Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 94th week - A bit out of topic

It is going to be a centurion weekly post (exclude the other information post and also the rue story of the notorious Yun Nam). I do not even think I can continue to write this blog for so long. In fact, It will be two years very soon.

This blog is really for those who face the hair loss problem like me. I hope to get support and on the way support my readers too. Although, I put ads in my blog, it mainly is an incentive to encourage me continues writing. Even just a little money, it stills a support.

Although I am really busy sometimes but I still try post on time every Monday. If it is late, it will be on Tuesday. Sometimes, I do post on Sunday if I am free. Life is more hectic after I take an MBA recently. Also, I also spend time to tackle chics. Sorry, think how to tackle a girl to be correct.

My hair loss seems like stable as I said in previous posts. Libido still below prior I took Propecia and never recover the same level again. However, hairs regrow still a dream far of my reach. My best hope may be just to maintain current hairline or slow it down.

As you see in my hair photos, you may discover I have lots of acne scars. I have try many products to reduce the scars but never seems to get any results. I quit to scar treatment for almost 4 to 5 years. Now, I finally bought Creame de La Mer. This moisturizer which they call as a miracle cream of 30ml cost RM 505. I broke my wallet to have a try and real final effort to my oily skin full of acne scars. Just like Propecia, this La Mer cream is my last effort to my appearance. I am going to 30, may be it is the time to accept something won’t be change no matter how much effort I put in.


Anonymous said...

i am getting 30's and have minor hair loss problem. started to take fin (bought proscar). I have experienced side effect since day 1. Even have nausea for the first few days. Since u didnt post much photos, its hard to judge your hair loss condition. Another way u can try is changing hair style. Talk with your saloon, they should be able to give u some advices...

Anonymous said...

where r u doing ur MBA?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the cream will work for scar. The treatment that can work for scar is laser.

Please see a skin specialist and seek his advice. Just pay for the consultation and decide if you want to go for the treatment.

You can try Dr Nathan at Jalan Raja Laut.

Please don't waste your money on expensive skincare products.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm a pharmacist working in a local pharmacy shop.

I can get 1 month of genuine proscar 5 mg( MSD )for RM 160 only using my special staff price.For your information, most pharmacy shops are selling between price range RM200-230.

For those who are interested, please contact kelvin 016-3516321

price is negotiable.

Anonymous said...

i hope host can continue to write this blog...really help me a lot...pls

Jason said...

proscar is a cheaper choice of Propecia but u hv to cut it into 4 or 5. It is 5mg.
up to u guys to contact Kelvin or not..I am not his agent anyway..haha

Anonymous said...


sorry to inform that la mer will not help your acne scars at all.

laser is outdated, pain n long recovery.

there's new method, proven effective, hardly any recovery time. After 2 / 3 times, u can see improvement for yourself.

If u interested i can gv u the contact (i m not the agent or person doing); em me petuniaporky [at] gmail.


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