Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 128th week -- how much you spend in hair loss treatment?

I need to restock my Proscar and Kirkland Minoxidil 5% soon.
Proscar price is almost the same price in local pharmacy. A mere RM 190 divide in to 4 months will be around RM 47.50 per month.
Meanwhile, Kirkland Minoxidil 5% for 6 months supply is around RM 160 including shipment from US. It around RM 26.70 per month.
If you sum up how much I spend on the hair care, it is less than RM 75. It is not that expansive after all if you figure out how to save the money.
Imagine, Yun Nam haircare and Beijing 101 may cost you at leastRM 150 per treatment(Consider you are taking the most basic course). You may need to visit them at least once a week. NO RESULT AT ALL and WASTE YOUR TIME.
We considered the prudent way in male pattern baldness treatment, Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is the original brand of minoxidil but sell at RM 180 per month. Generic brand like Regro may sell at RM 120. Propecia which is 1 mg is manufactured to people who suffered MPB. Proscar is 5mg but same ingredients. Propecia will cost you RM 160 per month.
If you used Rogaine and Propecia, it will cost you RM 340 the max, which is still cheaper than Yun Nam at least RM 600 per month.
There is totally no point to go treatment in some places call herbal or natural hair care center which a bunch of sales girls who know nothing about hair loss and supply all those fake theory to frighten you to sign up their package. I am a victim previously. There are more victims out there but there are even more people who go in Yun Nam and being cheated.
Malaysia government last week announced they planned to control the advertisement to ensure the advertisement is actually what they published. I hope the new advertising law will help people to avoid those hair care center that never deliver.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 127th week

As usual, Chinese New year will have a lot of gathering with friends, especially old schoolmate in primary and secondary school. For us, who suffer some extent of hair loss, it can be an attention of your friends that play around talking about our hair. "Oh, your hair is residing leh", " Your hair become thinner." or "Wah, you every year also this hair style.".
I accepted a lot of comments about my hair and I try to admit and then divert to other topics. Yet, it still hurt me. I do want to have different hair styles, but my hair styles is just to cover my residing hair line.
This year, at least, I only heard the third comments which is how can I keep my same stupid hair style for so many years. No wonder I can not get a girl. No comments of my hair become thinner or more obvious M shape. I am more confident that at least the combination of Kirkland minoxidil and Propecia has effectively grow my hair especially frontal up to some extent which is no so noticeable. This is good. Of course, the miniature hair hardly cover my M shape frontal so easily but only when you really take a look of my hair.
I really wish those who are in the same regime with me also get a similar results. I still worried the effectiveness of minoxidil will last only 9 months and it will lose the effectiveness. I do not know but I will continue with this regime as it works at least for now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 126th week - my Tiger year wish

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine Day. It is good as the Chinese New year falls on the same date with Valentine days and make those single (like me) do not feel the pain. I should be more aggressive tiger year to achieve what I want in my life.
1. Since it is a hair loss blog, definitely it is something related to hair. I hope the combination of Propecia (Proscar split into 4) and Kirkland minoxidil 5% will finally bring the result I want finally.
2. Grow hair and have a new hair style. I sacrifice my whole 20s to a hairstyle to cover my M shape forehead while most guy has a handosme hairstyle which chic scream at. Tired of the current hair style.
3. Of course, get a girl friend. I have to admit that I have no girl friend for a long time not entirely due to my hair loss. It may due to I can not meet the ONE. The ONE, please let me find you this year, OK? It is a good year for us to marry may be.
4. More money. Spend more time in investing good stocks and may be my first property.
5. getting a good result in MBA
6. Finally, more readers to my blog. I have notice my revenue form Google ads and Nuffnang have drop almost 50% last year. Although my intention to write this blog is not for money and just to share, drops in visitors is a blow to me.

I wish you all have a prosperous Tiger year...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly summary - 125th week - Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope the Tiger year will will the good luck to us.
If you reading this blog or my blog followers, I guess you most likely like me who suffered the Male Pattern Baldness or MPB. I bet you are looking some information to halt your hair loss. If you can confirm that you are suffered MPB, I advice you to go Propecia and Minoxidil directly. I hope this blog and some comments will convince you to take action to save your hair. If you aren't sure the effectiveness, at least take either Propecia or Minoxidil. Give yourself a chance instead of buying hope form Yun Nam and Beijing 101. I can said 99.999% you will waste your money and time in those hair treatment. Treatment in salon most likely not works as well. Yupe, for MPB, only two ways, Propecia and minoxidil. Eventhough, it is not 100% guarantee results, at least you no need to spend RM 5k per year for those hair treatment.
It is a new year, give yourself some courage and take action before it is late. I am in your shoes previously and waste a lot of precious time. I do not hope you to follow my foot step.
My condition has been better since I cut Proscar into 4 and Kirkland minoxidil 5%. This is the way to keep our treatment cost low. Kirkland is much cheaper than Rogaine, may be only 20% of the Rogaine cost with the same ingredients.
Make up your mind before too late....and take action!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekly summary - 124th week -- Do not spam my blog with your ads

darren said...

hi can u teach me how to buy minoxidil 5% from my problem is i have key in my address then it came out a massage saying cannot delivered to my address. is it my address incomplete?

I guess you must choose the Asia Pacific as the abbreviation in the address. Once you solve it, it will be OK. I personally stuck with the address quite a while too.

I really feel annoy of some of the insincere readers spam my blog with all of unrelated comment related to hair loss. I hate people promoting their high yield earning scheme here. I hate people keep on promoting their products here. My blog is not your promoting platform. Please do not let me wasting time deleting all of those rubbish in my blog. It is just wasting of the resources. Most importantly, this is not a blog that draws thousands of readers per day. In fact, this blog just targeting male that suffer hair loss and you know, it is not so many readers that follow my blog.
Back to hair loss again. I have just cut my hair short and I feel more confident now as I feel I have more hair. Yes, just I feel only. At least, the hair stylist did not comment anything of my hair. It made me feel much better as may be I am treated as normal people?
Regarding of the readers that tell RM220 for Proscar, it is a bit expensive. You can get at RM 198 in Watson. Caring also a bout the price. Beware of Guardian as you are requested to perform your prescription to purchase Proscar. I would avoid it unless you manage to get a Proscar prescription from your doctor.


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