Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekly summary - 214th week--judge my progress...

OK, you guys come and comment of my progress after 214 weeks of treatment. My original photos is in the below of the blog. You can always do comparison. A picture say a millions of words. I am not so sure is it telling you the conclusion of going to Yun Nam Haircare compare with Propecia and Rogaine. Yes, it is painful to suffer side effect, but you make your decision to have no result by paying RM 10k or get a result with less money or keep your money and do not do anything. Here you go..........

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekly summary - 213th week

Pretty flat week to update you all.
More hairs really make people look younger, that is the fact. That is the reason why most of the guys are trying so hard to 'save' our hairs. Not only women like to look younger but the same apply to guys. We care of our looks as well.
Just 5 years back when I was 25 or 26, I am low self esteem as many of my colleagues said I looks like 30 years old. I feel bad of myself. Thus, I decided to take action to save my hair loss with a proper way (after throwing money in Yun Nam the scam hair care).
Now, with the new colleagues, most of the think I am 27 or 28 which is 5 to 6 years younger than my actual age. I lol when I am repeatedly being told the same.
The only bad thing is my low libido problem with Propecia. This is the only worried for me. Well, how good it is if there is no such side effects with I gaining some of my hairs back?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekly summary - 212th week -- Yun Nam win prize contest

Notorious Yun Nam is coming back with new tricks to lure more victims. This round, they offer cash prize to win. Click the ads if you are lucky to see it.
My comment of Yun Nam is never been positive if you have followed this blog for long. There are thousands of people being cheated by their advertisement and I am one of them. Thus, I will always follow their tricks and write it in this blog and hopefully people will be able to see it before they fall into their trap. Unfortunately, I may only save one out of 100 that fall into their trap as most of the victims never ever think to get treatment from them before but were persuaded by their pretty and witty 'consultant'. I hope you guys can at least promote my blog if you notice there are people that still think Yun Nam hair care can help to treat their hair problems.

Spot and win. Yun Nam will spot you, and win your money!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly summary - 211th week -- Surprise discount!!!!

Two items is related to surprise or shocking price.
1. Proscar is selling at RM 192.10 normally at Watson. But...but..I got a 70% off on last Saturday due to the last unit they have in the store. Lucky....The price is only RM 57.60. Unbelievable price, right? The bad news was, You are not going to buy the control medicine like last time. They will practice just like Guardian where you need to show your prescription from doctor. Thus, you are going to show your prescription for Propecia and I certainly can guarantee you will face lots of question a young man who want to buy Proscar.
2. Kindle Fire...Though I have never think of buying a iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab, but Kindle Fire which feature Android as an OS is just selling at USD 199 compare with iPAd 2 USD 499. Yupe, iPad 2 may have higher specification but so what??? I think Kindle Fire will just push down the market price and attract people like me (I only buy when the price is right type) to buy a tablet.


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