Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 105th week -- plan for stage 2

I am now planning stage 2 of my hair loss battle. Stage one which is what I currently do has not given me the result of I really hope for.
There are several addition treatments that I plan for. However, it is still a plan.
1. propecia to proscar

I think many of you also know that the different of two is Proscar is 5mg and Propecia is 1mg. So Proscar if cut into four, inclusive of some loss after we split it, it is almost the same dosage with Propecia. The price is RM 180 according to one readers that left comments in my blog. Obviously, it cost you RM 45 per month. The problem is whether you can get the supply form Pharmacy like Guardian and Watson. Proscar is a treatment for prostate.

2. Minoxidil

I may combine the treatment of Propecia with minoxidil since I hardly notice any hair regrowth till now. Minoxidil is said to have effect until 48 weeks. After that period, you may not enjoy any hair regrowth or results. My interpretation of this statement is after 48 weeks with minoxidil, the best you have is to maintain what you got. You will not get better. The combination if let minoxidil to grow your hair and let propecia to maintain it. By theory it sound logical, but practical?
I am still considering to buy form ebay cia local or oversea seller. I am worrying I need to pay import taxes for Kirkland brand 5% minoxidil. local seller is twice more expensive than US seller.

3. Bawang Shampoo(霸王)

This is the latest hair loss shampoo from China. The spokesperson is famous kung fu actor Jackie Chan. The shampoo is available in Watson, Caring and Tesco. The price is similar with Audace extra. 200ml of shampoo is about RM 23.90. Not cheap, but still acceptable. I may try it out soon and write a review in my blog.

This is the second stage of my plan. Please let me know if you are actually going through the same regime.


Anonymous said...

Good regime, But bawang doesn't clear your hair well if you have oily scalp, i suggest you to use nizoral between the days you don't use bawang, like Monday bawang Monday, Niozral Tuesday and so forth. Alot of people use Propecia, minoxidil, and Nizoral together.(which called the Big 3) Some people believe that Nizoral has a small blocking DHT.(I really don't know about this one.) But only use it like 3 or 4 days a week, so combine with Bawang is perfect. Bawang is good if you want to shed less. Bawang and Nizoral are good shampoo compare to other shampoos anyway even if it doesn't block DHT or prevent hairloss.

That's the most common regime now days and probably the most effective already...

Or you can try dust, it blocks ALL the DHT when proscar only blocking one type. But I wouldn't recommand it because it's not FDA proven which means it's not safe as Propecia, and there's some bad side effect(worse than propecia.)

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I dun think bawang can help, all just for business profit only. Jackie Chan is not suffering male pattern loss, he has fuller thicker hair even without bawang, so choosing him as model is not convincing.
They should choose man suffering hair loss and regain back hair after use bawang, then only we should consider bawang.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, can any shampoo actually grow your hair back? Most effective result is that people shed less when using bawang which i think it's quite good already.

Katt said...


Remember last month I msg-ed u abt NH. I promised the photos but got quite lazy to setup the blog n take photos but I finally did.

U can view at

Now I only wish I'd taken photos of the spots before I started the treatments.


Anonymous said...

what's NH?

Wilfred said...

I found instant result after using herbal shampoo. i definitely try yours also.


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