Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekly summary - 58th week

I am really worried when I find that I suddenly have more hair loss on today morning. I haven't comb my hair and I already find that more than 10 strands of hair falls while I wash my face.
It never happen before, not even before I took Propecia last year. The hair loss is just significantly more than a normal day.
I need to find out why this happen. Is the Propecia has start losing its effect? I must honest to myself that although over this one year, I have lose less hair than before but to regain or regrow the hair I have lost in the frontal still a long long way.
I must stress that for those who using Propecia and Minoxidil, there is no guarantee you will get your hair back. Some of them even can not reduce or slow down his hair loss. Of course, majority still slow down their hair loss at least.
I will continue to monitor my condition closely.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Audace Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

Audace Hair Reactive and Hair Fall control shampoo (I will just call it Audace) cost about RM21.90 (USD 6.30) in local pharmacies. Most pharmacies such as Guradian, Watson and Caring sell Audace product. This shampoo is different from the review of another Audace PH shampoo for oily scalp. This shampoo is target for people who has hair loss problem.

The Audace shampoo is 200ml and is 50ml less than the Audace PH shampoo and cost roughly RM5 (USD 1.40) more. However, this shampoo is relative high in viscosity and may seem it can last long for at least 3 months above even you wash your hair daily with this product.

Personally I have an oily scalp and this is the reason I use Audace pH shampoo last time. Although it is quite good to clear my scalp sebum, my scalp will be a bit oily in the afternoon. It could be the shampoo is too strong for my scalp which is more sensitive.

Audace shampoo in the other hand is mild and is more suitable for those who has hair loss problem. The shampoo also clean the sebum of my scalp effectively but in the afternoon my scalp is not as oily as before. I believe the Audace pH shampoo may be too strong to my scalp and my scalp become too dry after using it induced more sebum eventually. But Audace pH shampoo might be good for certain user if their scalp is really oily.

Besides, my hair look fuller and thicker than before. Well, I must stress it just look fuller and thicker but in actual, my hair is not more than before. This shampoo in fact is suggested to use together with hair tonic. Since I do not believe male pattern hair loss can be treated by shampoo and tonic alone without Propecia, my expectation for this shampoo is just to do a scalp cleansing and not let my scalp oily in the late afternoon. This shampoo meets my expectation at least until now. Reduce hair loss through this product will be a bonus to me.

I do observe some reduction of hair loss. Not much, just the hair that I lose while rinsing my hair is less than before. However, the effect may be diminished after several months later.

There may be some people that do not like its smell. There are many of shampoos that cost a lot and claim can do a wonder job, to regain your hair. Don’t believe this kind of scam. The shampoo is just at best reduce your hair loss. To regrowth your hair, there is no choice but follow the prescription of Propecia and Finasteride (minoxidil).

This shampoo, worth a try. It did not burn a hole of your pocket even it failed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly summary - 57th week

What is the purpose you want to take Propecia (if you are on Propecia medication)? Why you want to use Minoxidil?

Even we said we want to stop male pattern hair loss, it still very different for different individual.

For example, my target is to regain my hair is frontal, and crown. Not 100% recover but 80% is my target.

Some is just want o delay his hair loss.

Some is to reduce hair loss.

Some is just want to maintain it because they still have a lot of hairs, their hair loss is in the initial stage.

That is the reason we may have very different opinion of the result although it is quite similar result as we have different expectation.

After over one year on Propecia 0.5mg, it does reduce my daily hair loss quite significantly. But in the case to achieve my target, it still have a long way to recover 80% of hairs of my frontal especially. My M shape still visible and have to cover with a hair cuts I don’t like.

I really hope my hair will be soon thicker and fuller and I no need to scare when the wind blows. Imagine you are dating a girl and when the wind blow, your hair in a mess and she notice your bald spot.

Sometimes, I also think due to my hair cut to actually hide the bald spot, I can not comb a corporate hair style that look smart. It will jeopardize your career advancement or career path if your job need you to meet with people. Image is important nowadays, and that’s why we care of our hair, right? Else, why do we take Propecia?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly summary - 56th week

It is the 56th week on Propecia. I have cut my hair but have to remain the same hair cut. I really wish to have the latest hair cut just like some famous celebrities. I also wish to dye my hair sometimes. I never have a chance to do so since I suffer from MPB.

No matter how you want to hide it with my current hair cut, some people still easily recognized I have male pattern hair loss.

My scalp is itchy at the back. It may be due to dandruff. I have reduce the usage of Selsun Blue shampoo for dandruff to once a week after using Audace Hair Reactive and Hair fall Comtrol Shampoo. Now I will back to normal twice a week again.

My libido is still good this week . The hair loss also been normal for a couple of weeks.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly summary - 55th week

This week I may want to stress my disappointment of 8TV.
On 5th Oct the TV station started a programmes collaborate with Yun Nam and co (you get it, London Weight and New York Skin) on 9.30pm every Sunday.
Well, the TV station should know this 3 brands notorious reputation. We all know it is due to MONEY!! That is why all the bad news of Yun Nam, London and New York Skin of their cases of treatments failure are seldom heard in mainstream media. We all know how much Yun Nam has spend in the advertisement in local press alone in a year. To protect their own benefit, all their bad news is covered. Only in internet, all the truth of Yun Nam, London and New York Skin reveal.
It is so bad that more people falls into the traps of Yun Nam and co due to the TV programmes by 8TV. Previously NTV7 and TV3 also has this kind of similar programmes for Yun Nam and co.
Where is the media professional and code ethtics?

My current treatment using Propecia and Audace Shampoo produce a better result of WHat I get in Yun Nam after spending almost RM 10k. And you know what? It is a fraction of the cost I paid every month comapre with the time with Yun Nam.


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