Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly summary - 72th week- a centurian post of this blog

This is my 100th post in this hair loss blog. It is you all that make me continue to write and share of our problem, male pattern hair loss.
I attended a schoolmate gathering yesterday. The guys turn 30s this year. I can said most of them although gain some weights, they still maintain almost full hairs. Out of 20 guys, only 3 (include me) that suffer from hair loss.
One of them shave his hair. I use to have a lot of hairs, and after over 5 years not met up, they do find my hair significantly less then previous. I feel embarrassed initially but I admit in front of them I am taking medicine for MPB.
I really think hair loss has affects many people social life. It is because you have to bare the way people look at you. For male, young guys suffer a huge self esteem blow in front of girl and even affects your working performance. To female, it is almost fatal for a woman or young girl who suffer of hair loss. I really pity them as they can not use Propecia and till now no treatment is for female hairloss.
I hope my miniature hair will grow to mature stage. It is my wish!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I got to your blog while surfing for Yu Nam. Well I'm quite surprise after reading all your comments. I'm a female who experience dandruff problem. I was in IOI Mall Puchong one month ago. So these people from Yu Nam were doing new outlet opening promotion. I actually signed up for RM28 - 2 hair care treatments, 1 set of hair care products & 1 hair tonic. Its not that costly comparing to what you guys have been conned for. I was thinking whether should I attend their treatment or not. I supposed to attend the 1st treatment today. Should I just go for the treatment since I've paid or should I forget about it totally?

babi said...

just go for the paid treatment and forget about the rest... that they will try to sell u...

as for bald guys, aint tht bad la... i've seen bald guy with pretty babes, etc etc..
unless u wana cari makan with ur hair... then hv to learn how to forget about going bald...


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