Monday, September 29, 2008

Haircuts advice for balding man

This is what I find when I Google in the net. It might work for you as well. If you have a good head shape, you still can shave your head and look sexy. Sorry, it not work for me though.

Men's Haircuts for a Receding Hairline

Accept that going bald is a hereditary condition you will most likely have to live with for the rest of your life. Though there are some treatments on the market, such as hair transplants or prescription medications, most men have to accept the hair they have and learn to adjust their hairstyle accordingly.
Grow the front bang section of your hair slightly longer in order to cover up the hair loss, such as actor Charlie Sheen does, for an early stage receding hairline. To achieve this let your stylist know that you want more hair left in the front to cover up the receding portion. Your stylist will be sure to leave the hair at the temples longer in order to compensate for the hair loss.
Consider longer hair. Wearing your hair at medium length all over, such as Owen Wilson’s shag hairstyle, is also a great option for masking a receding hairline. The longer bangs are worn over the forehead, and the sides and back blend with similar lengths.
Consider short. If longer hair isn’t your style, opt for a shorter men's haircut. Having hair shorter in the front and on top will allow you to blend the thinner hair with the rest. George Clooney or Hugh Laurie both have slight recession at the temples so not much is required to blend the balding spots. Your best bet for receding temples is to keep the hair short so there’s not such a contrast between your hair and the balding temples.
Consider a change in hairstyle as the hair begins to recede more. If your hair is still relatively thick everywhere besides the temples you can opt for a haircut similar to Nicholas Cage. Wearing your hair in a medium-short fashion and back off your forehead is great for those who aren’t as self conscious about their receding hair and just want a great look. Sometimes a great haircut is all that is necessary and the receding temples are less noticed.
Consider the buzz. Another option for those who can’t be bothered to fight the battle of the bald is to go super short and shave the hair in a “buzz cut” fashion. Think Bruce Willis or Lance Armstrong for great examples of men going super short and still looking sexy. There is a time when covering up your balding head just becomes a practice in futility. Instead of having a bad hairstyle in an attempt to cover up your hairline just go with it and set yourself free. A buzz cut is super low maintenance and looks great on the right shaped head.
Opt for a short cut with the top being left only slightly longer if you can’t bear to bare it all. Use some gel to spike the front or top like Kiefer Sutherland. This hairstyle takes the focus away from where the hair isn’t and places it on where the hair is. If you style the hair you have well, the thinner areas fade into the background.

Men's Haircut for a Thinning Crown Area

Think short. If your hair is also thinning from the crown of your head you may have to do double camouflage duty. For a bald spot that begins at the crown of your head your best bet is to keep your hair short. Shorter hair always appears thicker, so keeping your hair short on top will help hide the thinning spot.
Avoid the "comb-over." As the bald spot grows many men are tempted to resort to the comb over. No matter what you think, a comb over—-growing your hair long on top, parting it to the side and combing it over the balding area—-fools no one and never looks good.
Think shorter. Once there isn’t enough hair to cover up the bald spot on top, or the entire top of the head loses its hair, the best look is real short. Again, take a cue from Bruce Willis and take it all off. Shaving the hair super short greatly lessens the obvious contrast between where there is and isn’t hair and actually makes the large bald spots much less noticeable.

Weekly Summary - 54th week

This week, my hair condition is quite good. My hair loss seems less than last week. I may be due to the new shampoo I used. The new Audace shampoo that I use now seem quite good till now. The hair look healthier and stronger and look a bit thicker.
How do you guys who have MPB like have your hair style? Shave it may not be a good idea. How you hide your hair loss problem by hair style? I tried to cover my M shape frontal by keep some part of my hair long enough to cover the frontal. I also ask the barber not to leave more hair in my front bang. Comb the hair (that is healthy and longer) to the front. It is OK to hide my flaw if someone not going into it why I have kept my hairstyle for many years and never change it. This is the problem of receding hairlines and perhaps you also have the same problem.
So how you adjust your hairstyle your to hairline receding?
I will find some hairstyle that suit for baldy and post here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to myself

Last birthday in 20s. Wish myself Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Summary - 53rd week

This week I will not touch too much of the Audace hair reactive and hair fall control shampoo that I started to use last week. However, I do find my hair look thicker slightly. May be it is because of my psychology. However, may be this shampoo is more suitable to my scalp compare with the Audace PH shampoo for oily hair.
My hair loss is a bit reduced. I still need some time to monitor. May be the effect of the shampoo will diminish after some time and most of the products will lost its effectiveness after some time. But till now, it is so far so good.
I have read that this shampoo will not let you regain your hair. I believe so as my purpose is to make my scalp healthier. If Propecia also not regain my hair after one year, I really can not beleive if someone said a shampoo can regain my hair.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Summary - 52nd week (1st anniversary)

This is the 52nd week of my Propecia medication. Yes, it is one year anniversary for me as well.
One year, and it should be a review of my progress. I will write it may be middle of this week.
Yesterday I have tried another new shampoo. It is by Audace but is different from the Audace PH shampoo last time. I will write the review later, not too soon. I must 'feel' it completely before I write any comment.
Anyway, for the first and second time I use the Audace (Hair protection and Hair Fall control Shampoo), I feel the shampoo make my hair thicker instantly. Of course my hair is not more than before (in instant), it may be due the ingredients of the shampoo, that make me feel my hair is thicker. However, I still feel good of it, although I know my hair is not actually more than before.
The mistake that I made is the 200ml shampoo cost me RM21.90 at Watson. If I have time to survey properly, I may have save RM 2 if I bought at Caring Pharmacy which is just opposite Watson at Pavilion. Bad decision.
This week hair falls is quite normal. Libido a bit low for these week. Seem likes hair regrowth still a long long way.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Summary - 51th week

I have miss a dosage of Propecia on Saturday morning. It was the 3rd time I missed a Propecia dosage. Previously I will just let go a miss dosage and resume taking Propecia at the same time the next day. For example, I take Propecia at 7am everyday. I miss a dosage on Monday, I will resume at 7am on Tuesday.
This time, I choosed to take the dosage at Ssaturday night, skip the Sunday dosage and resume on Monday.
This method is better than skip a day dosage at least I am not missing a total of 24 hours for Propecia. Previously I will notice more hair loss for two or three days if I miss a dosage. This time is much better as only slightly more hair loss on Sunday morning while I comb my hair.
Besides that, the other aspect is quite normal this week. Libido still maintain (I think so). Normal hair loss until Sunday morning.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Summary - 50th week

This is the Selsun Blue shampoo that I used and would recommend to all of you who have dandruff as well. But expensive and may be as good as Nizoral but in a cheaper price. You can buy it in Watson or Guardian pharmacies store.
Since my scalp is oily, I also use Audace PH performance shampoo. Normally I will used Selsun Blue once or twice a week and the others days with Audace. It works OK to me till now. For Audace review read here.

This week my hair loss is quite normal. Libido also as usual. However, hair loss is normal doesn't mena Propecia has resulted what I expected - to regain my hair in crown and frontal. No, reduce hair loss, but no sufficient hair grow to cover up the loss may just mena you loss your hair slower than without Propecia.
Many people in the forum has said Propecia is effective to halt hair loss or slow it down but ragain the hair? Not so many has experience it. Almost a year in Propecia, just two more weeks to go and it will be the anniversary of this blog!!!


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