Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 78th week

When I talk about libido, it is included the desire as well as the erection that I will get.

Getting a good erection is a common problem that face by most of the man’s that taking Propecia.

Yupe, there are a lot that claims that Propecia did not affect their libido. Some even claim their libido become better after taking Propecia as you can read in forum.

How true it is?

Previously, I have conducted a survey regarding the sides effects of Propecia that shown over half who taking Propecia are suffered form sides effect.

So, I will create another poll to the readers about how you feel your erection after taking Propecia. It is divided to 4 grades of erection hardness which grade 4 is the desirable erection that everyone hope for. Click here for the details of erection hardness.

This week, my hair loss is normal. However, less hair drops everyday is not meant by more hairs. In fact, it just means my hair loss is slow down. Hair regain is almost a dream looking at the condition now. The target is to retain as many hairs as I can.


Anonymous said...

why u dont use minoxidil for regrow hair?

Jason said...


John said...

I think you should better look for some very good hair loss treatment minoxidil. Minoxidil is used for the treatment for hair loss basically for those who are losing hairs in their early age. Propecia is another best possible solution for hair loss treatment. You can try for any one of these two.

You can really control your hair loss problem and regrow new hair by the use of these medicines.

bkcollection said...

I am using Propecia now

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your blog.

If your hair loss has stabilised, I suggest you go for a long term solution, i.e. hair transplant. It will be cost savings in the long run. The doctor is from Thailand, closest to home. Please refer to the website below. Many positive review from patients. Besides, you can contact the patients for feedback. I may plan to go for it early next year. I have slight loss at the frontal and thinning at the crown.



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