Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekly summary - 19th week

It is a normal week for me.
My hairloss is not that much and I would say, seem like a normal man lose their hair of 100 strands per day. But as I said is previous post, my target is not maintain the hair I have now but to regrow the hair in frontal and crown. Sadly, I don't see any obvious sign that there is hair regrow in frontal and also my hair on the crown not even thicker after 4 months.
Besides, I also need to do something of my oily scalp. I plan to find some review of a shampoo and tonic from audace. It is a Germany products that can easily get from pharmacy in Malaysia. The price is also consider reasonable. But I will seek some advice from internet or forum before I used it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekly summary - 18th week 18th week on Propecia now.
This week the hair falls seem reduced especially the frontal hair. May be the small hair has fallen too much last week.
However, I am still waiting some hair regrowth as soon as possible.
Another good news for this week is my libido is a bit increase compare previous weeks. I don't actually know what make the libido back. I have felt my libido has not been so consistent though.

P/S:I welcome you to leave a comment but please avoid using anynomous.Thanks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Saw Palmetto vs Propecia

I think most of us know what is Propecia and in case you don'y know, please find more information in my blogs. There is another so call an alternative of Propecia, which is Saw Palmetto. Saw palmetto was a popular folk remedy used by Native Americans to treat urinary conditions in men and breast disorders in women.Saw palmetto is also popular as an herbal remedy for a type of hair loss and baldness called androgenic alopecia, or male- and female-pattern baldness.
The main reason a lot of people think Saw Palmetto is less sides effect compare with Propecia is it is a type of herbs. Besides, Saw Palmetto also inhibits the 5 alpha-reductase mediated conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
I therefore do some net research and find that the fact is not that simple.

First, Saw Palmetto has no clinical data of the results of halting hairloss like Merck do on Propecia (although many believe the data is fake)

Second, just like Propecia, it has sides effects too.The most common side effects associated with saw palmetto use are mild stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and bad breath. Some men taking saw palmetto have reported erectile dysfunction, breast tenderness or enlargement, and changes in sexual desire.

Third,it shown to block both types of DHT, and this is where all the confusion centers. Just because something can block DHT in a test tube, does not mean it can reduce levels of it in the bloodstream, or stop hair loss.

So, for you that think Saw Palmetto is a good alternative to Propecia, you may need to think twice again. For more information, check the below links:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To the Geok Chuan that I love and hurt deeply, happy 30th birthday.
I want to dedicate this song to you, the song you like very much.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekly summary - 17th week

After 17th week of Propecia, I would said the progress is a bit slow, but yet I am still optimistic of the final result of my hair. I am not expected a 100% recover of my frontal and crown, but I do hope the thicker of my hair, the healthier hair will soon coming.
My libido is much or more the same. My small hair still drops and perhaps it is normal as in the hairlosshelp forum said. Everyday I estimate I loss about 100 strands of hair.
For those who taking Propecia is lower dosage, like me which is 0.5mg, you are welcome to leave your comment here and share your experience.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ronaldo uisng Crescina for Hair regrowth

Famous Brazil foorballer Ronaldo has used Crescina for hair regrowth. Below is the quote of the news.

The Secret Behind Ronaldo’s Stunning New Head of Hair
By: Martha | November 20th, 2007
The Source for Everything Soccer

Such lush tresses.In case you’ve missed it (and missing it would be understandable, given that he’s not played a competitive match since last June), Ronaldo — the one with the thyroid problems, not the pretty one — is sporting a magnificent near-afro these days, a far cry from the bald look he worked for ages.

The story out of Milan until today has been that he’s been growing his locks as a favor to Silvio Berlusconi, who wanted him to look more cuddly (there’s a slight chance he didn’t use that word exactly), but now, thanks to a Brazilian newspaper, the truth has come out: The secret, friends, is Crescina.

What’s Crescina, you ask? Well, according to O Globo, it’s the hair-growth product a certain well-rounded Brazilian has been using to change his hair from non-existent to completely banging. It “will have no effect on totally atrophied hair follicles,” though, so you can rest assured that Ronaldo’s were still kicking — they just needed the right Swiss serum to make them realize life really is still worth living.

