Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly summary - 136th week -- A new way to control hair loss??

I may be still long way to go for us. Anyway, it is a good sign besides Propecia that affects our body hormones it controls DHT. Now a new way by scientist but it may need years to come out something to control hair loss without interfere male hormone.

Scientists Identify New Hair Loss Gene – APCDD1

by Staff Writer
A research team that includes investigators from Colombia, Rockefeller and Stanford Universities, believe they have found a gene that impacts hair growth.
The gene that was identified is APCDD1 (adenomatosis polyposis down-regulated 1).  This gene is involved in the progressive hair loss condition referred to as hereditary hypotrichosis simplex and it is a condition that usually presents itself in childhood. Hereditary hypotrichosis simplex is a rare autosomal dominant form of hair loss which is characterized by hair miniaturization, a process in which thick terminal hair is replaced with finer hair over time.
The discovery of this gene is an incredible break in the world of hair loss since male pattern baldness also presents itself in the same way with miniaturizing hair follicles. This finding may certainly have a impact on future research and treatments for androgenetic alopecia and other forms of hair loss.
Ultimately, this is another valued piece of a very complex puzzle that will allow greater insight into the process of follicle miniaturization. Angela M. Christiano, Ph.D., professor of dermatology and genetics & development at Columbia University Medical Center, and lead author of the study says
“This discovery was made by analyzing genetic data from a few families in Pakistan and Italy with hereditary hypotrichosis simplex. Through their analysis the research team found a common mutation in the APCDD1 gene that is located on a specific region of chromosome 18. Previous studies have shown chromosome 18 to be involved in other forms of hair loss including alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia.”Minoxidil for Men 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment - Kirkland Brand - 12
The researchers have determined that APCDD1 inhibits the signaling pathway (Wnt) that has been shown to control hair growth in mice.
“We have at last made a connection between Wnt signaling and human hair disease that is highly significant,” says Christiano. “And unlike commonly available treatments for hair loss that involve blocking hormonal pathways, treatments involving the Wnt pathway would be non-hormonal, which may enable many more people suffering from hair loss to receive such therapies.”
“Furthermore, these findings suggest that manipulating the Wnt pathway may have an effect on hair follicle growth — for the first time, in humans,” said Dr. Christiano. “And unlike commonly available treatments for hair loss that involve blocking hormonal pathways, treatments involving the Wnt pathway would be non-hormonal, which may enable many more people suffering from hair loss to receive such therapies.
This study can be found in the April 15 Edition of Nature.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 135th week -- Women shall get more sympathy than men...

My prediction is most of the women in Malaysia do not know what is minoxidil and do not know the difference of minoxidil 2% and 5%. Of course, just a minority of women really use and understand the usage and function of minoxidil 2%.

We know women can not take Propecia as it is a medicine that will control male body hormone (DHT). Thus, the only way for hair loss treatment for women is only minoxidil 2%.

Minoxidil 2% for women is different with minoxidil 5% for male. Lower concentration for women does not mean it is lower effective than minoxidil 5%. According to the result from western countries women, quite a lot of women using minoxidil 2% and get a positive result. I do not think many Asian actually know its existence and used it. Nevertheless, it should be a much better option than visit hair care center than bring you no where. The power of advertisement has let many people think Yun Nam really can help them but the fact is, NO. Hair care center only acre of earning money of your every treatment. The truth is they hope you will never stop their treatment package. So, how can you ever been gaining your hair back if their business objective is to squeeze every rinngit form their customer.

For men, even we are more likely to suffer hair loss than women, we still have Propecia which is more effective than minoxidil in my opinion. Even the minoxidil we buy online also cheaper. Besides, a bald man is easier to be accept than a bald women right? It is truth and we know woman likely to feel pressure when they face hair loss.

I will try to post my hair photo in a few weeks to see the progress after the current regime of Porpecia and minoxidil 5%. I also bought Bawang shampoo which is RM 43.90 for 1 liter. It is a good bargain since a 400ml will cost you RM 26.90. Personally I think the shampoo is quite gentle and as long as I feel good, I will continue to use it. I know, Propecia and minoxidil play a much larger part in halting hair loss.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly summary - 134th week -- my first pay check by Google adsense

I just got my paid that I earn from this blog via Google Adsense.
I withdrawn USD 150.52 using Western Union through CIMB. No charges at all but I do know Western Union will earn though higher than market currency rate when you want to send money and lower rate when you want to withdraw the money. I think it is fair enough to me. They run as a business, as long as the charges and rate is OK, I would like the services.
I have put Adsense on this blog since the first day I wrote this blog. The reason is not because I will get a couple of thousand from this blog every month. I know it will not as my readers are limited to a very small pool who suffer hair loss or aware of hair loss. You will see, after 130 weeks of this blog, I have only earn USD 150.52, merely just over USD 1 per week. However, it is still some reward of writing this blog beside sharing with you some of my hair loss experience and the treatment that is work or that will not work It is one more reason that I keep on going with this blog.
 I will discuss more for female hair loss in the future. I read many of the female face hair loss, but do not know the solution. Many of them not even know of female minoxidil 2%. It is sad to be cheat by Yun Nam as they are desperate to come out with solution but Yun Nam just the advantage of them. I can not help much, but at least, girls, there is still hope with minoxidil.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly summary - 133th week -- Women Minoxidil 2%

I know that there are quite a lot of female readers for this blog. Most of my topic is regarding male pattern hair loss. What bring these women here must be searching Yun Nam haircare and discovered it is a scam.
I have put two links from amazon in my blog which is related to women Rogaine or minoxidil. Surprisingly the women's minoxidil 2% for hair loss is that that expensive at all if you purchase online. It is below USD 10 per month for Equate women minoxidil 2% and slightly above USD 10 for the original Rogaine women. Although I do not really survey the malaysia retail price in the pharmacies, I expected the price will be slightly higher than men minoxidil which is very likely above RM 150 per bottle or one month supply.

I would encourage all women that face hair loss to try it as the price is not that expensive. I would said, it may be much better if you want to try your luck at Yun Nam or Beijing 101. You just google Yun Nam scam or Beijing 101 scam, you know the stories how people get conned.

I have mentioned before that I am looking a generic minoxidil beside Kirkland as I have one complaint of this product, it create "dandruff" as the liquid dry on my hair. Rogaine is too expensive and I may want to try other brand. I came across Equate which is famous for women minoxidil.

For your information, Equate and Kirkland both are generic minoxidil in US that is the same price range. The wired thing is the price of Equate minoxidil is double the price of Kirkland online. You can check the price on Ebay or Amazon. Most of the seller prefer to sell Kirkland. I do not know the reason.
Anyway, my super busy April and May has started.


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