Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 68th week

68th week. 68 is a good number for Chinese. I like it.
It has been a long time for over 1 year. Spend quite a amount of money for hair loss until now. Result wise, yupe...slow down hair loss, but not really to regain my hair.
Especially frontal and crown, you hardly notice any improvement through photos that I posted in my blog. Sometimes, still have some miniature hair falls, but it has reduced a lot without Propecia. Some miniature hair born, but same time hair line still seem a bit reside. Really hope I have myopic.
I am now using Himalaya Shampoo (greasy hair). It is 200ml and cost RM 11.90. It is said to be an organic shampoo. I will write my review later.

P/S: For a reader that ask about brain fog. It happen to me, but not for everyone if u take Propecia. If it happen to you, do not panic. It may just gone away in few weeks time. But if it continue, consult your doctor.


Anonymous said...

i just taking propecia..i would like to ask u take propecia when u just wake up or after breakfast?

Jason said...

I take before breakfast.
It actually doesn't matter


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