Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly summary - 67th week and Happy New Year

When it come to the end of 2008, I want to write some short summary of my hair loss fighting battle.
Over one year plus with Propecia medication. I can said, my body is almost quite get used to Propecia. No more brain fog as initially (for a first 5 weeks). More importantly is Propecia has make my hormone not consistent. At the first two month, my libido in fact increase compare iwth normal days. However, it reduce my libido very soon afterwards. It is exactly the same with most of the man taking Propecia that feel they lost some of their sex desire. In the 3rd month until the 8th month, my libido is sometimes high and low and it is now stable after the 8th month.
For the result that control hair loss, I would said, it currently at least reduce my hair loss but not 100% stop hair residing and hair loss. During the 67 weeks, I also suffered shedding that last several weeks and then back to normal. However, this did not happen for at least 20 weeks.
My forecast of m,y hair condition for 2009 is the hairline still reside, and hair loss is about the same rate currently. I can not seemore hair grow, as it currently not much miniature hair that grow to become mature. My hope is just maintain as much hair as I can.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly summary - 66th week and Merry Christmas

Christmas is just 3 days away. How you want to celebrate on Christmas eve? Or you hope not to be alone this year like last year? For all the festive seasons, I like Christmas the most although I am not a Christian. I just like the warm, love and family feeling that share their presents On Christmas. Of course, the the winter in northern make the atmosphere even better.
I have just bought a Himalaya Shampoo for greasy hair. The price is RM 11.90 (USD 3.6) for a bottle of 200ml. Not expensive in fact. The shampoo has claim help to reduce hair loss. I don't really believe shampoo alone will reduce hair loss. What I look into this shampoo is it is organic shampoo and I want to feel how it help compare shampoo that I use now that contain chemicals ingredients.
The hair loss and libido has been the same with last week. Nothing special.
At last, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Biotherm Homme Regenetic

It is just a sample I get from Biotherm. I haven't try it out. Show you guys the photos first. It cost RM199 for 150ml by the way. I will write a review after I try it out.

Weekly summary - 65th week

What do you think of my hair condition compare with previous week? Just refer to my label of hair photos you will see all the hair photos that I took last time. Frankly I feel so terrible when I see the photos. And this is one of the reason I do not want to take my hair photos.
Did Propecia help? Or it still need more time to regrow my hair? Or try to halt my hairline reside slower? Sometimes I also feel blur. The hair loss is obviously less than before I took Propecia. But is the hair on my head more than before. I don't have an answer.
My libido is still OK. But I really feel I am not as horny like before. No kidding. Propecia may be part of the reason.
Guys, any comment of my hair condition?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly summary - 64th week

I am thinking to get a Biotherm-Homme Regenetic sample to try off. It is only if I lucky enough as they only have limited samples. I hope I can share with you this in my blog. I am not putting any hope in this kind of hair tonic but just want to know how these world famous brand want to penetrate the men's hair care business. How well the Biotherm-Homme Regenetic will work? Luckily they are not promoting to the men that has already suffer hair loss, and it just stress to maintain your hair. It is a much brilliant promotion strategy.
I will took some photos of my hair this week. Have been quite some time never update the latest photos. Libido and hair loss has been quite similar like previous week after taking Propecia.
It is 64th week and Christmas will soon coming. Are you alone this Christmas??I am very likely be alone again.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly summary - 63rd week

When I wash my hair, I notice I still have some of the Yun Nam products. A 500ml shampoo cost me over RM 100 and as well as a 500ml conditioner that is cost even higher. Really heart ache to see this products as I spend so much money in Yun Nma and get no result.
I can not imagine if I had the guts to take Propecia 5 years ago before I went to Yun Nam. I may save much more money but also I may retain my hair line.
It is sad when you know that the best time is past. Propecia work best in the initial stage. Now, the best is to halt the hairline reside. Though it is not easy now. I really hope if you are lucky to see this and thinking of going to any hair care center as you are suffer the Male Pattern Hair loss, think again. You most likely only end up burning your money and getting no where.
Now, The hair falls is stable and normal after using Propecia. However, to regain the hair is really like have a mountain to climb. So, take some professional consultation from dermatologist, and make your decision.


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