Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly summary - 98th week

I am quite glad to read the comments that leave on my blog last week. It is about the hair transplant. Honestly, my knowledge in hair transplant is swallow. I know that hair transplant may have a better result but you may still need to consume Propecia to maintain your hair. Basically, if you do not want to take Propecia, hair transplant is not for you as well. hair transplant is for those who use Propecia and want a better result at a higher cost. However, the comments by several readers certainly enlighten me and some of the readers. If you like, click here.
Another discovery is when you serach for Yun Nam hair care, you will find that Yun Nam official website is just above my blog. You can see Yun Nam hair care cheat my money very clearly. Haha. No kidding, I am doing a negative promotion to Yun Nam and tell the world how they cheat their customer hard earn money. They are many victims here and around. The other hair care center like Svenson and Beijing 101 are also another Yun Nam. No results while keep one pushing their useless package.

Two more weeks I will be 100th weeks on Propecia. An achievement of this hair loss blog but no visible result with my hair. I promised I will post my hair photos on 100th week. Lets see ....Before and After


Anonymous said...

Man, All I can do is pray for Hair cloning become avaiable in before 2020... I am only 20 and hope hair cloning will be avaiable after 8 or 10 years man.... Hair loss sucks and propecia's side effect sucks even more..

Anonymous said...

If new hair transplant from your back to top of your head does not required propecia.
Propecia is to make more density by stimulationg the existing weak hair to growth. If your head at top area totally bald and you perform megasession 5000 graft hair transplant you can forget propecia.

Anonymous said...

5000 graft hair, that would be very expensive. I would say if Propecia REALLY can maintain his crown, then I think he could perform hair transplant on frontal. Just remember to check with a very responsible and ethical doctor to discuss your situation to see how well propecia will work. (If you dont' trust that doctor, always go to another one to get another opinion) Another thing is that do you know that you can check how well you respon to propecia by getting HairDX test? I don't know if it's avaiable on your country, if it is, be sure to take that test and then you will know how well propecia will work for you.(I haven't done it in the USA yet, i heard it's very expensive, like 400USD for this test) Don't EVER RUSH into HT because that would just waste your money.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

One of the thing needed to grow hair back is attitude. What's yours?

sTeve said...

guys, I am considering to go for a hair transplant.....Mine, I think require 2000 graft hair atleast.... I need more informations. I heard hair transplant in Thailand is a bit cheaper and the doctors are experts. any suggestions?

Neha Verma said...

Male pattern baldness is most commonly occurred problem. For getting rid of baldness problem people find many alternative of hair transplant, one of them is Propecia but it will not provide you successful results.
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Stuart Spindlow said...

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Doctoroo said...

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