Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 81st week

There is another blog who writing of hair loss. I have recommended his post regarding Beijing 101 that waste him the time and money previously.
What I notice his treatment taht he use currently is surprisingly without Propecia. He is using Minoxidil ,Nizoral shampoo plus several Vitamins and supplements. Read more here.
However, he still has more hair than I do . So He should not worry too much.
ANother good post that I found in his blog in the hair loss region map that usually people mention. Which part is temple, vertex, or crown, frontal.

I am headache with the no progress of hair growth. My miniature hair does not grow to mature state. It is the biggest problem that I face now.
Another problem is, please vote in my poll if you are taking Propecia. I want to know how much it affects your libido.


Anonymous said...

hi, i'm takin propecia already nearly 1 year, but my front scalp "M shape" still getting higher...aiks...really sad about that, currently i still takin propecia in alternate day and also apply regaine twices a day...

anyway, my msn is, feel free just contact me~

Jason said...

I wish you have your blog and we can share the information more frequently.

Hair Transplant cost said...

For a hair transplant, cost can be an inhibiting factor. But in today’s selection of treatments, it may well be the best hair restoration approach available. Hair transplantation refers to a minor surgical procedure performed within one’s scalp, requiring only a local anesthesia. Known to result in minimal side effects that include temporary hair thinning, it involves transferring a strip of skin with hair follicles to a balding region of the head. Rates for hair transplant procedure have dropped dramatically since the technology was introduced.


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