Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 74th week- Cut my hair short

I just cut my hair short. It is the shortest for many years indeed.
Sometimes, short hair just let people believes you actually have more hairs. Haha. Just an illusion.
In fact, the weather is so hot now in Malaysia, it is wise the cut shorter hair too. The only problem is there is so hard to cover my frontal. In the other hand, when the hair is longer, the hair at the side is always thicker than the vertex.Thus, people are easy to detect your baldness as well.
I am still put hopes in Propecia. I have been with Propecia for 74th weeks now. Besides, less hair falls most of the time, the regrowth of hair is unnoticeable.
I do not know the others readers who using Propecia as well. Do you see any positive results??Please feedback me. I am looking to know of you guys condition.


Anonymous said...

yaya...i am using propecia and minoxidil improvement...u can add discuss through msn is better...waiting for ur adding

Anonymous said...

i've been using propecia+minoxidil about 3 years till now.. don't see any improvement at all..

Sam said...

Slightly improvement in my hair by using propecia...

Esther said...

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Anonymous said...


Can you please upload photos of just the hair for comparison! It might not be that you lost or gained hair, but atleast you maintained. Awaiting pics....

Jason said...

yopu can see my photos in my blog labels hair photos


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