Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekly summary - 220/221th week -- Miracle Hair Expert

All of you may have known that I am a victim of Yun Nam HairCare scam. Of course, there are more than one Yun Nam Haircare that operate to con our hard earn money. For instance, Svenson Hair care, Beijing 101 and the new comers and start to promote aggressively is the Miracle Hair Expert.
While I am pretty sure they are just another Yun Nam Haircare where you spend your money and get no results I am astonished that they have outlets as much as Yun Nam as I can recall. That must be some rich businessman that spot the market and compete with Yun Nam and Beijing 101. It also shown that there are many people out there that still think this kind of haircare center can help to cure their hair problem. Thus, haircare centers can expand their business and covers almost every state and every urban areas in Malaysia.
I just read a deals in from Miracle Hair Expert. 6 sessions of deep cleansing+ products or hair care set with a price of RM38. Of course the original price will be around RM700 (RM744 for the exact price). Thus, you can imagine the hair consultants will hard selling their package once the people who buy the deal step into their hair care centers. All sorts your hair problems will arise once they scan your hair even your hair is perfectly OK. They only get paid if you sign the hair treatment package that cos you minimum RM 1.5k to RM 10k. It is expected the hair consultant can get around 40% to 50% of the package as their commissions.
So, good luck for those who have bought the deal (Mine you that I am not saying Mydeal fault in this case, but we have to differentiate deals that worth to purchase.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly summary - 218/219th week -- hair photos

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly summary - 217th week -- Do u suffer side effects?

Side effects I refer definitely is for Propecia aka Finasteride. I guess many of us known that the side effects of Propecia but how serious is the problem? Some may be just lower thier libido a bit but has no problem to have sex with his partner. Some lost the sex drive totally . Most notably is the claim of some ex Propecia user still lost their libido or unable to get back to their usual self even after 6 years they QUIT  Propecia.
Well there are two stories of two sides, from MSD (Merck) and from, an organisation that fight for the victim of Propecia.
Story from MSD side
Only 4% of the people prescribe with Propecia suffer a mild side effects such as lower libido. It is go away once the body can tolerate with Propecia or once stop taking Propecia. So, obviously, MSD said Propecia is pretty safe.
Story from Propeciahelp
They claim you are lucky if you do not suffer from any side effects. Most of the people that took Propecia will suffer lower libido, shrinking of testicle size and penis size, watery ejaculation and so on. The most important fact hat they point out is that , the side effects that people suffer are much higher than the MSD claims. European countries put the warning of the possibility of causing permanent side effects even they stop taking the drugs outside of the box. There are lawsuit in US and Canada that is on going for the victim of Propecia.
Well, I am neutral of both claims as I think it is not as serious as claim but it is higher than MSD claim. I would like to do a poll again to get more accurate info from you guys.


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