Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekly Summary - 28th week

It is 28th weeks on Propecia medication.
It is true that hairloss has been reduced, miniature hair also grows in the frontal, but it is not so obvious.
One thing to concern about my miniature hair is will it drops after several months later? I have found some miniature hair drops until today. May be 2-3 strands per day. The same thing happen when I was doing my treatment at Yun Nam Haircare. The miniature hair or they call it baby hair grow for several months, and then it grows and falls. Eventually, I lost more hair during the period of treatment.

One thing that is good is after using Audace PH shampoo, my oily scalp has improved. It is not that oily any more. I suggest you all that facing hair loss to take care your scalp. Besides taking Propecia, it is important to take care your scalp so that the hair can grow healthier, at least I believe so and it is what I do.
The drawback is really of low libido. It seems to improve a bit one week and it backs to the same the next week. Sigh.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekly summary - 27th week

When I observed that my miniature hair (baby hair) is growing stronger and longer. Perhaps it just my opinion and not the people around me that they did not notice improvement of my hair.
However, my hair is not thicker than before.
There are quite some people who ask about Audace PH performance shampoo that I recomended in previous post. I have to say it is not for hair growing or stop of hair loss. It is just for my oily scalp.
This week, hairloss remain the same. So as my low libido.sigh.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekly summary - 26th week

It is he 26th week.
I was just checking my frontal in front of mirror. Compare with the picture below, it seems like a bit more baby hair or miniature hair is grow.
I may need to buy a new digital camera to take my fontal photo.
My scalp have improved after using Audace PH performace shampoo. It is not that oily anymore especially in the afternoon.
Hairloss, is quite normal during washing my hair and combing my hair.
Howvever, the libido seems not improve, and I am not sure my body will regulate it one day. I really hope it will.
Yupe, please vote at the poll at your right side if you are taking Propecia as well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekly summary - 25th week

It is the 25th week. I still affected by the low libido after Propecia medication. It is a bit of surprise as it is claim by Merck, only less than 2% of the people that took Propecia will suffer from sides effect in a 12 months study.
I am not too agree with the resultys of study. I have seen quite some people have suffered various type of sides effect. Of course, some claims it goes off after some time but some said it is permanent.
Thus, I decided to put a poll in my blog to know how many percent people who took Propecia actually affected by sides effect. Please vote at your right side.
This week, it is quite similar with previous week. Hair loss is seems like stable. But again I don't see much of hair regrowth, at least I do not notice it.
Libido still low as usual. May be erection also not as hard as before.
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekly summary - 24th week

This week is quite normal. Again, low sex drive or libido. The rection really not hard enough sadly.
Yet, again, the hairloss is normal for me, but hair regrowth is almost invsible for me.
Frankly, I have some doubt of the propecia with half dosage (0.5mg) is going to work for me. I have set the target to get the hair to grow back but till now, even my crown hair seem not thicker than before and the frontal miniature hair seem not so strong for me.
A sad week!


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