Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 93th week

Dear fellow readers,
How are you and your hair or your effort to fight your hair loss?
I hope it is not a lone battle.
I hope beside me, there are people here that can psychologically help or boast your fighting spirit. We all give up sometimes when we did not see results. So, do leave your disappointment, your positive result to encourage others or anything about hair loss here. Besides me, there are other readers that will give you morale least.

There are a lot of way to save our hair. Even the proven Propecia and Rogaine (minoxidil) will not always give a good result to all. It varies to everybody. There are thousands of way out there which is not medically proven. I can't said, it is not working. It may works for some people. But is mostly not working (at least I think so). DO not go to YUN NAM haircare and others haircare centers. I can 99.999% guarantee you waste your money and get nothing except disappointment.

Stay positive and hopes. Propecia is my hope now. Just sometimes, I have to be realistic as well.

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Anonymous said...

hi..i am propecia and minoxidil users..for me...i have use these two thing for one year...cannot say got improvement..but still maintaining my hair conditon for one year...haha..i wont stop using propecia....


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