Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly summary - 106th week

Last week I have said that I am preparing to step into stage two in my hair loss battle.
1. I have making a price check at Watson KLCC for Proscar. The price is RM 192. There are readers who leave comments that they can get with a lower price. Who have bought Proscar with a cheaper price in KL or PJ?
2. I am still checking with some local forumers with their purchase of Kirkland minoxidil via oversea seller. As you know, a 6 months supply of Kirkland Minoxidil is merely RM 130++ inclusive delivery charges from US. The same thing will cost you RM 250 if you buy from local seller. The only worried is that items may have problems with Malaysia custom. You can serach form ebay or from amazon. You will witness the price is just too tempting.

I ahve been waiting the result since two year ago. I have been writing thsi blog for over two years and there is no significant result till now. I do have side effects after taking Propecia but no result to show. This is disappointing. I would like to take a more drastic effort.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 105th week -- plan for stage 2

I am now planning stage 2 of my hair loss battle. Stage one which is what I currently do has not given me the result of I really hope for.
There are several addition treatments that I plan for. However, it is still a plan.
1. propecia to proscar

I think many of you also know that the different of two is Proscar is 5mg and Propecia is 1mg. So Proscar if cut into four, inclusive of some loss after we split it, it is almost the same dosage with Propecia. The price is RM 180 according to one readers that left comments in my blog. Obviously, it cost you RM 45 per month. The problem is whether you can get the supply form Pharmacy like Guardian and Watson. Proscar is a treatment for prostate.

2. Minoxidil

I may combine the treatment of Propecia with minoxidil since I hardly notice any hair regrowth till now. Minoxidil is said to have effect until 48 weeks. After that period, you may not enjoy any hair regrowth or results. My interpretation of this statement is after 48 weeks with minoxidil, the best you have is to maintain what you got. You will not get better. The combination if let minoxidil to grow your hair and let propecia to maintain it. By theory it sound logical, but practical?
I am still considering to buy form ebay cia local or oversea seller. I am worrying I need to pay import taxes for Kirkland brand 5% minoxidil. local seller is twice more expensive than US seller.

3. Bawang Shampoo(霸王)

This is the latest hair loss shampoo from China. The spokesperson is famous kung fu actor Jackie Chan. The shampoo is available in Watson, Caring and Tesco. The price is similar with Audace extra. 200ml of shampoo is about RM 23.90. Not cheap, but still acceptable. I may try it out soon and write a review in my blog.

This is the second stage of my plan. Please let me know if you are actually going through the same regime.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly summary - 104th week

Regarding the Minoxidil, I have recommended several links that you can buy in within Malaysia. Some of the sellers sell below RM 50 for a bottle of Kirkland minoxidil 5% locally. Thanks to a readers who told me that it is even cheaper if you buy form ebay oversea seller. Yes, it is just the half price what you can buy from local seller after inclusive of shipment cost. This is how those local seller earn. But one thing to bear in mind is local seller will bear the risk if shipment stuck at custom and they have to pay for import duties. Correct me if I am wrong.
I may order from oversea seller if there is import duties impose on the minoxidil shipped from US. I am lazy to go to customs to pay the import duties. I would rather paid higher price in this case. If there is no import duties impose, I think it worth a try for the readers. But one thing to bear in mind, oversea seller normally accept only PayPal which one thing that Malaysia really suck. PayPal is not widely use here as you can only put in money to your PayPal account but you can not withdraw it directly. You can withdraw through your Visa Credit card or debit card but with expensive charges.
Minoxidil is not so effective to retain the frontal hairline and so as to regrow the frontal. Propecia has the same problem as many in the hair loss help forum comment the same thing. I can said, frontal is the hardest part to regrow your hair.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 103th week

Do you remembered the Bawang shampoo that I mentioned in previous week?
I have checked the price out in Watson yesterday.
For 200ml shampoo, the price is RM23.90
A smaller package is RM 14.90 but I forgot to check out the shampoo volume.
There is another full package that included a 200ml shampoo plus a 80ml conditioner that cost RM 45.90.
Honestly, the price isn't that cheap and is much higher than Himalaya shampoo. I do not know how the effectiveness of Bawang shampoo but it do cheaper than Caryn Hairpro which is over RM100 a set.
Of course, these shampoo is just help but not the root cause that can halt the hair loss nor grow your hair back.
Propecia and Minoxidil is still the way out. I will not said there will be a sure success but it at least a better chances than Yun Nam and just shampoo treatment alone.
I am now considering purchase Kirkland Minoxidil online. The link is in the previous week report.I just worried those minoxidil is not the genuine product that is just a waste of money. I will let you all know if I buy the minoxidil via Low yat forumers or via ebay local seller. The price is just around RM 50 per month. The pharmacy is selling RM 120 above for a month supply of minoxidil. We just need to know is the online seller is selling genuine products.

Friday, September 4, 2009

a bad news, a good news, total up, a sad day!!

This is not regarding hair loss. Since this is my blog, and sometimes I just need to speak out something and really hard or not appropriate to tell people around me.
During lunch time, I knew that a colleague that I admire long time will married on December. Damn it, how on earth I do not even know she has a boy friend and in fact planned to married in early of this year. I have tried to date her several times. It just can not find a good chance to tell her my feeling. I am planning to date her to a Italian restaurant tomorrow. Before I do so, I get this sudden news from another colleague that very close to her. I was shocked, but pretend calm in front of her. I know I am disappointed as I know she knows I like her. Why she not gives me any hint that she is not available. I will have give up earlier. How can you avoid to answer you have fiancee when old friend ask you. I am really depressed.
Then, around 4pm, I get a good news that I am offered a job that I am looking forward to. I want to change field for long. I have tried years to looking what I want to work. The offer in terms of money is low. I can said after deduct the bonus, it is even lower. I still in dilemma. Prospect or money? Good prospect is guarantee? Or current situation may change?
But since she want to married, I have less reason to stay.
I have regrets? I am not sure if she has the period that the status is available. She never answer directly whether she is available. I tried even she was in Japan for 6 months. If she know the guy while she was in Japan or the guy is her secondary school mate or is the friend that work voluntary job together, I would have to fate, it is fate!


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