Not only does he now have hair worth bragging about, but the Milan striker is also so happy with the product that he’s agreed to shill for it, albeit it probably very far away from our prying eyes. You know how half of Hollywood secretly does ads for random coffee companies in Asia? Well, this is going to be like that, except with a hair-growth product. In fact, Ronaldo’s already on the task, allegedly telling a Chinese news agency that his Cescina-created fro “may even help me score more headers.” God, he’s a natural! I can see the ads now: Big grin, maybe a Chia Pet or two in the background? It’s gold, Jerry!

For information of Crescina you can refer this website
but i am not sure this is the offcial website. It is a Swiss product but how effective it is unsure. It seems like apply to both male and female for Crescina.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weekly summary - 16th week

There are quite a number of people have comment that they sound interest to but Propecia. First of all, I want to say, Propecia or Finasteride is a control medicine and suppose you need a prescription from doctor to but the medicine. However, you know this is Malaysia and seem like no Pharmacy has stictly follow this.
How much is the cost?I bought Propecia with 28 tables from MSD at RM 158 (USD 48)at Watson. I used to ask the price at Guardian and they say it is about RM 198 (USD 60). However, I get to know some people get it at RM 160 (USD 48.50)at Guardian. You can comapre the price and do let me know you can buy Propecia fro cheap.
I wnat to tell you that I buy a pill splitter to divide the Propecia and I have taken 0.5mg Propecia for over 3 months.You can however to take 1mg which is the normal way. I have read that 0.5mg is almost as effective as 1mg though. I am not sure it is true by I am taking 0.5mg now.
This week, I notice that my small hair has fallen more than before. I curious and post some question in Hairlosshelp forum and seem like many people is the same. Will it replaced by new and strong hair...I hope so.
I am looking forward for more new hairs and your comment here.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yun Nam Hair Care --- the scam in Malaysia continue

You may have notice I have a sponsor link Nuffnang in my blog. There is a system in Nuffnang that alllow me to trace the keywords the readers search that led them to my blog. No surprise for me, it is Yun Nam haircare related search is 7 out of the Top 10 keywords search. It include, Yun Nam haircare in Malaysia, Yun Nam haircare complaints, Yun Nam haircare white hair, Yun Nam hairloss treatment cost, Yun Nam hair Package, Yun Nam Singapore and Yun Nam.
The searching is due to two articles that I wrote regarding of Yun Nam scam my money. You can right click the two articles here (Yun Nam scam 1 and Yun Nam scam 2)
Malaysian and Singaporean should be very familiar with Yun Nam haircare. They have all sort of advertising promotion through media from newspapers to TV programmes. Previously it is only famous (famous not meaning it is good) among Chinese. But since they have TV programmes (in NTV7, 8Tv and TV3), even Malay and Indian have get to know Yun Nam which I believe the searching in Google and Yahoo that led to my blog is increasing recently.
One of the objective I set up this blog is sharing my battle to fight Male Pattern Hairloss with 0.5mg Propecia and I hope people who suffer hairloss, who are looking some solution will not fall into a trap like Yun Nam haircare which not only waste the precious money but also the precious time to save your hair!(Yun Nam scam 1 and Yun Nam scam 2)
I am one of the victim of Yun Nma haircare which I started the treatment in Damansara Uptown in 2004. The branch has now moved to The Curve in Mutiara Damansara. It has totally no results and I have spent 3 years of treatment.
Yes...3 years and totally no result and that why I finally start taking Propecia inspite some sides effects.
I am not the only victims of Yun Nma haircare and I believe there are thousands of victims alone in Malaysia. Well, you may ask if there are so many victims, why The Star, New Straits Times (NST), Berita Harian or Sin Chew Jit Poh never report the Yun Nam scam news? We just open our newspaper and you will know how much Yun Nam spend on advertisement on the printed media alone. The dailes will lose a big and long term customer if they disclosed the truth of Yun Nam. I am here to tell the truth. I hope you and the others will know Yun Nam is totally a scam and their style of doing business is pursuade you to sign up a high value package with they have no responsibility to show you the treatment results. They don't care as long as you let them earn money, as long as you let the consultant to earn commissions.
I am worried with the more agrresive advertisement campaign like 2 trials at RM 28.80 and Free haircare kits will lure more and more people cheated by them. I wrote this article so that less people cheated and also disgree the company shun the responsible to the customer. Imagine you paid RM 7-8k and no results is guarantee, no money return back....nothing at all. So if you read this, please send my link to your friends as the more people knows how Yun Nam doing their business and less people getting cheated.
For Yun Nam victims, you can post a comment or your email as I know there are people has preapre to file a lawsuit against them.


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