Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly summary - 77th week

It is another week.
My hair loss is quite stable. No excess hair loss this week. Libido is about the same with previous week.
I have read the comments in my blog in previous week.
There are readers that said of the side effects of taking Propecia.
It is the same with me.
I can feel my libido is a lot lower than before I star taking Propecia.
Even the erection is just not as hard as before.
If the hardness of penis erection that divide to 4 stages, which 4 is the hardest and your partner satisfaction, I will class my self in to 2.
May be it is what I have to tolerate?


Anonymous said...

hi...what shampoo u r using now?

Jack said...

Jason, I would suggest use the non-drug DHT blocker. You can use procerin or provillius, stop the DHT or enzyme 5-Alpha. But never stop your libido. All are based on saw-palmetto that proven effective to block the enyzme aplha-5.

Jackson said...

I would suggest you to try Minoxidil. Minoxidil is one more hair loss treatment available in the market and clinical research has proved it a good treatment for hair loss problem. Minoxidil helps in controlling the loss of hairs and regrowing them.


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