Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 93th week

Dear fellow readers,
How are you and your hair or your effort to fight your hair loss?
I hope it is not a lone battle.
I hope beside me, there are people here that can psychologically help or boast your fighting spirit. We all give up sometimes when we did not see results. So, do leave your disappointment, your positive result to encourage others or anything about hair loss here. Besides me, there are other readers that will give you morale least.

There are a lot of way to save our hair. Even the proven Propecia and Rogaine (minoxidil) will not always give a good result to all. It varies to everybody. There are thousands of way out there which is not medically proven. I can't said, it is not working. It may works for some people. But is mostly not working (at least I think so). DO not go to YUN NAM haircare and others haircare centers. I can 99.999% guarantee you waste your money and get nothing except disappointment.

Stay positive and hopes. Propecia is my hope now. Just sometimes, I have to be realistic as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly summary - 92th week

While I am disappointed with my hair loss battle progress, I am not ready to give up. In fact, giving up is just like totally lose of hope. Ya, you can said I am not ready to accept the fact I am going to bald one day, but who want to? I am not going to stop taking Propecia or finasteride as in the minimum circumstances; it has slowed down my hair loss.
Propecia effectiveness may vary for different people. I am not surprise that one of the reader said he have see the results in four months. I am almost two years with propecia and hardly see any progress. I think he may be like those majority who enjoy improvement up to some extent. I predict his result is likely less hair loss compare previously. You can grow your hair in four months as those follicles of bald area (vertex for example) still in the rest stage or just in the initial stage to grow miniature hair. Even the miniature hair was born, will it grow into mature stage is a question mark. In my case, the miniature hardly grows into mature hair. As a result, my M shape head is just the same as previously. I just pray my middle M shape not to become bigger M shape.
My hair loss is quite normal and consistent. What I mean normal is about 100 strands of hair loss per day which is in the acceptable range (below 150 strands of hairs). However, this will not guarantee you will recover your hair. It is divided to hair loss and hair re grow. You may loss only a strand of hair per day but you gain zero hair, you 365 strands of hair less that last year. Get it? I am actually in that situation.
Libido has gain back a little recently. May be after I train my PC muscle during urinate, haha..However, quiet a lot has face the lower libido side effects after in Propecia medication. I do not think it is a co-incidence and doubt the figure given by Merck. You can refer the poll at your right. It is definitely not a 2% or anything close to it. My previous poll shows at least half of them suffer certain of side effects. If you want to take Propecia, I suggest you have to psychologically prepared the worst case.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly summary - 91th week- my hair photo

Yupe. Long time never post my hair photos. So I took 3 photos of my temple and vertex.
Any improvement?
Well, I can not answer even myself. I can said it is not obvious. I can only said Propecia is maintaining my hair.
If you want to see my previous photos, just click the labels hair photos.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly summary - 90th week

We all know Propecia may have reduce the libido of some people. In fact, if you do not believe the statistic by Merck that only 2% of male who taking Propecia suffer side effect, you may be just 50% of those who suffered side effects such as lower libido and softer erection.
Recently I found in the internet that training the PC muscle can enhance the hardness of male erection.If you want to know about PC muscle, click here to see details in wikipedia.
How can we train our PC muscle?
The easiest way is when you pee. While you have the flow when peeing, stop it for 5 seconds. Repeat this step for two or three times.
There is another way. Please refer to this blog for more details. I may also follow this steps. Haha.I hope this may help.
My hair loss is quite consistent. No shedding. No visible hair growth. Propecia just retain my hair but not growing, at least until now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly summary - 89th week

I think I take Propecia which will bring side effect to my body, I should not be a risk averse person. That means I should be a risk tolerance person.
In fact, I have miss a glorious chance to invest in stock market in recent month when it hit a low point. I wait it to went down, but the "bull" in the bear market seems like never stop since that. Yes, no courage to pump money in, I miss a glorious chance.
The Dow Jones is from 7000 to 8600 points. Bursa Malaysia climb from 900 to 1060. What a miss!!
Thinking too much, sometimes will cause you a golden chance. I delay to take Propecia instead I went to Yun Nam. It cause me the best chance to retain my hair.
I think a lot before I confessed and make a move, she has turn to another one.
This is the moral that I should learn and never forget.
Guys, if you taking Propecia now, how was the drug help you? Have you getting your hair back?


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