Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly summary - 89th week

I think I take Propecia which will bring side effect to my body, I should not be a risk averse person. That means I should be a risk tolerance person.
In fact, I have miss a glorious chance to invest in stock market in recent month when it hit a low point. I wait it to went down, but the "bull" in the bear market seems like never stop since that. Yes, no courage to pump money in, I miss a glorious chance.
The Dow Jones is from 7000 to 8600 points. Bursa Malaysia climb from 900 to 1060. What a miss!!
Thinking too much, sometimes will cause you a golden chance. I delay to take Propecia instead I went to Yun Nam. It cause me the best chance to retain my hair.
I think a lot before I confessed and make a move, she has turn to another one.
This is the moral that I should learn and never forget.
Guys, if you taking Propecia now, how was the drug help you? Have you getting your hair back?


Audrey Lean said...

Seriuosly now?? hair loss? can't advice much...just embrace it.

"think a lot before I confessed and make a move, she has turn to another one.
This is the moral that I should learn and never forget." still talking about hair loss?

Anonymous said...

i am 21 guy....i start to take propecia one year cannot say getting my hair back...but propecia is really help me to retain my hair now...i feel regretful to spend one year time in yunnam...if i use the one year to start to take propecia...i think now i got more hair...i have read ur blog, y u dun wanna use minoxidil 5%?is it not good?

Anonymous said...

have you consider hair transplant?

Jason said...

Thanks Audrey, I ahve bunp into ur blog as well.

Minoxidil is topical and it may help. However, the root cause we loos hair is about the DHT in our body and it only control by Propecia.

herbal shampoo said...

I am using propecia and minoxidil improvement

Sky said...

Hi thanks for writing about hairloss here. Jst sharing mine.

I'm a young female with alopecia areata the size of bigger than 50 sen. Through my research, found out that SLS/ALS/or whatever LS in the shampoo causes dry scalp which leads to production of more sebum on the scalp which causes hair to drop. I decided to go for natural treatment rather than having steroids injection per my dermatologist's suggestions. This is what I did. When my scalp is really oily, I put pure Apple Cider Vinegar on it using facial cotton, just dab on the scalp area. Bit sour the smell but can tahan. After half hour, rinse with water, no need shampoo. After that, massage Bajaj Almond Oil (can get from any Indian shops in Brickfield) on scalp, put on haircap and leave it overnight. Next morning, wash with shampoo (pour the size of 20 sen and mix with water to dilute then only wash the hair). Dont blow dry. If have fan, use normal fan instead let it dry faster. Do not towel dry (rough action doesnt help much with hairloss). Since gotta put the oil on daily basis, try not to shampoo every day. Can try shampoo every other day. Another thing is massage the scalp after put the oil, esp the affected area, to increase blood flow. If lazy, use hot towel to wrap the head/scalp area for 10 minutes and then massage a bit. After 2 months of doing this, I am glad I didnt go the steroid-way/minox etc.

Sky said...

... Means I have hair growth liao, sikit2 lama2 jadi thicker right? Other parts of the head also feel n look fuller. The time I found out was depressing but I only allow myself 2 days to be depressed and then after that, positive thinking took over - cuz whoever said cannot grow hair and just embrace it, I have only 1 finger to show to them and that is the middle finger. :D So yes, try to be positive too.

On supplement side, I am taking Black Sesame organic. Take some and add to food when you eat. Dont need to much cuz 'fatty' tho.

I rather think that those who got hairloss and baldness problem started with dandruff. I got too, since teenager that time. But I cured my dandruff with Nizoral (orange bottle)... just one wash and my hair's dandruff free :D

Did u have dandruff problem?


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