains is a narrow horseshoe of hair which begins just in front of the ear and extends around the back of the scalp and neck. This remaining hair is not dense and is frequently fine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weekly summary - 20th week and Happy Chinese New Year

I am now in the 20th week on 0.5mg Propecia or finasteride. It is known that study by FDA in US that the 0.2mg Propecia dosage is almost the same with 1mg Propecia. I assume that if .2mg dosage is about the same, so does 0.5mg ,right? May be I will post one of the article of the Propecia dosage and the effectiveness in this blog later.

This week is so far so good for my hair. Nothing much change of hair drops. It is quite normal but still some small hairs fall. Besides, my scalp is a bit oily but I am not sure it is related to propecia. There are some people complaint of their oily hair in hairlosshelp forum after taking Propecia as well.

As I said in the previous post, my libido is no so consistent, but I am quite certain it is not as high as it used to.

I take this chance to wish all Chinese Happy Chinese New Year! Hope we all gain more hair in the Rat year.


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